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UTK Engineering Ambassador Presentation

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UTK Engineering Ambassador Presentation

  1. 1. The College of Engineering Ambassadors Presented by Emily Leturno & Dave Seeman
  2. 2. Outline
  3. 3. Our Purpose: “The purpose of the Ambassadors is to recruit prospective students to the College of Engineering, involve the college’s student body in its goals, and stimulate community interest in the field of engineering.” Who We Are
  4. 4. Who We Are Our History: ● Founded in 2004 through Dr. Parang ● Second Ambassador Program at UT ● Intended to extend recruitment efforts ● Now more involved through Development ● Celebrating 10 years!
  5. 5. Who We Are Membership Trend - This chart includes members away on co-op and does not consider December graduates.
  6. 6. Who We Are Becoming an Ambassador
  7. 7. Current Snapshot: ● 22 Ambassadors Representing all Departments ● Fall 2013 ○ Over 426 logged hours ○ Over 19 hours/person ○ 2-3 tours per day, M-F ● Growing Interest ○ 60 applicants for Spring ○ 20% had 4.0 GPA ○ 11 New Ambassadors Who We Are
  8. 8. Who We Are Our Involvement ● Internships ● Co-ops ● Research ● SGA ● Greek Life ● Academic Societies ● so much more!
  9. 9. Our Role in the COE Tours ● Student Face of College ● Participate in virtually all Leadership Activities ● Represent all majors ● A Typical Tour: ○ Share the basics ○ Share experiences ○ Show facilities
  10. 10. Our Role in the COE Please Note: March requests were impacted by severe and inclimate weather. April Requests are still coming in, and are anticipated to exceed last year’s requests. Application Deadlines for Seniors are in late Fall. This table DOES include duplicate requests and no- shows.
  11. 11. Our Role in the COE Events ● College fairs and UT’s Open Houses ○ One of the busiest tables ○ Reach HUNDREDS of students at once ● Scholar’s Invitational - Student Panel ● Breakfast of Champions ○ Student Panel ○ Engineering Tours ○ Networking ● Participate in almost all student leadership activities (PSAC, QEP Student Advisory Committee, Board of Advisors)
  12. 12. Our Role in the COE Events, cont. ● Facility Openings ○ 175th Anniversary Gala ○ Min Kao Building Opening Gala ○ Min Kao and Tickle Building Opening Tours ○ Tours for Alumni, VIPs, and Prospective Students ● Commencement ● First Robotics
  13. 13. Our Role in the COE Events, cont. ● Engineer’s Day ○ Give tours ○ Help with Opening Ceremonies ○ Network with students and judges ○ Participate in contests ● Alumni Cookout ○ Give Tours ○ Face Painting ○ Help at registration desk
  14. 14. Our Role in the COE Events, cont. ● Eastman Ambassador Conference ○ Networked with ambassadors from 8 schools ○ Networked with Eastman professionals ○ Developed leadership and communication skills ○ Bonded as a group ● Stongwell tour ○ Networked with Strongwell professionals ○ Learned about the pultruded plastic process ○ Opportunity to speak with Dean Davis and learn about the inner workings of the COE
  15. 15. Benefits of the Program For Ambassadors: ● Communication skills ● Networking within the COE ● More investment in the COE ● Networking among majors ● Community of hard-working, motivated students ● Scholarships ● Leadership ● Role Models
  16. 16. Benefits of the Program For the COE: ● Student representatives for events and recruitment ● Feedback from prospective students and parents on their experience visiting UT ● The more we know, the better we can sell UT Engineering ● Many ambassadors are very involved on campus, offering prospective students many unique views on the opportunities here ● Student representation for Development Programs ● Student Leadership
  17. 17. Future Needs ● Tour Link on Admissions Tour Page ● Parking for Visitors ● Golf Cart ○ Pick up people who get lost ○ Accomodate those with disabilities ○ Make rainy tours better ○ For use of department ● Technology for Demonstrations ● One, unified fact sheet for all departments