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Tma 04 hi

  1. 1. L197 第一步 beginners Chinese 第一步:TMA 4This assignment covers Unit 4.Cut-off date: Thursday 21 April 2011Make sure you know how to complete and send in your TMA either electronicallyor by post. Detailed instructions are given in the Assessment Guide on the L197module website.In this TMA, you will read a web page with some tourist information about thecity of Xi’an (Part A) and write an email enquiring about your destination(Part B).You should complete both tasks in this assignment. Note that in this TMA yourmarks will be based on both Part A (Reading) and Part B (Writing).Part A: Reading task (summative)You need to go on a business trip to the famous city of Xi’an (西安) in China.To prepare for your trip, you have searched on the internet and found someinformation on a website.1 Read the first section of the web page on the next page and answer the following questions in English, based on the information provided. (a) Where in China is Xi’an situated? (b) Xi’an is the capital of which province? (c) Where is the Wei River in relation to Xi’an? (d) Where is the Bell Tower in Xi’an? (e) What is Xi’an famous for? (10 points, 2 for each correct answer)2 Decide whether the following information is true or false according to the information in the second section of the web page. Write the appropriate letter, from (a) to (e), followed by T or F for each of the statements below. (a) To the south of Xi’an, there is a mountain called Qinling Mountain. (b) It is easy to go to places on foot in the city centre. (c) There are many universities situated in the north side of Xi’an. (d) Bicycles are not allowed on the city walls. (e) The train station is in the northeast of the city. (5 points, 1 for each correct answer)Copyright © 2010 The Open University WEB 01891 7 1.1
  2. 2. L197 第一步: beginners ChineseGlossary城 / 城市 chéng / chéngshì city陕西省 Shănxī shěng Shaanxi Province首府 shŏufŭ capital (of a province)秦岭山 Qínlĭng shān Qinling Mountains渭河 Wèi hé Wei River Copyright © 2010 The Open University WEB 01891 7 2
  3. 3. L197 第一步: beginners Chinese钟楼 Zhōng lóu Bell Tower兵马俑 Bīngmă yŏng Terracotta Army可以 kěyǐ can丝绸之路 Sīchóu zhī lù the Silk Road商业 shāngyè commercial市中心 shì zhōngxīn city centre色 sè colour城墙 chéng qiáng city walls售票处 shòupiào chù ticket office食物 shíwù food黑 hēi black煎饼 jiānbĭng pancake3 Complete the table about the weather in different seasons in Xi’an with the list of words from the box, based on the information provided in the third section of the web page. You need to choose five different phrases in total. cloudy • very cold • very dry • very hot • often rains • seldom rains • often snows • neither cold nor hot • warm Seasons in Xi’an Summer Winter Autumn and Spring (5 points, 1 for each correct match)4 Choose from the following list the food and drinks typical of Xi’an, based on the information in the fourth section of the web page. beef • beer • black rice • black tea • dumplings • fried rice • green tea • green vegetables • noodles • pancakes • red pancakes • rice wine • white wine (5 points, 1 for each correct choice)When you have finished Part A, check that you have answered every questionfully, and that each answer is clearly identified with the correct question numberand/or letter. Copyright © 2010 The Open University WEB 01891 7 3
  4. 4. L197 第一步: beginners ChinesePart B: Writing task (summative)You would like to enquire about a few things before your trip to Xi’an. Write ashort email with your questions to a contact named Li Mingdong (李明冬). Usethe prompts below to write a message of approximately 100 characters (advisorylength) in Chinese characters. You should include the following information: Greet Mr Li. Say that you are going to Xi’an Business School in September. Say that you will go to Xi’an on Thursday 16th September by train. Say that you would like to go to the Nanfang Hotel first and then to the bank. Say that you want to get a taxi to the hotel. Ask if there is a bank near the Nanfang Hotel. Ask if it is quicker to get to the business school by bike than by bus. Ask what the weather is like in Xi’an in September. Say thank you and sign your name either in Chinese characters (if you have a Chinese name) or in English and date it. (75 points)When you have finished Part B, check that you have done the following: Included all the required items of information Used an appropriate range of language Used correct sentence order Selected appropriate characters if you have typed your answer Written all the strokes and put each component in the correct place if you have handwritten your answer If you are not sure about certain characters, put the pinyin with the correct tone in bracketsWhen you have finished TMA 4, make sure that you have named your electronicdocuments correctly, then follow the eTMA submission procedure outlined on themodule website. If submitting by post, make sure that your name and personalidentifier is on each sheet of A4 paper, and that the PT3 form has been correctlycompleted – further details are given in the Assessment Guide on the modulewebsite. Copyright © 2010 The Open University WEB 01891 7 4