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Fergal conlon how to access 2011 census data


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Fergal conlon how to access 2011 census data

  1. 1. Accessing Census Data Fergal Conlon West Cork Development Partnership[With help from a presentation prepared by Aileen Healy – CSO & Eoighan McCarthy – NUI Maynooth]
  2. 2. Democratisation of Information
  3. 3. Local Communities as Experts• The Information Age…..• Opportunity for… – Bespoke smart design of services – taking account of unique local circumstances. – The primary stakeholder – local community – can also be the most sophisticated authority. – Break-down of barriers between “experts” and local people.
  4. 4. Making the right decisions about our futureAcross all levels of government, business and society.Deploying our resources where most needed and where they will have most positive impact.How do we make these decisions and how do we know we are making the best ones?
  5. 5. Who uses Census Data?Development Companies Students
  6. 6. Title of Publication Publication Type Publication DatePrincipal Demographic Results Volume 29 MarPopulation Classified by Area Volume 26 AprilProfile 1 – Geography Profile 26 AprilProfile 2 – Ages Profile 24 MayPrincipal Socio-Economic Results Volume 28 JuneProfile 3 – Workers and Employment Profile 26 JulySmall Area Population Statistics Web Tables 31 JulyProfile 4 – Housing Profile 30 AugustProfile 5 – Households, Families and Marital Status Profile 20 SeptemberProfile 6 – Migration and Diversity Profile 11 OctoberProfile 7 – Disability, Carers and Health Profile 1 NovemberProfile 8 – Education Profile 22 NovemberProfile 9 – Commuting Profile 13 December
  7. 7. • 2011 census results are published in a variety of formats: – Results volumes and profiles – Interactive Web tables – Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS)- – Interactive Mapping tools• All are available online on CSO website at:
  8. 8. • Selection of hard copy volumes• To meet needs of heavy users who need a quick reference publication• Main results in volume format: – This is Ireland – Highlights, Part 1 (Principal Demographic Results) – This is Ireland – Highlights, Part 2 (Principal Socio-Economic Results) – Population by Area
  9. 9. • Majority of results by way of series of census profiles organised by theme.• Contents: – Commentary – interpretation and analysis of results – Thematic maps and charts. – Limited number of tables of data• Objective to get behind the data and present analysis and commentary on some of the highlights.• Ideas for generating comparable data at local area
  10. 10. These are the Census reports published by the CSO. PDFs of each hard copy report can be viewed online.Log on to and follow the steps set out in the following screenshots:
  11. 11. • Accompany each census release• Available as interactive web-only tables on CSO website.• Data available to download to MS Excel
  12. 12. • Include 19,000 new small areas which typically include 75- 150 dwellings.• 10 geographic layers• 600 Tables• 24,000 polygons (including 19,000 Small Areas, 3,400 Electoral divisions etc.)• Tables available: – by area ( e.g. urban/rural, towns, Electoral Divisions, Police and Health services areas) – Thematically (Age, Marital Status, etc.)• Access using interactive mapping search tool (SAPMAP – Bernard’s Part)
  13. 13. StateDifferent levelsof geographyfor which data 4 Provincesis available: 8 Regional Authority Areas 34 Administrative Counties 8 Gaeltacht Areas 273 Health Towns, Pop>1000 Service Executive 3,409 •Areas Electoral •Local Areas DivisionsGarda Urban and 18,488Regions, Rural areas Small• Divisions of each Areas • Districts county
  14. 14. Access thecensushomepage byclicking hereor here
  15. 15. Click here tosee Census2011 data
  16. 16. Click on thetopic you wishto view below
  17. 17. Commentary presents interpretation and analysis ofsome of the data, illustrated by graphs and maps.
  18. 18. • A series of interactive web tables accompanying each publication are available on line.• These include – the data tables available in the publication, (often in greater detail) – For Census profiles, additional web tables which are only available online.• Interactive tables – allow to select, view, sort, graph, map, print and download data.• For certain tables data for previous censuses are also included allowing creation of time series to compare data.• To access: Log on to and follow the steps set out in the following screenshots:• My view: - Not as easy as previous census interactive tables for small areas – This may be a work in progress.
  19. 19. Click toaccessCensus2011results
  20. 20. Select thetopic youwish toresearch.
  21. 21. You will see a list of all theinteractive tables available for thistopic. Scroll down and click to select the table you are interested in. This example will look at age groups in towns.
  22. 22. 2. Click on the A file download arrow dialogue box will appear. You can opt to open or save the file.You can alsodownload the 1. Select thedata in a variety format youof formats. require – e.g. Excel
  23. 23. When you open the Co. Fingal population aged 0-4 - Census the data will be 4000presented in an Excel 3500spreadsheet. 3000 2500 2000 1500You can then use the 1000functionality of Excel to 500 0manipulate, analyse andpresent the data to suit yourneeds. e.g. to graph the data
  24. 24. Pre-school population in County Fingal Towns Census 2011. 40000 16.0% 35000 14.0%You can manipulate 30000 12.0% 25000 10.0%the data for example 20000 8.0%by calculating a 15000 6.0% 10000 4.0%percentage and 5000 2.0%graphing the resulting 0 0.0%data. No. In 0-4 age group 0-4 age group as % of total population
  25. 25. • 46 tables for 23,074 Geographic areas• Tables are available – Thematically (Age, Marital Status, Education, Economic Status, etc.) – Geographically( e.g. Regional Authority, Province, County, Town, Electoral Divisions, Small Areas)• Access using interactive mapping search tool (SAPMAP)• 2011 data includes 18,488 new small areas which typically include 80-100 dwellings.• 16.4 million pieces of data
  26. 26. • See map and data for a selected geographical area• See data for selected census themes• Download the data to Excel• See all the data for the selected geographic level as a pdf• Link to the AIRO site on NIRSI site to see thematic presentation of the data• Practice & Play around with tools!