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Bruce Fox, Inc. Product Applications

Examples of types of products Bruce Fox, Inc. can produce. (Commemorative & Event Gifts, Corporate & Lobby Art, Marketing & Promotional Products, Point of Purchase Displays, Mission Statement Displays, Identification and Signage, Honor Wall Installations, Product Replicas & Miniatures, and Recognition Awards & Trophies)

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Bruce Fox, Inc. Product Applications

  1. 1. These are products that are created to honor an event or important achievement, such as corporate anniversaries, brand & logo changes, mergers & acquisitions, product launches, units or dollars sold…virtually any benchmark organizational occasion or result. These often take the form of a “desk drop”, by which a large number of people receive a directly drop-shipped gift simultaneously. Packaging is typically a key element in amplifying the impact.
  2. 2. Tt Next time you visit a waiting room or office lobby, check out the art on the walls. Probably a mass-produced print in a non-descript frame. We can transcend the expected and provide corporate art that is properly themed, scaled, colored, and displayed because it is produced from original and collaborative concepts. We have competitively-priced, print-on-demand capabilities for unmatched flexibility.
  3. 3. tt tt As a testament to our quality, we are proud producers of the podium seal for the President. Our seals are dimensional, hand-painted, USA-made and molded in our high-performance urethane material for a lasting display. We have created patterns and molds for countless government, military and law enforcement agencies.
  4. 4. Typically large-scale recognition displays that are added to or modified over time as more people meet performance criteria. Our designs can include elaborate and cleverly flexible elements, and are engineered, constructed and installed to last.
  5. 5. t Our products can be used for signage and identification, rendering logos in a variety of materials. These can be simple, small-scale imprints, or they can be large, dimensional and elaborately-constructed installations.
  6. 6. t t Not an award or a gift, but instead a tangible item that accompanies and highlights a specific call to action. An interesting or symbolic promotional item doesn’t get discarded, providing marketers of all kinds an unmatched “stickiness” factor.
  7. 7. tt Bring your organization’s purpose to life in scale and dimensional quality, and deliver—like an advertiser—an impactful message with each audience impression. We can provide unmatched resources in creating a unique piece specific to any brand and any culture.
  8. 8. t Our renowned creativity and craftsmanship is a perfect fit for expressing consumer-facing messages in tangible form. Look & feel, scale, delivery, and durability are all part of how we can effectively deliver an impactful idea or message.
  9. 9. ttt All nouns—people, places and things—are suitable objects for creating replicas and miniatures. We can achieve a spot-on rendering of products, packages, founders, mascots, buildings, vehicles…the possibilities are endless.
  10. 10. For more than 75 years, our forté has been the design and production of symbolic awards presented to individuals in honor of specific performances and achievements. We understand the principals of human behavior as it pertains to recognition, and we bring that expertise to life with tangible and lasting products within a consultative and agency environment.
  11. 11. There are times when a display is simply an added feature for a structure or space. But there are also times when it is a purpose-designed and integral part of the environment. Bruce Fox is a design-and-build firm, so we can furnish unique solutions for an architectural aesthetic.