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Dave's Resume Current

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Dave's Resume Current

  1. 1. David Marvosh Primary Phone: (989) 793-1201 833 Malzahn Cell: (989) 992-0913 Saginaw, MI 48602 Currently Retired Morley Company Automotive Technical Consultant 3/11 – 8/14 Garber Certified Automotive Technician Nissan/Hyundai Saginaw, MI 7/05 – 3/10 Alma Products Maintenance Supervisor Alma, MI Responsible for all plant maintenance during second shift 4/03 – 6/05 operations. Duperon Corp. Manufacturing Manager Saginaw, MI Responsible for all phases on manufacturing in this small 5/00 – 9/02 start-up organization. Accomplishments included: Training employees in newly established purchasing and engineering departments, organization of the assembly facility, implementation of an inventory control system, establishment of manufacturing protocols and packaging/shipping procedures, and standardization of engineering drawings. Assisted in product design and development. Delphi Saginaw Contract Production Supervisor Steering Systems Responsible for floor supervision in manufacturing departments Saginaw, MI operating multi-station transfer machines and automatic screw 5/94 – 12/99 machines. Responsible for setup of gauge stations for initial QS900 Certification. Involved in employee training for QS9000 certification. Riverside Auto Owner/President Parts Responsible for all facets of operation of this auto parts small Saginaw, MI business. At its peak, the business employed seven and had 3/87 – 5/94 gross sales of $700K.While owning this business I was also involved in the trade association ( Automotive Recyclers of Michigan ) as a member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Hazardous Waste Committee, and a columnist for the newsletter. Customer Auto Manager – Licensed Repair Facility
  2. 2. Services Used my state mechanic certification to establish this business to Saginaw, MI provide all automotive repair services for Riverside Auto Parts per 3/87 – 5/94 State requirements. GMC Senior Project Engineer Buick Responsible for planning and managing design, development and Flint, MI production release of emission system controls for new engine 9/83 – 4/86 projects. GMC Project Engineer / Contact Engineer Buick Responsible for design, development and production release of Flint, MI improved engine emission control systems for current production 9/79 – 9/83 programs. Responsible for compilations of vehicle certification information and specifications for submission to the EPA. GMC Journeyman, Experimental Test Mechanic Buick As a skilled tradesman my main responsibilities included testing Flint, MI of various automotive components and systems under controlled 9/73 – 9/79 laboratory conditions. This position required familiarity and ability to use engine and chassis dynamometers, flow measurement equipment, vibration equipment, and other forms of measurement and instrumentation. This facility was heavily involved in vehicle engine and evaporative emission development and certification to EPA regulations. Education: B.S. Business Administration, Ferris State University Apprenticeship Curriculum, Experimental Test Mechanic, Mott Community College Certificates and Licenses: A.S.E. Master Mechanic with L1 designation State of Michigan Master Mechanic State of Michigan certified Automotive Technology Instructor Skills and Abilities: Can build or manage the building of anything. Familiar with most manufacturing processes and strengths and weaknesses of such. Comfortable with computer usage and familiar with Microsoft Office software. Honors and Activities: Coached little league baseball for eight years. Actively involved at Peace Lutheran Church. Enjoy hands on engineering, problem solving, construction, fabrication and repair. Do my own maintenance of home and vehicles. High performance engine
  3. 3. building. Ten years of N.H.R.A. Stock and Super Stock drag racing, held multiple national class records. References available upon request.


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