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A Social Media Workshop with the students @ IBM Denmark ApS..... With Focus on Facebook and LinkedIn, How to brand yourself Digitally ;-)

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  • FacebooK:Is the forum for the more private profiles. This is the place where you can add pictures of your holiday or family.. We wont go too much into facebook now, since we are going deeper into it in a minute. Linked In: Is a professional setting, you can upload your resume and keep it updated with recommendations and different skills. This is the place where the the jobhunting will take place in a few years – its already going on. We will also get back to linked in in a second.Twitter:Twitter is for the more fastpaced. Micro blogging. You can only add 160 characters in an update. Its ideal to keep you updated on articles or blogs that you want to follow or to keep you informed about whats going on. The way you use it, is you go on twitter, and create a profile, and then you find the people who are interesting for you to follow. You can seach on different tags as well as you can add tags to your post. You do this by writing an #sign infront of the word you want tagged, that way other people can search on the topic. So if you search for example after Psychology, if that interests you, you find all the people who has tagged Psychology in their posts, and follow them. This way you get a network of people who are interesting for you to follow. You dont have to follow your friends on Twitter – you can follow the people writing about stuff that you want to know more about, or are interessted in following. Its not a friend-zone like facebook, but more of a information sharing zone where you follow and debate with new people and get new connections. Twitter is something you can use ”on-the-go” when you experience something. People tweet that right now they are listening to some lecture or that they are just about to see a concert in the city. You can also retweet others tweets if its an interesting link or point. That is actually a good way to get started on twitter. So go in there, make a profile, find interesting people and start retweeting, and then eventually – you can tweet stuff yourself. Google+: Is the new hot thing. Google + is not that used so far, but in the future, we feel fairly sure that it will become very used, since it has the perspective to combine calender invites, calenders, photos, documents, profiles and walls into one, they have recently combined dropbox and google dox into one program. Where you really get a tool you can use professionally as well as personally. So in the next couple of years, it might be a good idea to get on there as well, however it is not fully developed at this moment, but you can create a profile, and start using googledocs and calenders, and then soon you will be able to combine and share your stuff with others. The idea is that in time, you will be able to create a group, like facebook, but where you can share documents and calenders as well. So we think this is going to be huge. And we advise you to keep updated on Google +.Slideshare:Is a place to get slides and upload slides, we just real quick to mention it. You can both use it yourself to get slides that you can use in your work, or you can share your slides with others, and that way get yourself out there as a serious person that is good at what you do. You might also want to create your resume as slides, and add on slideshare. Its been done before, we are told. So deffinately check this out!Youtube:Youtube is actually the third most used seach engin in the world, after google and facebook. Its a great way to get information aswell as share it. If you make cool videos about your job or studies, this is the way to get them out there. We are not going to say a lot a bout it here, since we expect you to know about this allready.Blog:There are a huge numbers of different blogs to choose from. We will not get into them here. However, blogging is an exelent way for you to write articles and profile yourself as a serious contributer on a specifik topic or network. We urge you to use this – it gives you a personal tuch and seems very thrustworthy when you use it. Of course remember to keep your profile in mind and dont write about stuff that might put you in a bad light.
  • As you can see, almost half of Denmark is on facebook. And LinkedIn is working hard on keeping up with that number. Twitter is not as active, but keeps up pretty nicely. As well as the others we have presented, you can see that the social media world is only getting bigger and easyer to use. And as you can see, Google + is making their way up the ladder aswell. And will soon become very big. However, as Facebook and LinkedIn are the biggest ones at the moment, these are the ones we have chosen to focus on later today. But how do you meassure your own digital profile? How do you know if you are doing well enough compared to others? There is a bunch of different ways to do this, and the one that I like the most, is the ”My Web Career”.
  • You go to My Web and then you add your different profiles and accounts. That way, you get a quick picture of your profiles, and your status. You can then analyze how you become better, and see steps and guidelines as to what to do next. It really is rather usefull!But why should you even bother?
  • Why should you want to use social media in the first place?When asking the people who are hiring, the answer becomes pretty clear. 91% of hiring professionals use social networking sites when finding new employees. And surpricingly for me, facebook is the most offten used site.
  • And 68% actually hires becouse of what they see on the social media pages. Mostly becouse of the level of personality, creativity, well-roundedness as a person or awards and recognitions given. So no doubt about it! It IS important to know your social media, and to know how to use it!
  • So where are you in this? And what can you do in social media? In the world of online networking? This is often devided into 3 secments. Listening, which means reading others blogs, watching youtube or reading posts and updates by others. Sharing witch means sharing youtube videos, re-tweeting updates, or just sharing your own oppinions about something on your wallposts, and then Creating, which is most likely the most difficult one for all of us, which is actually giving something back. Making a youtube video, or writing a blog or an article or maybe drawing little symbols of something and sharing it. So keep these 3 in mind, and especially think about the last one – how can YOU create something new, and contribute to the social networking world?When doing this – keep these things in mind. Bring yourself and your character with you – Be Authentic. Be consistent. Make a plan for yourself and stick to it. It takes time to build a digital image. And remember to clean out your closets, every post you have made is out there. Dont post something you would not have 10 years from now. And make sure to clear out as much as you can from your past posts, if they seem imbarresing to you now.
  • So what should you be thinking about when branding yourself? These are the 3 questions that the person hiring you will be asking themselves when looking at your digital footprint. So why not think about it, when creating your digital image aswell? So how do you show what you can do on your profile? How do you show what you love to do, and what you are interested in? And how do you show who you are as a person?These questions are the ones that you should start asking yourself, and then create your profile around. And now we will try to tell you a bit about how exactly you do this. First on Facebook and then on LinkedIn.
  • We assume that you allready know the basics of facebook. Therefore I am just going to be rather quick, however feel free to stop me and ask questions it there is something I am going over to fast. This is the new timeline design that we strongly urge you to convert to. COVER: The first thing people will see is of course the Cover photo. And I dont think I need to tell you to keep it personal but yet professional... Dont show yourself drunk and stuff. And keep in mind that it should be a picture that your boss could see and still want to hire you.PROFILE PIC: The next thing is your profile picture. Make sure its visible that its you – do not put photos of dogs or whatever fun thing you feel like, it does not look professional and when first its out there, its always out online with your name attached to it. So just keep it professional. Of course, this is just our ideas, but I am rather sure that you agree. ABOUT: Under your picture, there is an About section. Keep this updated... When people click it, its sort of like a short resume – you can see where you have worked, lived, who you are dating, who your famely is and so on. So make sure its updated, and that it tells the story about you, that you want it to tell. APP: You have room for 12 apps. And there is a BUNCH of apps, that you can link too... You automaticly have the Friends app, and the Photo app. And then you can move around the rest of them as you want to. You can for exaple connect it to your youtube page, if you have such, or a blog page. On this link, you can find the 101 most frequently used apps for facebook. So you can see this presentation to find it. I have maps, to show where I have travelled, and Likes, to show people what other pages I like. Photos: I dont think I have to tell you to remember to not have photos where you look drunk. Take a look through you photos and make sure there is nothing on there that you dont want.Friends: In regards to your friends on facebook, Christian Carlsson once said to me: Go through your friends, and delete every one of who you would not stop and talk to on the street. And instead, add them to linkedin. This is the only way you will ever fully use facebook for the intend of keeping updated with real friends and famely. So I did so – I went from 400 friends to just 136, and it is actually a big relief. Now I feel like I can really ”be myself” on facebook. So if you take nothing else with you from today, please remember this advise. It really does help a lot.And lastly you now have the timeline effect which meens that everyone can go back and see EVERYTHING you EVER posted online... Since you first got on facebook – and maybe – just maybe you posted something when you were 17 that is not so cool anymore, so we urge you to go back through your posts, and delete all that might make you look bad. And with these words, I am leading towards the post section of your page.
  • Whick looks sort of like this. You can post links, photos and events, and you can tag yourselve – or check in its called, in different places. On the right side you have your friends and activities. And then the posts fill out the rest. You have different opportunyties to move around on the different posts. When you click at the top right corner of a post, you can either highlight a post, wich makes it look like this:Or you can click the little pencil, and hide it from your timeline or delete it. So this is YOUR page on facebook.
  • You can create pages for your company, or for a fanpage for your blogs forexample. You go to your news feed, and in the left side you find pages, you then click on ”more” and come to this page, and click ”Create a page”. You then come to this page, where you can choose the type that fits you. I use it alot for work, or for when I have a bigger event than just one day... So this is deffenately worth checking out.
  • On the left side, when you are in the news feed setting, you find the ”create group button”. This is great for smaller or larger groups. As you can see I have used it for school as well as for keeping contact with old classmates. I have a group with my studygroup where we can post coments and links, and keep eachother updated in an easy way, and I have a group for my old class in school where we update on important things in our lives, or create reunions. It really is a very easy way to keep contact and create an online community. And ofcourse you can create events, when you are hosting a birthday or a party and then invite your friends. These was the most important guidelines to facebook – any questions about facebook?? Now David will tell you more about LinkedIn.
  • Also keep these social media guidelines in mind. Keep the BCG in mind always as an IBMer. These are the things you need to be aware of. For most of us, its quite common sense, but still, make sure that you never post anything that does not correlate to these values and guidelines. I know this is a busy slide, and I dont want to just read it aloud to you. So you can scan it, and read it later, and the slide will also be found on our community later on today.
  • So now – workshoptime
  • Social Media WorkShop

    1. 1. Social Media Event – 27. April 2012 © 2012IBM Corporation
    2. 2. Agenda 1. The Jungle of Social Media 2. Why should you think social media! 3. You @nd social media 4. Facebook 5. LinkedIn 6. Important to remember 7. Workshop 8. Wrap-up  © 2012IBM Corporation
    3. 3. The Jungle of Social Media © 2012IBM Corporation
    4. 4. The Jungle of social media 2,7 DK million users 850.000 DK users, +15.000 new/month, 200 industries represented 40.000 active DK accounts, growing, VIP heavy “YouTube” for presentations, 3 bill. slide views/month (WW) Famed as “one of the most used search engines” 200.000 DK Blogs, 75.000 active, 4500 new blog entries/day There are +21 million articles (WW), 161.558 in Danish 62 mill. users (WW), ~400 end 2012, strong integration possibilities © 2012IBM Corporation
    5. 5. © 2012IBM Corporation
    6. 6. Why should you be active in social media? What does the managers hiring say? Social media monitoring service Reppler recently surveyed more than 300 hiring professionals to determine when and how job recruiters are screening job candidates on different social networks. © 2012IBM
    7. 7. Nurturing Experts © 2012IBM Corporation
    8. 8. You @ social media © 2012IBM Corporation
    9. 9. Personal branding There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions... 1.Can you do the job? 2.Will you love the job? 3.Can we tolerate working with you? © 2012IBM Corporation
    10. 10. Facebook © 2012IBM Corporation
    11. 11. Posting on Facebook © 2012IBM Corporation
    12. 12. What else can you use Facebook for? Create pages, groups and events. © 2012IBM Corporation
    13. 13. Pages © 2012IBM Corporation
    14. 14. Groups Events © 2012IBM Corporation
    15. 15. LinkedIn © 2012IBM Corporation
    16. 16. © 2012IBM Corporation
    17. 17. © 2012IBM Corporation
    18. 18. Linkedin © 2012IBM Corporation
    19. 19. Linkedin Groups 1) No gaming, no scheming, no fake people: authenticity is the first step to trust... 2) No one-night stands: cultivate relationships... 3) Observe, enculturate then act: learn the rules of engagement before engaging... 4) Be responsive and brave: you/your company started the relationship, accountability now exists ... 5) Be trustworthy and aware: know what is being discussed and leverage the information for customer benefit.... 6) No tools for the sake of tools: design and launch with purpose and intention... 7) No digital litter: if it aint working, take it down! 8) Value thought leadership over marketing: lead with content not sales... 9) Return what you learn: give assets back to the community in the form of summaries and responses... 10) Match plans with metrics: you are what you measure so choose your performance measures wisely. © 2012IBM Corporation
    20. 20. Important to remember Think about the way you want your audience to perceive you. Think about what you would show your grandmother or your boss - before posting. Make sure to keep your profiles up2date– better not to have a profile than to have an outdated one. Always have the Social Media Guidelines in mind. © 2012IBM Corporation
    21. 21. IBM Social Media Guidelines 1. Know and follow IBMs Business Conduct Guidelines. 2. IBMers are personally responsible… 3. Identify yourself 4. If you publish content online relevant to IBM in your personal capacity use a disclaimer 5. Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws. 6. Dont provide IBMs or anothers confidential or other proprietary information 7. Dont cite or reference clients, partners or suppliers without their approval. 8. Respect your audience. 9. Be aware of your association with IBM in online social networks. 10. Dont pick fights, be the first to correct your own mistakes. 11. Try to add value. Provide worthwhile information and perspective. IBMs brand is best represented by its people and what you publish may reflect on IBMs brand. 12. Dont use use IBM logos or trademarks unless approved to do so. © 2012IBM Corporation
    22. 22. Workshop Go in groups of 3, and take each of your facebook pages and LinkedIn pages in turn, and help eachother by asking questions and comming with suggestions to the others pages. Remember the focus for being on social media! There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions... 1.Can you do the job? 2.Will you love the job? 3.Can we tolerate working with you? © 2012IBM Corporation