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Overview of ethical Wikipedia marketing


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The Wikipedia marketing overview PPT is a pre-packaged presentation for educating your organization on ethical Wikipedia engagement strategies. The deck presents information on:

- Why Wikipedia is important

- The consequences of unethical participation

- Legal compliance with the FTC's .com disclosures guide

- Ethical engagement strategies

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Overview of ethical Wikipedia marketing

  1. 1. Educated readers use Wikipedia Degree-holder Post-graduate Wikipedia Social networking Twitter * Based on percent of internet users from the Pew Internet and American Life Project
  2. 2. Organizations embarrassed in the media • • • • • • • • • • • • • PR agencies The Vatican The Mormon Church Amnesty International The FBI The Church of Scientology Exxon Microsoft Apple Coca-Cola Disney Wal-Mart The Guardian • • • • • • • • • • • • Nestle Pepsi Diebold The CIA Anheuser-Busch ChevronTexaco Dell Computers MySpace EA Games Fox News Sony British Petroleum
  3. 3. The FTC requires that we disclose our financial connection
  4. 4. Editors have not Prioritized our page * Based on Wikipedia’s own quality assessments
  5. 5. Finding middle-ground in company policy • Bias and misinformation run unchecked • Quality of Wikipedia pages remain low Hands-off Talk page strategies • Requires patience and expertise • Offers a safe and welcomed approach for improvements • Risk of vengeful editing from angry Wikipedians • Risk of media exposure Anonymous/Direct editing
  6. 6. Five approaches to Wikipedia 1. Hands-off 2. Monitoring & response 3. Public relations 4. Content marketing 5. Direct editing
  7. 7. A word about Advocacy