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Game changer confucius 2 daddy


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Respect and dignity for all is the value for successful organization.

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Game changer confucius 2 daddy

  1. 1. Confucius - Daddy Confucius’ daddy, Shu Liang, was a well decorated soldier for two valor acts; one was holding a sieged castle fallen door from crushing his comrades, the other one was escorting Lu State Head from a sieged city to safety. Subsequently, he was appointed as a mayor of a small town. He has nine daughters with the first wife. As an old day warrior, he needed a son to inherit. Thus, he married a second wife who gave birth a son with a limp. According to historian SiMaQian, Confucius was given birth by a mistress when his daddy was on a business trip. Analects/ Journal Chapter 1.2 If a person with filial piety virtue, respecting parents and others, the person is unlikely to disrupt the organization. Today’s context and reflection Organization will strive if there’s value for trust and respect for individuals; creating a culture of inclusion that built on trust, respect and dignity for all. 2 2500+ years