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Azure overview - Active Directory, SQL, and Web Hosting


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This is a high level overview of just some of the services offered by Microsoft Azure. Active Directiory, SQL Server, Web Hosting and more.

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Azure overview - Active Directory, SQL, and Web Hosting

  1. 1. A platform which provides on demand services, that are always on, anywhere, anytime and any place. Pay for use and as needed, elastic • scale up and down in capacity and functionalities The hardware and software services are available to • general public, enterprises, corporations and businesses markets
  2. 2. Applications Value Added Services Applications Value Added Services Cloud Spectrum Windows Server Windows Azure Appliance Windows Azure On Premises • Full system control On or Off Premises • Turnkey cloud platform appliance Off Premises • Global datacenters and CDN • Consumption or subscription pricing options
  3. 3. device/services client/server
  4. 4. Nearly 50 million Office Web Apps users Proven experience
  5. 5. Windows in the cloud
  6. 6. .NET Hyper-V Visual Studio System Center Active Directory
  7. 7. Programming Model + Tools Identity Integration Data IaaS + PaaS Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure
  8. 8. “SaaS” Software-as-a-Service Software your users consume “PaaS” Platform-as-a-Service OS, Storage, Hosting “IaaS” Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtualized hardware yy
  9. 9. Windows Azure Marketplace • Information marketplace for discovering, purchasing & selling data • Growing list of publishers and partners • Data exposed as services
  10. 10. Open Platform ●
  11. 11. compute data services networks app services Automated Managed Resources Elastic Usage Based W. US, East US, N Central US, S Central US, N Europe, W Europe, E Asia, SE Asia + 24 Edge CDN Locations
  12. 12. Windows Azure SQL
  13. 13. Windows Azure Web Sites
  14. 14. Scalable Automated Flexible High-density and secure web hosting Open publishing methods and protocols Integrated and open solution Lowers customer onboarding costs and streamlines upselling Upsell from shared to reserved Support for PHP, Node.js, and ASP.NET Metering and throttling of resources Fully integrated into Web App Gallery
  15. 15. Traditional machine-centric model With multiple web applications, challenges for service providers include: • Increased load and management complexities • Security - Isolating stored data, authentication & authorization mechanisms • Scaling - Auto-scaling platform compute, scaling platform storage Web application content Application databases applicationHost.config root web.config Php.ini Internet Information Services web server Distributed model Web Sites allocates a web application to a specific process: • Distributes load by allocating web applications to specific processes • Provides a scalable and elastic resource pool capable of running an arbitrary set of web applications Web application content Application databases applicationHost.config root web.config Php.ini Worker process Web application
  16. 16. Upstream hardware load-balancers Front-end application request router ….. Front-end application request router Persistent storage Web Sites cluster Web workers Server or virtual machine Local routing logic Temporary per-app file storage Web application databases Web application file directories Cluster topology and run-time state Worker process (w3wp) Resource usage data End user HTTP/S Request Development Tools Protocols Visual Studio, WebMatrix FTP, Git, WebDeploy, HTTP Source control integration Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010+ Developer tools and protocols
  17. 17. Windows Azure Active Directory
  18. 18. Purpose Details REST/HTTP directory access Create, Read, Update, Delete directory objects and relationships Compatible with OData V3 Authenticate with OAuth 2.0 OAuth 2.0 Service to service authentication Delegated access JWT token format SAML 2.0 Web application authentication SAML 2.0 token format Used with Office 365 Services WS-Federation 1.3 Web application authentication SAML 1.1 token format Used with Office 365 Services
  19. 19. Windows Azure Service Bus
  20. 20. Great device experiences … … powered by services in the cloud