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Adrian healy economic resilience the role of social innovation


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Adrian healy economic resilience the role of social innovation

  1. 1. Economic Resilience:the role of social innovation Adrian Healy
  2. 2. • What makes economies resilient?• Why do some places recover more quickly than others?• Is it all about structures• ..........................or are there choices involved?• What role can local (or regional) governments play in making their economies more resilient
  3. 3. So what is social innovation?• New ideas (products, services or models) that meet social needs• New ideas developed through social relationships or collaborations• can arise from us as individuals, from communities, from public bodies or from firms
  4. 4. Why is it on the agenda now?• Search for new economic models• Recognition that the market will not always deliver• Scarce finance• realisation of missed opportunities• new communication technologies help
  5. 5. So, whatof does growth (new or• Can be a driver economic it offer? improved products or services)• Can offer new or more efficient forms of service delivery• Can address societal challenges (ageing society, low carbon transitions etc)• Can be more locally responsive (address our particular challenges).• Can support a more resilient economy (adaptive and responsive)
  6. 6. Examples?• Plenty out there....• Llangattock Green Valleys Wales • community body • purchasing body • knowledge dissemination • awareness raising and advocate of behavioural change• New (user driven) examples • banking/credit • health/care services
  7. 7. Opportunities for local• economic growth areas • new collaborations • new products/processes • opportunities for new enterprises (social)• Resilience • a more adaptive economy? • A less dependent economy? • A more robust economy?
  8. 8. Stages?• Prompts - potential needs• Proposals - ideas• Pilots/Prototypes - testing• Scale• Sustainability• Systemic change
  9. 9. Supporting and stimulating social innovation• role of companies• role of public bodies• role of community groups• role of individuals• Local spaces as a nurturing/stimulating environment
  10. 10. Thank