Apps, Twitter, and the Virtual Classroom for Teachers


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A Presentation for Central Middle School, Jan. 24th 2013

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  • Would love to apply many of these great ideas, especially the Wordpress, but still fighting the equipment issue. No English classrooms at my secondary school have access to laptops on any consistent basis.
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Apps, Twitter, and the Virtual Classroom for Teachers

  1. 1. Let’s Get Social Making the best use of the iPad and social media in the classroom Central Middle School! Jan. 24th 2013! Greater Victoria SD 61
  2. 2. Shape of the Morning! ! 9:00 iPads/Apps! 9:30 Explore Time! 10:00 Break! ! 10:15 Social Media/Blogs! 10:45 Explore Time! 11:00 Finish! ! ! !
  3. 3. Dave Shortreed Coordinator of Educational Technology! Greater Victoria SD 61! @mr_shortreed Tweet to #sd61learn
  4. 4. Team Work
  5. 5. Overarching Goal What is best for kids? How do we develop significant and engaging student learning? How does it improve student success?
  6. 6. Sir James Douglas Elementary, 1912
  7. 7. What should classrooms as learning spaces look like? What structure suits innovation and creativity?
  8. 8. Teaching with the end in mind (with learning intentions)
  9. 9. “how a small suite of apps related to annotating, curation, and image, audio, and video production that [can] support a diverse student performances of understanding” (Daccord, 2013)
  10. 10. @iPadwells
  11. 11. All notes sync with accessible from any computer ! Notebooks for each student
  12. 12. Sketchpad syncs with evernote notebook
  13. 13. DEMO
  14. 14. Student Creation Apps Keynote iMovie Telecast Path On Tellagami Educreations
  15. 15. @mrdemedeiros Gordon Head Middle Educreations Show your understanding Photograph, record stylus and narrate Export onto
  16. 16. Greenel And Graynel @mrdemedeiros Touchcast Greenal and Graynel - Live news report on green screen
  17. 17. @Sramckay Vic High Tellagami 30 second clips with avatars
  18. 18. @strawvale Strawberry Vale $1.99 To use technology to connect with the environment.
  19. 19. @strawvale Strawberry Vale
  20. 20. Explore Time With your neighbour: ! 1. Choose one app, build an idea 2. Make a plan to use it 3. Share it out
  21. 21. Share out Please share the outcome of your explore time?! Thoughts? Ideas? Inspirations?
  22. 22. Professional Online Learning Space Dr. Alec Couros @courosa
  23. 23. Collaboration and Innovation Our district has become smaller! flatten structures
  24. 24. #bccurric
  25. 25. Industry of Relationships All levels of education! Social media as a connector to ENHANCE face to face relationships! ! ! What is your professional online presents?
  26. 26. Social media can be used for: sharing stories/ideas/resources raising awareness reflecting and connecting bringing people together facilitate change
  27. 27. Why Twitter? You are the filter, curator, creator of the resource View personalized headlines Share with purpose Design with intention
  28. 28. Twitter is not to follow famous people the news, an unfiltered mess of a waste of time see what people are eating sunsets/sunrises
  29. 29. Twitter as a Professional Learning Network for developing professional learning networks for collaborating for sharing stories/resources for problem solving for educational leadership for modelling digital citizenship
  30. 30. Twitter Timeline in Education Educational Technology people Senior management/administrators/teachers Anyone looking for Professional Development
  31. 31. Twitter Growth plan Signing up and reading Collecting and curating Sharing others resources and ideas Sharing your own ideas/reflections
  32. 32. Spoon into the waterfall ! Visit when and what you want
  33. 33. Another language Focusses your audience Tailors your conversation Focusses on a topic Filters information and location Examples: #bccurric, #sd61learn, #sd61slm, #bced, #bclearns, #anxietyined #
  34. 34. @Handles People who you want to credit Connect with Notify/Reply
  35. 35. Break Time
  36. 36. Karley - Share you experience How does your Professional online space impact your practice?
  37. 37.
  38. 38. The Virtual Classroom
  39. 39. How do you talk about digital citizenship?
  40. 40. Virtual Classroom - Blogging with students Kidblogs Grade 3-8 ! Wordpress Grade 9-12 ! Edublogs
  41. 41. Foippa Anything hosted outside of Canada requires parent consent ! My collection: informed-consent/
  42. 42. Kidblogs Example Heidi James @h_james18 Colquitz Middle School Public Blog Informed Consent free everything pending review ! See what the world thinks not just me
  43. 43. Steven Toleskis @knowledgequest_ Margaret Jenkins Elementary Edcamp for kids blog
  44. 44. Explore Time Your Task: 1. Look at Twitter, sign up or start to explore 2. Look at setting up a professional blog or class blog
  45. 45. Any questions? Resources: ! Twitter - #sd61learn !