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David A Ellis

  1. 1. Project Manager, CPA
  2. 2. Contents  Key Highlights  Summary of Responsibilities  Work Experience Highlights  Supervisor Feedback
  3. 3. Key Highlights  Project Manager with 10+ years experience in application development  Led project teams of various sizes up to 35 people plus managers  Licensed CPA with both public accounting tax and corporate accounting experience  Skills include: Project Management, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Database Design and Application Development with MS SQL, ASP/HTML, Access, Brio, Visual Basic and VBA  BS, Business (Accounting), University of Minnesota  Currently enrolled in Spanish Language course of study (Brookhaven College)
  4. 4. Summary of Responsibilities  Manage application development for technology products from design through on-going support  Translation of detailed business requirements and functional specifications to the application development team  Manage the development, enhancement and maintenance of code to support strategic efforts and ensure ongoing system performance and integrity  Manage the testing and implementation of development, enhancement and maintenance efforts
  5. 5. Summary of Responsibilities  Driving innovation and creative solutions to business and technical challenges on an ongoing basis  Provide technical recommendations for solutions  Management of both on and off-shore resources  Develop and maintain project plans  Ability to work in a highly dynamic team and fast- paced environment with continuous challenges  Set the strategic direction for application development activities  Lead efforts to develop team core competencies, execute cross training, and implement succession plan
  6. 6. Work Experience Highlights  PM of Data Migration Project Project involved migration of SQL databases, applications and historical information from local servers to a Data Center and included remediation of report processes. Objectives included: increased security, 24 x 5 support, reduced costs and improved performance. Managed planning, execution and monitoring and control processes through closing. Communicated procedures for utilizing new environment and provided User training. The project was completed successfully and achieved the stated objectives.  PM of Service Group Reporting Project Project involved the development of financial reporting utilizing SAP Financial data to meet business critical objectives. Guided definition of scope and managed planning, execution and monitoring and control processes through closing. Directed communications with key stakeholders to manage expectations and maximize satisfaction with deliverables. Outcome met business objectives and successfully delivered reporting to stakeholders on time.
  7. 7. Work Experience Highlights  PM of Global Productivity, Service Group and Industry Reporting (GPSI) Project Project involved developing Excel based reporting packages that pulled together various key metrics. The reports utilized a Form and Pivot Tables to enable User driven selection of report slices and metric attributes. Guided development of scope document, identified customer deliverables and developed resource estimates. Managed planning, execution and monitoring and control processes through closing. The project was completed successfully and met customer needs.  PM of Windows XP/Excel 2003 and Vista/Excel 2007 Remediation Project Project involved responding quickly to compatibility issues which rendered some Excel 2003 based reports unusable when European Users, without notification to our team, were upgraded to Excel 2007. Identified the compatibility issues and worked directly with a Microsoft Engineer to resolve. Reallocated resources to remediate Excel 2003 based reports. Lack of User training in Excel 2007 also caused problems. Successfully completed remediation activities and communicated Excel 2007 user instructions.
  8. 8. Work Experience Highlights  PM of Report Automation Project Project involved working with the Buenos Aires reporting team and to identify reports requiring substantial manual effort to produce. The objective was to determine if automation could be applied to reduce production time. Defined the scope and directed an architectural review to determine how tasks could be streamlined and automated. Managed the execution and monitoring and control processes through close. Achieved objective; in one instanced reduced a 24 hour manual process to 15 minutes.  Improve Data Warehouse load and data availability times Project involved reviewing architecture and processes to determine areas for improvement. Objective was to release data earlier by one business day. Led design review and directed documented of areas for improvement which included: have data pushed to eliminate manual ETL, change load order and implement additional SSIS functionality. Defined the work packages, acquired the project team and guided the monitoring and controlling of execution tasks to ensure timely completion. Successful outcome increased customer satisfaction as reports were now available earlier.
  9. 9. Work Experience Highlights  PM of Report Distribution Tool Project Project involved developing an application that integrated Outlook, Word, SQL and Web Services to enable global reporting teams to distribute reports. Objectives included centralizing report inventory and distribution lists, incorporating Active Directory, User maintenance functions and reduction of manual effort in distribution process. Created plan, defined work packages and managed resources during task execution. Successfully delivered solution on schedule and met Stakeholder’s expectations.  PM of Standard Management Reporting Project Project involved integrating various platforms to create a Web based financial reporting system used by 1500+ global Users. Guided development of scope statement and identified major risks. Acquired and managed 35+ functional and technical resources. Guided execution of tasks while monitoring and controlling schedule and costs and updating the project plan. Successful outcome included on-schedule completion, $4M in annual costs savings and receipt of Accenture’s Award for Operational Excellence.
  10. 10. Supervisor Feedback  “ …able to clearly convey the issues and worked through resolution on all major issues”  “Not only does David listen to what the business requirements are, but he also provides very useful suggestions on changes that may be more beneficial to the customer’s needs.”  “David has been very effective in thinking through all of the potential issues and coming up with effective solutions”
  11. 11. Supervisor Feedback  “David brings very strong skills and keeps on top of the latest available technologies to apply to our ever- changing business needs”  “David has a great ability to view business needs/issues, evaluate them and proactively seek the best solution.”  “David maintains a positive attitude and has the unique ability to listen carefully and provide very beneficial input.”
  12. 12. Supervisor Feedback  “David has been recognized verbally by finance leaders as providing a distinct value and expertise in that he has a blend of technical skills and Accenture finance knowledge that is unique and allows the provision of flexibility in reporting to help meet the changing needs of leadership. “  “… well thought out approach to building efficient, accurate solutions.”  “Great attitude. Rolls with the punches and keeps working hard.”
  13. 13. Supervisor Feedback  “[David is] very valuable and positively impacts many teams and people”  “David continually comes up with better ways to build efficient solutions and solve problems. He does not just do what has been done before but always improves on it.”  “I have always enjoyed working with David. He has a great attitude and is always thinking creatively and eagerly accepting [of] new challenges.”