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Effectiveness in Communication in the Age of Hyperconnectivity


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Technology has accelerated the way we connect with each other, access information, share news, thoughts and ideas and find out things. This presents a unique challenge to marketers and PR professionals that, incidentally, is reflected in the way the nature of war has changed and the way army snipers operate.

This is part of a presentation I gave to an audience of Public Relation professionals at the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) event in Sofia, Bulgaria: SOPR: SOMARKETING: SOFIA.

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Effectiveness in Communication in the Age of Hyperconnectivity

  1. 1. BE EFFECTIVE Search, data, social media and the sniper mind
  2. 2. Four Sectors
  3. 3. The Question About The Tree Falling In the Forest Does it make a sound if there’s no one around to see it fall?
  4. 4. “It depends”
  5. 5. Sound is data
  6. 6. Data underpins reality
  7. 7. Trust, but verify. • Intangible qualities require hard evidence to make them real
  8. 8. How we communicated in the past
  9. 9. How we communicate today
  10. 10. Linear communication model
  11. 11. Diverse and agile
  12. 12. Connected World • Compartmentalization is succeeded by a cohesive world
  13. 13. The 4Cs of the 21st Century • Attitude • Actions • Concepts • Skills
  14. 14. More than a man with a rifle
  15. 15. You only have one shot!
  16. 16. Stay in touch! @davidamerland