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How to win a hackathon - Penn APps 2015


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I'll show you how I won hackathons at two Fortune 50 companies (Comcast & Microsoft), as well as point you towards a number of resources, such as free Azure passes, and GitHub repositories to assist you.

Published in: Technology
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How to win a hackathon - Penn APps 2015

  1. 1. @DaveVoyles
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  3. 3. Social Tools and Productivity Information and Promotion Games Entertainment
  4. 4. device/services client/server
  5. 5. Great device experiences … … powered by services in the cloud
  6. 6. Open Platform ●
  7. 7. Azure Usages • Websites • Push your code to GitHub, and it updates your site instantly! • Wrap it using ManifoldJS and deploy to iOS,Android, Facebook, Windows! • Wordpress • Use it as a resume! • Microsoft and Comcast found me that way! • Mobile services • Push notifications, lists, leaderboards • Blob Storage • Host and serve your podcast files (mp3, mp4, streaming) • Media Services • Create your ownTwitch-like streaming service, butYOU own the content
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