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Presentación slides-portfolio


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In these slides I present my student portfolio

Published in: Education, Technology
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Presentación slides-portfolio

  2. 2. STATEMENT OF PERSONAL LEARNING GOALS. What are your reasons for studying at “Carrera de Idiomas”? First of all, I always had liked the English language because English is the universallanguage around the world .For this reason, I want to be a excellent English teacher and workat “Juan Gamboa” High School in Coca city. Another reason is that English language letpeople communicate and sharing experiences with foreign people. In conclusion, people whoknow to speak two languages or more they will have more chances in order to get a good jobin institutions or companies. What are your own goals for this semester? Actually, I have a lot of goals for this semester but I think that the most important is toimprove my pronunciation and speak fluency in order to answer English questions. Because, Ihave problems of listening yet. Sometimes , I don’t answer the question because I don’t knowthe meaning of some words or I cannot understand the message of the sentence. Inconclusion, If I want to be a excellent English teacher, I will need to improve the four basicskills. How will you achieve your goals? In order to achieve my goals I will do different things such as : pay attention inclass, coming prepared in order to give oral expositions, take notes when the teacher isexplained ,practice more hours the learning skills at home, etc. In conclusion, I think that if Iwant to achieve these goals, everything depend of me (being more responsibility and practicea lot inside and outside of the classroom). What will you do every day or week to reach these goals? First at all ,I will look for extra information on the net, textbooks, magazines, etc in orderto reinforcement the learned in class. Also , I will practice words that I got to pronounce in abad way in order to avoid misunderstood when I speak with others.
  3. 3. * Forum•Create a VLC. * Answer-question.•Participate in theactivities. 1.- EVALUANTIN G WEB PAGES •Quiz. •Write a 2.- LESSON lesson plan. 5.- VIRTUAL PLAN LEARNING •Forum. CLASSROOM INTERNET & MULTIMEDIA RESOURCES 4.- TECHNOLOGI 3.- WEB 2.0 CAL TOOLS •PPT slides. •Oral presentations. •Answer-question •Write summary. •Demo class. •Quiz
  4. 4. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 1 Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012 Title of work/product: EVALUATING WEB PAGES In this chapter , I learned about the importance of distinguish between good andbad web pages. It means , how people can identify sites that have reliable , dated ,source information, in order to avoid the plagiarism. Actually, I didn’t know about things people have to consider when are looking forinformation on the net such as : author’s credentials, sources documented withfootnotes or links, tone of the page, verifying the accuracy of works before they areprinted, etc. I mention this because I sometimes print information that appears first onthe net without considering these items. For this reason, I included this picture about evaluating web pages because it wasthe best way to summarize and understand everything about how to identify usefulsites when we are looking for information on the net without we are victims of deceitfulpeople. Besides, the main objective proposed myself in this chapter was to study andunderstanding technological terms such as : url and types (.com , .org , .net , etc.) ,domain , citation, plagiarism, paraphrasing .About strategies that I used it was thecooperative learning where my classmates and I shared some ideas about this topicexplaining our points of view and posting comments in this forum. Finally next time I’ll take careful when I’m looking for information on the netbecause as a future English teacher I have to give students reliable information inorder to avoid plagiarism.
  5. 5. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 2 Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012 Title of work/product: DIIGO – ACCOUNT In this chapter , I learned about an interesting web page where people canorganize their sites of different ways without importance the amount of them .It isDiigo, this web page is very useful and I could add many sites with descriptions foreach one. Besides, I could classify my sites and putting in different categorizes suchas: Listening ,Writing ,Reading ,Speaking , Vocabulary & Grammar and Methodology. I included this picture of my Diigo account because it was the best way in order tounderstand the Diigo’s advantages and how to use it. Also, this site let me commentthe Diigo accounts of my partners in order to know what kind of web pages are veryuseful to teach English language in high schools in the categorizes mentioned before.About strategies that I used in this activity it was by writing because we had tocomment at least in three different web pages in our entries. Actually, I think that this activity was a good idea because as a future Englishteacher I need to have my web pages organized in a logical way. It means that I canhave different categorizes like : exercises , grammar, quizzes, etc. In addition, I canfind whatever web page with whatever topic easily because Diigo’ site let write tags ineach web page to facilitate its searched on the net. Next time, I will use Diigo in order to add different sites that let facilitate thelearning process in a good way and easily.
  6. 6. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON FIRST EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 3 Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012 Title of work/product: LESSON PLAN Definitely, this chapter was my favorite because I learned about how towrite lesson plans step by step. First at all, I didn’t know very well what’s alesson plan but the teacher explained us that it is like a journey, then thelesson plan is the map. It shows me where I start, where I finish and theroute to take to get there. As future English teachers we have to write good lesson plans to put inpractice step by step (activities, evaluation, homework)in the classroom inorder to facilitate the teaching process. Also, the most important thing aboutthis chapter was how to write logical objectives using the A.B.C.D. method.For this reason , I included this piece of paper about my lesson planpresented to teacher before because it was the best way to understand howto write lesson plans applying the procedures such as: Information ,objectives , activities , evaluation and homework) in a good way. Next time, I will write lesson plans using the A ,B ,C ,D . method and Iwill write extra activities in case that exist any problem inside the classroomlike : no electricity , no internet connection , even if I have students withdisabilities. In my personal opinion, I think that they have the same right likeother students have in Education.
  7. 7. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON SECOND EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 3 Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012 Title of work/product: DEMO CLASS Having studied how to write a lesson plan in the previous classes Ipresented a demo class in front of my partners for 15 minutes. It acitivity wasvery useful for us because most of us were very nervous at the beginning .Also, in this demo class we put in practice the whole activities that we wrotein our lesson plans. For this reason, I included these pictures like evidence because thesepictures are the best way to understand the activities that I used in order topresent my demo class. About strategies that I used in this demo was thecooperative learning where each of my partners put attention and followingthe instruction that teachers gave. Each group presented different activitiesand different ways to evaluate. I think that it was a good exercise in order toexperiment different sensations, what things were good, what things werebad, what things need to improve , etc. Next time, I will feel self-centered , sure in front of students and I willapply the activities that I mention in my lesson plan when I have to realize the“Practicas Pre-Profesionales”.
  8. 8. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON FIRST EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 4Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012Title of work/product: WHAT IS BLOG ? In this chapter, I learned more about technological tools. In this case Ilearned about Blogs. It is an online journal that can be individual or can beused for some people that allows them to upload their ideas, opinions, andthoughts. Besides, I learned that there are three types of blogs. First one iscalled “The Tutor Blog” it is run by the teacher of a class applying syllabuspromoting exploration of English. The second one is called “The LearnerBlog” it involves giving each student an individual blog in order to become thestudent’s own personal online. The last one is called “The Class Blog” it is acollaborative discussion space. I included this evidence because it shows what is an example ofhow I would use blogs in my EFL-classroom explaining three things : theobjectives , the students’ level and the evaluation. About strategies that I usedwas writing and being respectful with the ideas of my partners. If I were an EFL teacher, I would use the Learner Blog because theirblogs can be used as journals for writing practice, or as free-form templatesfor personal expression.
  9. 9. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON SECOND EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 4 Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012 Title of work/product: MACRO-TEACHING – PRODUCTIVE SKILL In chapter we worked in pairs to present oral expositions related toreceptive and productive skills. Each skill has different subskills or stages inorder to improve this learning skill. I want to talk about my exposition it wasabout productive skill (writing) .I think that in order to have effective writing isnecessary that people focus on the topic and no contain extraneousinformation. Another is that the text contains supporting ideas that aredeveloped through the use of examples, details followed the standard writtenEnglish (eg: punctuation , capitalization , and spelling). I included this evidence because I learned the writing processBrainstorming; generate ideas for writing a paper. Drafting; organize the ideas into a sequence. Revising; revising the content , organization and style of your writingbased on a specific purpose, audience, and occasion. Next time, I will apply the writing process when I write paragraphs,compositions, or essays because as a future English teacher is necessarythat I show correct writing to students.
  10. 10. STUDENT SELF-REFLECTION ON EVIDENCE FOR ELEMENT 5 Name: Quilumba David Date: July 17th /2012 Title of work/product: VIRTUAL LEARNING CLASSROOM – NICENET In this chapter , I had to create a virtual learning classroom on Nicenet. Ithink that it was a good idea because technological tools facilitate thelearning process in the classroom. As a future English teacher I need to know,manipulate, understand everything about them in order to catch the studentattention, to create good environment and having a good interaction betweenteachers and students. Besides , technological tools such as: Nicenet , Edmodo or K12-lessonplanning have a big advantage which is that almost everybody use theinternet or have a computer at home. It means that, virtual classrooms can betaken inside and outside of the class to facilitate the learning process. I included this picture related to my virtual learning classroom on Nicenetbecause the main objective proposed my teacher was to use thesetechnological tools in order to put in practice our lesson planning (objective,level, activities, evaluation, and homework) in the virtual classroom liketeachers and participating in the virtual classrooms of my partners likestudents. Finally next time I’ll use these tools in order to teach English languagebecause these can help students to improve the four basic skills (reading,listening, writing and speaking) in a good and funny way.