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On Hiring (in a Devops World)


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Your organization has embraced the Devops philosophy, and is growing. So you set out to hunt for Devops practitioners, and quickly find that usual hiring approaches (e.g., recruiters looking on LinkedIn) simply don’t work.

What do these these mythical Devops creatures look like? (Hint: a lot like unicorns and combs).

What is their natural habitat? (Shockingly, they don’t hang out on LinkedIn).

How can you capture them?

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On Hiring (in a Devops World)

  1. 1. Dave Zwieback@mindweatherHead of Systems
  2. 2. ?
  3. 3. Who?Where?How?
  4. 4. Who?Where?How?
  5. 5. Пойди туда –не знаю куда,принеси того -не знаю чего.
  6. 6. Go I know not whither,And fetch I know not what
  7. 7. Who?Where?How?
  8. 8. Haskell, Closure, Scala, Erlang, Go… GC tuning, fo’ sho’! |||||||||-shaped people (a.k.a. tech generalists)   “Zen and The Art Neckbeard Maintenance” of tcpdump Fu Crafting sarcastic responses to mean sysadmin tweets
  9. 9. You might be a generalist if you…•  have been doing this “for a while”•  have a jagged, non-linear career path•  have a healthy interest in “disaster porn”•  have some arcane, secret knowledge•  have wide-ranging interests•  have a non-traditional (non-CS) background
  10. 10. ✓ Who?Where? How?
  11. 11. ✓ Who?Where? How?
  12. 12. IRC!
  13. 13. ✓ Who?✓ Where? How?
  14. 14. ✓ Who?✓ Where? How?
  15. 15. “Thank for not giving up on me. I cant do this week but lets getsomething on the books for next week. Tuesday afternoon say?” Actual response after 7 e-mails in 5 months.
  16. 16. 56% higher response rate hiring manager vs recruiter (YMMV)
  17. 17. “When I hired John at Etsy in 2009, the near-term recruitingprocess was a few months, but the actual recruiting process had been going on for a decade. ” Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy
  18. 18. “I skipped haskell did 3 languages [Java, Ruby, and Clojure]. Ispent an hour or two on the Java code. The rest was just for fun.” vs “Just to summarize - the skills you need for DevOps are reallypretty different than the skills needed as a developer.(Fortunately Ive done both for a long time). Its pretty rare that DevOps positions gets coding test [sic], sinceone generally doesnt write code as part of the job (one does writescripts, and things like chef recipes’ for example). Thats why Ianswered it in bash - its the lingua franca of DevOps. So if youre measuring the potential quality of DevOps guysusing the measuring stick for developers, youre likely to run intoa disconnect.”
  19. 19. Photo Credits •  After the War, when there is no hope, by balt-arts •  Devopsdays Rome 2012, by pkhamre •  Hardcore devops, by Matt Moor •  The Recruiter Honeypot, by Elaine Wherry •  one world, by Kai Schreiber •  Coles Beach, by Kuyan Redman •  Greeting Card: BE MINE mini slip, by Cheryl T •  silo canister, by alan berning