Is Obama A Muslim_ You Choose_


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Is Obama A Muslim_ You Choose_

  1. 1. Is Obama A Muslim? You ChooseStraight from the Quran...• "Get rid of the unbelieverswherever you discover them. Quran 2:191• Make fight against the infidels livingwhere you live.To Quran 9:123• When chance arises, killthe infidels wherever you catch them. Quran 9:5• Any religion apart from Islam isnot acceptable. Quran 3:85• The Jews and also the Christian believers areperverts fight them.... Quran 9:30• Maim and crucify the infidels ifthey criticize Islam Quran 5:33• Punish the unbelievers withclothes of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water melt their skin andbellies. Quran 22:19• The unbelievers are stupid urgethe Muslims to battle them. Quran 8:65• Muslims mustnt go ahead and takeinfidels as buddies. Quran 3:28• Terrorize and behead individuals who have confidence inscriptures apart from the Quran. Quran 8:12• Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize theinfidels. Quran 8:60Obama is really a layingfraud. This statement is clearly backed by overwhelming evidence... Fromhis unsuccessful campaign promises, to his denial of birth, to his denial of Muslim heritage. Do notget angry... Obtain the details.The claims here are notfabricated theyve been factually reported by a number of crediblenews shops.Ive taken time to ensure and source a number of these claims as proofthey reallyhappened. Do you considerthe Washington Publish, CBS News, and Washington Examiner aresimply causeing this to be up? Note that im not making one mention of theFox News. Thesesources aretypically sources that relate positively for Team Obama.I didnt create their listof claims I simply keep seeing it again and again. And So I thought Idsearch inside a perform a littlevetting and on the way things i discovered was that every statementisverifiable. That you can do your personal researchand discover on your own. Obama reallydid sayeverything on these pages and theres plenty to aid theclaims.Guess what happens they are saying. Whether it walks just like a duck and quacks just likeaduck its a duck!• Obamas biological fatherwould be a Muslim. Obamas stepfather would be a Muslim. Growing up Craig was signed up forschool like a Muslim in JakartaIndonesia.Barack Hussein Obamas first and middle names are Arabic Muslim names.• Barack: The title of Mohammads equine he rode to paradise.• Hussein: The title of Mohammads grand son that eas enthusiast.Asthe Holy Quran informs us, take heed to God and speak always the reality.To BarackHussein Obama, June 4, 2009. Source: http://world• Obama recited the outlet lines from the Muslim call to prayer, with avow of fidelity to Islam, in perfect
  2. 2. Arabic on the radio program. - NikolosKristoff, NYTs. Date: 3-06-07. On that very same program he stated he thinks thecall to prayer is "among the lovliest sounds on the planet."• Obama belonged to Reverend Wrights (an old Muslim) chapel for pretty much twentyyears. Many congregants are Muslims.• Obama holds Muslim festivities within the WH, but canceled the nations DaysPrayer.• Obama stated the U.S. Is"among the biggest Muslim nations on the planet.Inch• Leader Obamas religious agent, Eboo Patel, once considered the U. S. States"the perfect spot for the renewal of Islam."• Obama doesnt celebrate his birthday.• Obama doesnt give giftson Christmas. Source: http://world wide• Obama wrongly characteristicsMuslim participation within the founding of the usa. Obama needed themix be covered as he gave an address at Notre Dame. Christian symbol coveredup throughout Obamas Georgetown speech• Obamas initial speech at work would be a "Muslim outreach" speech inCairoEgypt."The American Leader explained inconfidence that hes a Muslim," stated Egyptian ForeignMinister AhmedAboul Gheit on Earth TV.• Obama gave strong support towards the Cordoba House community center and mosque tobe built in the Ground Zero site of Sep. 11, 2001 in a dinner honoring thedays finish of the very first day of Ramadan in the WH.• "Obama is really a Muslim." - OmarKhadafi (Libyia leader)Obama assigned NASA having a mission of "Muslim outreach."Michael Griffin, who headed NASA throughout the final 4 years from the Rose bush administration,states the area agencys new goal to enhance relations using the Islamic world and boost Muslim self-esteem is really a perversion of NASAs original pursuit to explore space. NASA was charteredthrough the 1958 Space Act to build up the humanities and sciences of flight within the atmosphereas well as in space and also to go where individuals technologies will let us go, Griffin stated within aninterview Tuesday. Thats what NASA does for that country. Its a perversion of NASAs purpose toconduct activities to be able to result in the Muslim world feel better about its contributions to scienceand mathematics. Source: http://world wide• Obama known to his belief as "my Muslim belief" within an interview withGeorge Stephanopolous. Source: http://world wide experts/ Obviously he backtrackedand stated it had been only a slip from the tongue.Obama is really a two faced liaralong with a disgrace towards the country. He is able tot be taken offOffice Fast enough.ramadan islam