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Api engine 2013 11 25


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Over this Startup Weekend, APIEngine created an API service for developers that lets them easily connect multiple sources of data such as Twitter and Google Maps using one simply interface. More than just this, APIEngine uses an entirely new model to release this service as an "Open Source" project + at the same time, to monetize the use of this service with a token we call APIcoin.

This powerful new model lets anyone host the APIEngine service and offer it to the world in exchange for APIcoin. Thus there is demand for these tokens and whoever offers the API cheapest to developers gets their business. This serves developers by lowering prices for API calls and at the same time pays hosting providers to maintain and improve the application.

This is not a Startup or a traditional company. This is a Decentralized Application, which is total open source and all the monetization is done through its tokens. And this is a really profitable model too.

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Api engine 2013 11 25

  1. 1. It’s a Restful API, that aggregates APIs + IMAP Open Source Unique Monetization
  2. 2. What’s the Problem? Integrating APIs & IMAP is a headache. Bad Documentation / Data Normalization
  3. 3. APIengine the Solution Developer App APIEngine
  4. 4. Community Validation 70,000 Impressions 15 Spec Downloads 10 Developers 2 Apps Developed
  5. 5. Twitter + Google Maps in Minutes Displays Tweets Near You
  6. 6. Hot Space Numbers in Billions
  7. 7. Competitors
  8. 8. New Monetization Model • • • Issue Tokens to Access the API Distributed API Web-Hosted for Tokens Bitcoin Integration in the Backend
  9. 9. Bitcoin Token System
  10. 10. Bitcoin Now $10,000,000,000 Network Value
  11. 11. Its More Than Bitcoin Mastercoin $100,000,000 Value in 100 Days $103 per Mastercoin $800 per Bitcoin
  12. 12. APIcoin Distribution Method 50% 50% Starting APIcoins Dev APIcoins “Founder / Funders” “Open Source Contributors”
  13. 13. One more thing…
  14. 14. DAPcoin $5,000,000 USD APIcoin $500,000 USD
  15. 15. APIEngine Distributed Application