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ANZ Supply Chain Insights


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New and emerging digital technologies are critical to the successful operation of the modern supply chain and logistics.

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ANZ Supply Chain Insights

  1. 1. New and emerging digital technologies are critical to the successful operation of the modern supply chain and logistics. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions
  2. 2. PwC's "Industry 4.0: Building the digital enterprise" report, states that 69 percent of Asia Pacific respondents are expected to reach advanced levels of digitisation by 2020. ndustry-40-ap.pdf Gravity Supply Chain Solutions
  3. 3. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions ANZ business-focused CIO’s are intensifying their efforts to strengthen digital leadership, organisation, and technology. Businesses are investing more in digital initiatives and fewer in core systems such as ERP, according to Gartner, Inc.'s CIO survey. Strengthen Digital Leadership, Organisation, And Technology
  4. 4. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Supply chains which use smart technologies enable high levels of efficiency through decision-making with certainty.
  5. 5. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions According to research performed by Gartner, Australia, and New Zealand (ANZ), businesses place a higher priority on customer focus and digitisation than their global peers. The gathering, analysis, and utilisation of data in smart ways are essential to those businesses that want to transform their supply chain operations. A Higher Priority On Customer Focus And digitisation
  6. 6. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Real time data allows businesses to use the prescriptive power of decision-making to anticipate changes in demand patterns, enabling the mitigation of risk and gaining the opportunity of competitive advantage. Prescriptive Power Of Decision-making
  7. 7. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Next-generation analytics tools Next-generation analytics tools simplify complex supply chains, identify pain points, and enable businesses to optimise processes.
  8. 8. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers supply chains with powerful, valuable business insights via data analysis. The IoT Alliance, Australia, says IoT technologies have the potential to expand the Australian economy by up to $120 billion by 2025, and that the IoT, also referred to as Industry 4.0, or the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution,' will bring much economic uplift for Australia. Read more: flipping-a-switch-the-new-wave-of-iot-has-ar rived#RaAab3VAmFQuOYc6.99 Prescriptive Power Of Decision-making
  9. 9. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions ANZ’s logistics industry needs to digitise all areas of the traditional supply chain to gain faster time to market, competitive advantage, and the generation of more data. Digitise All Areas
  10. 10. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions The paradigm shift to supply chain digitisation is well underway, and Australia’s companies need to embrace the new technologies afforded of them or risk becoming irrelevant. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions can help Australian companies digitise. Embrace The New Technologies
  11. 11. Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Gravity Supply Chain Solutions provides a supply chain digitisation platform that provides full end-to-end visibility and is proven to improve operational efficiency and revenue generation. About Gravity Supply Chain Solutions
  12. 12. Why Work With Us Why Work With Us ‣ Proven to increase operational efficiency ● One Gravity customer was able to capture 100 percent of ETA changes to inbound vessels, versus 43 percent using a previous system that relied heavily on manual updates. ● Another Gravity account reduced overall labor costs by six percent. ‣ Modular by design and configurable to your requirements ‣ Constantly improving our product roadmap based on market research and user feedback
  13. 13. To Learn More About Supply Chain Digitisation Please visit: