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Digital	  Marke,ng	  for	  Local	             Businesses	                 Dave	  Steer	      Dave.Steer@WSIDigitalFootprin...
About	  Us	   •       WSI:	  We	  Simplify	  the	  Internet	   •       Provide	  advanced	  digital	  marke=ng	  solu=ons	...
What	  is	  Digital	  Marke,ng	                                                      •        Simply	  put,	  Digital	  Ma...
Digital	  Marke,ng	  Mix	  -­‐	  Simplified	               Site	                  Search	   Social	   Mobile	              ...
What	  Do	  Your	  Customers	  See?	                                       Online	                          Social	       ...
Anatomy	  of	  a	  Search	  Engine	  Result	  Page	                                	     	          	  “Chiropractor	  Mou...
Local	  Search	  in	  the	  Bay	  Area	                                                            “Toto,	  We’re	  Not	  ...
Example:	  ABC	  Glass	  &	  Mirror	                               	   	  Heavily	  Local-­‐Search	  Op,mized	  	  June	  ...
What	  is	  Social	  Media?	                              Defines	  social	  media	  as	  how	  people	  discover	  and	  s...
Reputa,on	  Management	                                                           •        Fact:	  Your	  Customers	  will...
Social	  Media	  Gets	  Served	  to	  Your	  Customers	  	                                                                ...
From	  Search	  to	  Conversion	   •  So	  your	  prospect	  has	  found	  you.	  The	  visitor	  has	  clicked	  on	     ...
Conversion	  Architecture	  •     On	  average,	  only	  5-­‐10%	  of	  site	  visitors	  will	  lead	  to	  a	  conversio...
Mobile	  –	  Keep	  it	  Simple	                                   •     Mobile	  presence	  is	  an	  essen=al	  part	  o...
Key	  Points	  to	  Remember	   •       You	  customers	  must	  be	  able	  to	  find	  you!	              –       Bay	  A...
Ques,ons?	       To	  set	  up	  an	  appointment	  for	  a	  FREE	  consulta=on	  to	      learn	  more	  about	  how	  W...
Digital marketing for local businesses june 2012
Digital marketing for local businesses june 2012
Digital marketing for local businesses june 2012
Digital marketing for local businesses june 2012
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Digital marketing for local businesses june 2012


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Here we examine some of the critical online marketing consideration for local businesses, aimed had helping businesses get found on a local and regional level. Key elements include reputation management, social visibility and search visibility - especially in crowded geographies like the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Digital marketing for local businesses june 2012

  1. 1. Digital  Marke,ng  for  Local   Businesses   Dave  Steer  
  2. 2. About  Us   •  WSI:  We  Simplify  the  Internet   •  Provide  advanced  digital  marke=ng  solu=ons   •  Business  of  all  sizes  and  industries   •  Our  goal  is  to  help  businesses:   –  Elevate  their  online  brand  reputa=on   –  Generate  more  leads  through  the  Internet   –  Tap  into  new  revenue  opportuni=es   –  Take  their  profit  poten=als  to  higher  levels   •  World’s  largest  network  of  Internet  Consultants,   more  than  1000  consultants,  in  80+  countries,  built   over  the  past  20  years   •  Locally  in  the  Bay  Area:   –  Dave  Steer  -­‐  Owner  /  Consultant  at  WSI  Sunnyvale  Office   –  18  years  experience  in  technology,  marke=ng,  sales   –  Strong  Business  Development  background  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   2  
  3. 3. What  is  Digital  Marke,ng   •  Simply  put,  Digital  Marke=ng  is  the  art  of  making   effec=ve  use  of  the  Internet,  and  all  it’s  tools,  to   drive  more  revenue  to  your  business   •  We  do  this  by  looking  at  how  customers  make  a   buying  decision,  and  guiding  them  through  their   decision  process  so  that  they  reach  the  end  goal   of  becoming  your  customer   •  This  is  more  important  in  the  “Digital  Era”  as  we   spend  more  =me  online  than  ever  before   •  We  Simplify  Digital  Marke,ng  by  considering  it’s   four  main  components:   –  Site:  Your  Website  -­‐  main  des=na=on   –  Search:  How  customers  find  you   –  Social:  What  others  are  saying  about  you   –  Mobile:  Online,  all  the  =me  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   4  
  4. 4. Digital  Marke,ng  Mix  -­‐  Simplified   Site   Search   Social   Mobile   Websites   PPC   Social  Networking   Mobile  Sites   Ecommerce   SEO   Social  Media   Mobile  Search   Conversion   Local   Architecture   Social  Reputa=on   Mobile  Ads   Database   Directory   Marke=ng   Business  Process   Social  Commerce   Mobile  Apps   Display  Ad   Automa=on   Analy=cs  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   5  
  5. 5. What  Do  Your  Customers  See?   Online   Social   Reputa=on   Visibility   Visibility   Visibility   For  Local  Businesses,  these  three  factors  are  cri=cal   1.  Do  you  rank  well  in  search  engines  for  the  areas  that  you  serve?   2.  Do  you  have  presence  where  your  customers  are  spending  =me?   3.  Does  your  online  reputa=on  do  jus=ce  to  your  business?       Why  is  this  important?   1)  61%  of  Internet  Users  Research  Products  Online   2)  79%  of  Online  Shoppers  will  spend  50%  of  their  shopping  =me  Researching  Products   Customers  Have  Mostly  Made  Their  Buying  Decision  Before  They  Even  Talk  To  You  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   6  
  6. 6. Anatomy  of  a  Search  Engine  Result  Page        “Chiropractor  Mountain  View”   Pay-­‐per-­‐Click  Ads   “Google  Local”  /  “Google+”   Loca,on  Based  Results   Note:  Top  3  Results  Displayed   All  Have  Google  Reviews!   Natural  “Organic”  Results   From  Keywords  on  Website   This  business  occupies  two  “slots”  due   to  good  review  and  search  op,miza,on   Business  Directory  Sites  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   7  
  7. 7. Local  Search  in  the  Bay  Area   “Toto,  We’re  Not  In  Kansas  Anymore”     •  Bay  Area  has  many  overlapping  ci=es   •  Business  service  areas  cover  many  ci=es   •  Lots  of  similar  businesses  compe=ng  for   alen=on   •  Most  people  live  and  work  in  different   ci=es   •  Search  and  Buy  in  different  loca=ons   •  Searching  for  a  Plumber  for  home  whilst  at   work  will  exclude  local  search  results   •  “Google  Local”  results  will  only  display   lis=ngs  for  the  immediate  area   •  Most  of  your  target  customers  will  not  see   your  lis=ng   Must  Op,mize  Organic  and  Paid  Search  to  be   Visible  in  this  Busy  Metro  Area  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   8  
  8. 8. Example:  ABC  Glass  &  Mirror      Heavily  Local-­‐Search  Op,mized    June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   9  
  10. 10. What  is  Social  Media?   Defines  social  media  as  how  people  discover  and  share  their  news,  informa,on,   opinions,  insights,  experiences  and  perspec,ves  with  each  other…the   democra,za,on  of  informa,on,  transforming  people  from  content  readers  into   publishers.   What  does  this  mean  for  your  business?  Consumers  are  talking  about  you  without  you!   They’re:   •   Reading  &  wri=ng  reviews   •   Pos=ng  thoughts  about  your  business   •   Recommending  you  to  friends   •   Seeking  answers  about  your  business     Social  media  can  and  will  impact  your  bolom  line!   June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   11  
  11. 11. Reputa,on  Management   •  Fact:  Your  Customers  will  make  buying   decisions  based  on  your  online  reputa=on   •  Fact:  Your  online  reputa=on  can  be  managed   •  It  is  now  essen=al  to  take  an  ac=ve  part  of   managing  your  online  percep=on,  since  it   becomes  reality   –  Reputa=on  management  is  an  art.  Tact  and   restraint  are  essen=al  values.   –  You  will  never  win  an  online  fight,  so  don’t  get   into  one!     –  Consult  an  expert  to  understand  how  to   manage  your  presence.   •  If  leo  unchecked,  a  poor  online  reputa=on  will   only  get  worse,  and  could  put  you  out  of   business  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   14  
  12. 12. Social  Media  Gets  Served  to  Your  Customers     S,ll  think  that  Social  Media   doesn’t  apply  to  your   business?  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   15  
  13. 13. CONVERSION  
  14. 14. From  Search  to  Conversion   •  So  your  prospect  has  found  you.  The  visitor  has  clicked  on   your  link,  and  you  have  Captured  Those  Eyeballs.   Now  What???  •  The  average  visitor  will  give  you  7  Seconds  of  alen=on  before  deciding   whether  to  stay,  or  hit  the  dreaded  “back  bulon”  •  Engagement  is  Key.  Every  click  on  your  website  is  a  step  further  towards  a   conversion   –  Keep  your  visitor  on  a  path  to  conversion  •  Make  it  obvious.  Lead  the  visitor.  Don’t  make  them  think!  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   17  
  15. 15. Conversion  Architecture  •  On  average,  only  5-­‐10%  of  site  visitors  will  lead  to  a  conversion  •  So  what  were  the  other  90%  thinking?  And  how  can  we  reduce  that  number?  •  Building  your  website  with  a  Conversion  Architecture  will  lead  your  customers  to   do  what  you  want  them  to  do  online  and  result  in  more  business   –  Improving  your  conversion  rate  is  one  of  the  most  significant  ways  to  increase  business   –  This  is  an  ongoing  process.  Test,  Measure,  Op=mize,  Repeat.   Essen=als:   –  Clear  calls  to  ac=on   –  Compelling  value  proposi=on   –  Relevant  content,  related  to  search  term   –  Use  of  conversion  tools   –  Simple  is  beler   –  Have  a  Primary  Conversion  Goal…  and   secondary  fall-­‐back  goal   –  Measurability   June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   18  
  16. 16. MOBILE  
  17. 17. Mobile  –  Keep  it  Simple   •  Mobile  presence  is  an  essen=al  part  of  Local  Digital   Marke=ng   •  Very  Different  usage  to  Desktop  Surfing   •  Visitors  want  more  targeted  informa=on   –  Where  is  it?  How  Far?   –  What  are  your  opening  hours?   –  Phone  number?   •  Be  aware  of  usage  differences   –  Fingers  vs  Keyboard   –  Screen  Size   –  Download  Speed   •  Mobile-­‐op=mized  Web  Sites  are  GREAT  for  Search   Rankings   –  Search  Engines  will  rank  a  Mobile  Site  higher  than  a   regular  site  when  searched  from  another  Mobile  Device   –  Visitor  will  engage  more  with  a  Mobile  Site  if  it  has  a  great   interface   –  Mobile  Visitors  are  likely  to  be  out,  about,  and  close  to  a   buying  opportunity  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   20  
  18. 18. SUMMARY  
  19. 19. Key  Points  to  Remember   •  You  customers  must  be  able  to  find  you!   –  Bay  Area  is  a  difficult  place  to  be  found   –  Cannot  rely  on  Google  Places  or  Directories   –  Must  op=mize  website  to  be  found.  If  Google  can’t  find  you,  no-­‐one  can   •  Your  Social  Visibility  and  Online  Reputa=on  must  be  ac=vely  managed   –  Difficult  to  recover  from  a  bad  reputa=on   –  Interact  with  your  customer  community   –  Know  how  to  handle  a  bad  review   •  Conversion  is  Key   –  Poorly  op=mized  sites  cost  conversions  and  customers   –  Don’t  make  your  prospect  think  –  persuade  the  to  take  the  right  path   –  Keep  tes=ng,  measuring,  op=mizing,  repeat   •  Think  Mobile   –  Have  a  Mobile  Site,  make  it  useable   –  Mobile  customers  are  likely  to  be  close  to  the  buying  stage  –  focus  on  them!   Site  –  Search  –  Social  –  Mobile     Simplified  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   22  
  20. 20. Ques,ons?   To  set  up  an  appointment  for  a  FREE  consulta=on  to   learn  more  about  how  WSI  Digital  Marke=ng  can  help   grow  your  business:   Email:   Call:  (855)  WSI-­‐DIGITAL   (855)  974-­‐3444  June  12,  2012   WSI  -­‐  We  Simplify  the  Internet   23