Employee Engagement3


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Employee Engagement3

  1. 1. Engaging Employees in the Workplace
  2. 2. Our Approach in the Workplace We help employers build cultures of charitable giving, community involvement, and commitment to health and wellness Striking a balance between corporate goals and employee interests
  3. 3. We deliver a diverse membership of respected health charities to the workplace -- giving donors the comfort and confidence to choose the charities most important to them What We Deliver...
  4. 4. Member Charities
  5. 5. Member Charities
  6. 6. Corporate Partners
  7. 7. • Health Matters at Work® a free program for your employees • Employee Volunteer opportunities at the local level • Expanded choices as part of workplace giving campaign What Community Health Charities can Provide to You
  8. 8. Includes the development of a mechanism to share the valued information and services of our member charities, as well as originally developed CHC content. Virtual Resources • Podcasts • Webinars • Healthy Communications Live services • Health fairs • Lunch and Learns/Speakers bureau • HM@W Website- www.healthmattersatwork.org Health Matters at Work® Provides Employees Access to Health Information
  9. 9. Topics:  Caregiving  Children’s Health Issues  Chronic Disease in the Workplace  Degenerative Diseases  Diabetes  Drug Addiction and Depression  Healthy Lifestyles  Men’s Health Issues Caregiving  Women’s Health Issues
  10. 10. Do Good Button  Widget can be placed on company’s web site/extranet  Widget is customized to compliment existing branding  Allows for the search and display of charities represented in the company’s giving campaign  Provides flexibility to spotlight certain charities or opportunities  Company RSS feed can be embedded into widget to communicate with employees  Hash tagging provides company a tool to use with charities to facilitate coordination of nationwide volunteer projects.  Provides tracking information on usage of widget
  11. 11. Do Good Button For Employees  Provided at no cost, courtesy of Community Health Charities  Simplifies searches for volunteer opportunities in your community by aggregating opportunities from America’s leading volunteer web sites  Share and gain support for your volunteer activities through your favorite social media networks  Connects you to volunteer opportunities with charities you want to support or learn more about in your workplace giving campaign  i-cal feature allows you to easily place and synchronize your volunteer activities across multiple calendars  Quickly see company sponsored volunteer activities at the top of the tool
  12. 12. Focused Partnerships
  13. 13.  We offer our corporate partners flexibility in choosing the programs that best fits their needs.  Our services are efficient, effective and give your employees the opportunity to support the health agencies that are important to them.  Working with our member charities, we can engage employees in health and wellness activities and facilitate their ability to give to their charity of choice, whether that is by volunteering their time or providing a financial gift.