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Web standards and Visual Studio web tools


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How to build and deploy an ASP.NET applicaton.

This entire series can be found here:

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Web standards and Visual Studio web tools

  1. 1. Web standards and Visual Studio Web Tools Dave Voyles
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Modern web standards overview 2) Visual Studio Tools overview
  3. 3. Modern Web Standards HTML5 + CSS3 = Magic!
  4. 4. HTML5
  5. 5. Not a marketing message What is HTML5? A new standard for a new web A language with support on a variety of devices Umbrella term: vNext HTML, CSS, ECMAScript
  6. 6. Why do you care?
  7. 7. Photosynth 2 Hover contre jour
  8. 8. Visual Studio Online
  9. 9. Map of Web Browser Standards Standard Standards Body
  10. 10. Building with standards Can I Use Compat Inspector Modernizer CSS Resets (Normalize.css) 11
  11. 11. New HTML5 Markup Elements <div class=“header”></div> <div class=“nav”></div> From this: <header></header> <nav></nav> To this:
  12. 12. New HTML5 Markup Elements Eliminate the “generic” tagging Native tags DOM parsing is quicker than class searching Accessibility Standardizing tags Why?
  13. 13. Canvas •Methods for drawing include: paths, boxes, circles, text and rasterized images
  14. 14. HTML 5 <video> •Industry-standard MPEG-4/H.264 video •HTML content, images, SVG graphics
  15. 15. HTML 5 <video> Attributes • src – specifies the location to pull the source file • autoplay – if present starts playing as soon as it’s ready • controls – if present displays controls • preload – if present loads source at page load • loop – if present loops back to the beginning of the video
  16. 16. Multiple HTML 5 <video> Sources? •source – child element used to specify the location to pull the source file(s)
  17. 17. HTML 5 <audio> •Industry-standard MP3 and AAC audio •Fully scriptable via the DOM src autoplay controls preload
  18. 18. JavaScript Library Overview
  19. 19. Who Uses jQuery? Over 59 million sites 66.2% of the top 10k
  20. 20. jQuery – why so popular?
  21. 21. jQuery Community
  22. 22. jQuery Fundamentals Find something, Do something Functional Syntax DOM Manipulation Changing of events
  23. 23. Overview Visual Studio Web Tools
  24. 24. Demo Visual Studio Web Tools
  25. 25. Summary  Modern web standards overview  Visual Studio Tools overview