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Iphone Vs Ipod Touch.


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Iphone Vs Ipod Touch.

  1. 1. Iphone Vs Ipod Touch.You walk into the apple store and you have two products inhand. One is the iPod Touch, a sleek andstylish iPod with touch screen andinternet capabilities. The other is theiPhone, the first of its kind intechnology with the ability of a Smart phoneand an iPod combined into a touch screen phone. Bothare very appealing and youjust can’t decide which you want more, you are realizing you should havedoneyour research.Well lucky for you, you knew to do your research. So beforeyou jump and purchase one of theseproducts lets compare each of theseexcellent pieces of technology in depth.Note: At the end ofthis article there is a quick reference chart of the major differences betweenthe twoproducts.Wi-Fi: Currentlyboth the iPod Touch and the iPhone are Wi-Fi capable. At an additionalmonthlycharge through AT&T you can purchase a plan for the iPhone that allows youinternet accessthrough their 3G network. This would mean that as long as youare in an area the AT&T gets serviceyou will be able to connect to theinternet.Safari Web Browsing: Bothhave enabled web browsing on the product when purchased as long asyou area ina Wi-Fi capable are or have purchased the 3G service.E-mail: Both havee-Mail capabilities on the product when purchased as long as you are in a Wi-Ficapable area or have purchased the 3G service. On both you may open and checkold mail whileinternet access is unavailable. On both, the e-mail has most ofthe same qualities as if you werelooking on to a computer. You are able tosend, receive, forward, and download attachments in oneeasy place.Maps: The iPhonehas a map application with built in GPS. If you are lost and need directionsyouriPhone will find where you are and can give you turn by turn directions onhow to get to yourdestination using the 3G network. The iPod Touch also hasthe map application and will do this aswell however you must be connected toWi-Fi to access the GPS.Video output: Withthe right connector you are able to connect your iPod touch up to anHDTVtelevision and be able to see you iPod screen. Currently the iPhone does nothave thiscapability however there are rumors that this will be one of thechanges in newer models.Photos: Uploadingphotos to both the iPod Touch and the iPhone are as easy as plugging in toyourcomputer. Just as both will upload your music it will also upload your photos.You then have theability to view them in slide show format or use them aspictures for backgrounds or contacts.Camera: Only theiPhone has a built in camera. It takes snapshots, saves it into your photos andthenautomatically syncs photos with your PC or Mac the next time you plug intoyour computer.Multitouch screen: Oneof the big draws to both the iPod Touch and the iPhone are their touchscreens.This is a relatively new concept in both phones and music players and this isthe largestreason people are purchasing these products.Calendar: Boththe iPod Touch and the iPhone have the ability to add events to your calendar,set acustom alert, write notes, and manage multiple color-coded calendars. Youcan also easily sync your
  2. 2. calendar to your iCal for Macs or Outlook for PCs.iTunes Wi-Fi Store: Oneof the best qualities to both the iPod Touch and the iPhone is the abilitytopurchase music on iTunes Wi-Fi store and get it directly downloaded. This takesout the step ofneeded to upload everything you purchase onto your computer.Then the next time you plug into yourcomputer it will upload it into youriTunes there.USB Port: Both ofthese products are connected and uploaded to your computer through a USB portMemory: The iPodTouch is currently offered in 3 sizes, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The iPhone is offeredin only the 8GB and 16GB. An 8GB holds 1,750 songs or 10 hoursof video, a 16GB holds 3,500songs or 20 hours of video, and the 36GB holds7,000 songs or 40 hours of video.Price for iPod Touch – 8GB for $229.00, 16GBfor $299.00, 32GB for $399.00Price for iPhone – 8GBfor $199.00 (plus 2 year contract on AT&T), 16 GB for $299.00 (plus 2yearcontract on AT&T)Both the iPhone and iPod Touch are great products for theirmoney. People are very happy with boththat they get so you have to askyourself a few questions. Are the phone capabilities important to you?If thisanswer is yes then you will no question want to get the iPhone. Are you willingto switch toAT&T? If you are not willing to switch your service providersthen unfortunately you will not be able touse the iPhone. The major decidingfactor should just be what do you want to get out of your product?All of this information above along with thisquick reference guide below should allow you to answerthat question and knowwhen you walk into the Apple store you are getting the correct product ipad 3 features