Creating wealth and happiness


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You will learn more about yourself and what you are truly capable of than you could have ever possibly imagined.

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Creating wealth and happiness

  1. 1. Creating Wealth and Happinessby Dave Rea | on December 23, 2012 • •Your Path To Wealth and Happiness Starts NowNow that you have made the decision to take control of your future, you will see howeasy it is to create the lifestyle of your choosing.You will learn more about yourself and what you are truly capable of than youcould have ever possibly imagined.1. You shall first take a simplified look at Quantum Physics, for knowing whatyou and the world are made of is the first key to knowing how to make ityour way.After this, you will never look at the world in the same way again. You shall have anamazing sense of involvement and power in the universe…2. Then the secrets of time shall be unveiled, beginning with the fact thattime does not exist.You shall learn how to use this illusion instead of being used by it. There is only Now…3. You now will learn how to create your universe out of the quantum fieldusing images of your mind. This is the first part of the creation lessons.4. You then learn how to create using your thoughts. You will learn the rightway to think, and what the mind is really for, and when to shut it down foryour own benefit…
  2. 2. 5. You will then look at the power of true goal setting in the thousands, in away you may never heard before, a most powerful way…6. Next will come the most powerful creation tool of all, your state of Being…7. The final creation tool, action, will then be uncovered in it’s true positionand purpose to you…8. You shall then learn the magical and vital ingredient of certainty, and learnhow to have it in plenty…9. Now, it will be time to look at the prime Law of the Universe and how touse it to have happiness and wealth in abundance. The is the law ofCause and Effect…10. While still in this law, we shall look at what conditions really are. This willshock you, make you laugh, empower you, and free you…11. While still on conditions, you shall see how you are and shall realize ever presentsuccess and never fail…12. Then, you shall look at a prime killer of wealth and happiness and how tototally avoid it…13. You will then move on to progressively larger things. You will start withyour self-chosen Purpose here on earth. Why did you come here? Youshall see…14. Then the gift of giving and the gifts it brings in return will be fully given to you…15. The power of gratitude Now shall be unveiled. This will prove to beextremely powerful for you…16. Finally, it will be time to look at Consciousness, what makes you Here,Now, awake…17. And then it shall get really interesting when you have a look at your Self,the First Cause of all that is in your world. Get familiar with your Self andyour world will change dramatically…18. After that, you shall see what is larger than the Self, that which you and allelse are part of. It is the One.Knowing how you relate to All That Is, The Source, then experiencing this, will put youin a position of immense joy and abundance…
  3. 3. 19. And on that note, you shall see how abundant you really are…20. From there, you shall look at your real nature and how to reclaim it. It isthe nature of pure joy…21. Then, coming around full circle, you shall see how to best handle papermoney, as you know it now, to increase wealth…The three step formula is right thinking, which creates right decisions, which create rightactions.Right thinking. It all starts with how we think.Self limiting beliefs will limit your belief for successHaving a big reason why is a must.Pick a personal target that motivates you and reflects your results.Focus on two $25 sales a day and in 90 days you will be making $30,000 month.What you focus on is where your energy is going to be focused.Be passionate and take massive action.Have a vision and work your tail off if you really want it.If you get an idea, act upon it immediately and go for it.This philosophy will change your business and life.Have a long term perspective.Your business will become how you treat it. Treat it like a million dollar business and itwill pay you like one.Don’t be afraid of failure. Embrace it.Most people’s biggest regret is being afraid of failure so they never try.You have to make the decision and know it’s okay to fail your way to success.Be teachable and willing to put your ego aside. Make it to every live event.Don’t compare yourself to the people who are already successful. Learn from them andlisten to what they tell you.
  4. 4. Successful people are constantly evolving and tweaking their business.Focus on things that matter, know your goals, and know your why.Make up your mind right now that you are going to be a home business entrepreneur.How you think about things is how you affect the things in your life.Positive thinking requires focused positive action. entry was posted in Empower Network, wealth and happinessTags: business entrepreneur, goal setting, Law of the Universe, million dollar business,Quantum Physics« Previous PostAbout The Author: Dave ReaAction taker and overall one of the most naive people youll ever meet. I believeeverything the first time around, not so much the second. I learn by moving forward andcorrecting my mistakes as I go. Very laid back and wont B.S. anyone as that is not a skillthat I possess and dont have time for it. Life is too short. Appreciate everyday and makeit count. Inspire and realize its not all about me.