EngageMe Product Overview


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Product overview of EngageMe - EMTech\'s exciting new mobile engagement platform for brands and advertising agencies.

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EngageMe Product Overview

  1. 1. Captivate Your Customers
  2. 2. What is Engage.MeEngage.Me is our engagement media solution tailored forbrands and advertisers. It is powered by our proprietarytechnology that has been developed to empower global,real-time interactions through web and mobile. Brands andadvertisers can distribute meaningful and engagingexperiences to our vast network of users through thistechnology.What is engagement media?Engagement media is the evolution of interactive media –the next step forward from social media. It is global, real-time, two-way interactive communication betweenindividuals and brands that is facilitated through mobileand web, and that empowers engaging, social and“gamified” experiences. Slide | 2
  3. 3. Activate - Engage - RewardThrough utilizing three powerful steps: Activate, Engage andReward—user participation will thoroughly involve each areatailored to fit the unique task at hand.ActionableTasks and assignments that require customers to interact in moremeaningful ways.SocialUsers are rewarded for sharing in their experiences with their friendsboth online and offline.GlobalWe’ve curated a global user base accessible on-demand.Hyper-TargetedOur user base is organized into hyper-specific segments based onvarious profiles attributes.Contextually RelevantHave the control to ensure that your engagement campaign isrelevant in context with the content that is being created.Real-TimeInteractive communication in real-time means instant results forbrands, and instant gratification for customers. Slide | 3
  4. 4. ActivateEngage.Me incombination with ourStringFly mobile appgives you the powerto activate audiences,on-demand, from ourvast network ofmobile users. In addition,Engage.Me enablesyou to activate yourown existing userbase of customers,etc. to empower themto participate, reportand share. Slide | 4
  5. 5. Location Based Geo-ActivationEngage.Me provides the unique capability of Target Users Bygeo-activation. With this unique feature, any Gender Place of Residenceuser with an Engage.me app will automatically Age Interestsbe geo-activated if they were to enter a Education Affiliationsgeographic area with a task in progress, or aparticipating business in the area.• Users will receive notifications of tasks they can participate in based on their location• Location Geo-Activation can be set to On or Off.• Users who have the Geo-Activation setting turned On will automatically receive updates based on their real-time location.• Users who have the Geo-Activation setting turned Off can find tasks and promotions by opening the app and entering their zip code or location to search.
  6. 6. Auto-CallbackAfter uploading content, you receive an auto-generatedcall (anywhere from 3 - 20 seconds after upload).The auto-call asks for further information on thecontent to be recorded, allowing the user to record amessage. The message users here is completelycustomizable to fit client needs.Stringfly then captures the audio content - AND weconvert that audio file into text. Slide | 6
  7. 7. Sponsored TasksSponsored Tasks enable brands andbusiness to distribute engagingexperiences to consumers that drivesawareness and customer loyalty.Examples include:• Photo and video contests Upload a photo of your favorite Strivectin product and win• Surveys and sweepstakes Today only, Win a• Share with friends for rewards Free Gift Try our products near you and save Slide | 7
  8. 8. Sponsored TasksEngage.Me empowers crowd-sourcedintelligence and compliance on a hugescale at a fraction of the cost. Oursystem enables enterprises andorganizations to obtain real-timeinformation in areas such as: Complete tasks and win from Strivectin• Product placement• Employee compliance Today only, Win a Free Gift• Information validation Try our products near you and save• And much more! photograph the placement of Sprite product in your store and earn rewards Slide | 8
  9. 9. Sponsored TasksOnly through Engage.Me can citizensreport the news faster than thetraditional news media organizations.Our mobile app tools and functionalityenable real-time activation of reportersand aggregation of multimedia content: Breaking News Complete tasks and win from Strivectin• Photo and video of breaking news• Voice transcription of called-in report Today only, Win a Free Gift• Instant voice access to onsite users Try our products near you and save Slide | 9
  10. 10. Sponsored TasksEngage audiences with real-timesocial and multimediainteractions via their smartphones so they can experiencelive events like never before,whether or not they are actuallyattending the event in person: Cake is melting faces with• Photo and video streaming ‘Short Skirt Long Jacket• Real-time chat and social sharing• Exclusive event information and promotions Up to the second Watch Live Events chat and social with Augmented• Augmented reality experiences sharing Reality Real Time Video Streaming with Exclusive Event Information Slide | 10
  11. 11. RewardImmediate GratificationDont make them wait—communicate, interact andreward your customers instantaneously. Each rewardallotment will be unique to the type of task executed.• Reward points• Discounts• Coupons• Bonus rounds• Immediate prizes (not based on points)• User rank/title• Cash Payments Slide | 11
  12. 12. Unprecedented Consumer InsightAcquire unprecedented insight into the minds of your customerswith our engagement management system giving you access to allmedia uploads, demographic, analytics and more.Viral AwarenessOur engaging experiences are both social and “gamified,” and by nature, promote viralpropagation.Customer AcquisitionCustomer acquisition comes in numbers as a result of the vast reach of a viral engagementcampaign.Brand LoyaltyMeaningful, relevant and rewarding actionable experiences build participation that willnaturally result in increased loyalty to your brand.Increased Response RateEnjoy a largely increased response rate by engaging customers in a more meaningful waythrough experiences that are relevant to them on an individual level.Increased Customer RetentionBuild brand loyalty and increase customer retention through real-time communication andadaptation to your customers’ needs. Slide | 12
  13. 13. How It WorksDesign your campaign.Choose actionable tasks and depth of engagement. Brand Relevance  Demographic Relevance  Automatic Callback  Voice Recordings  Incentivized  Task Oriented  Public or Private  Slide | 13
  14. 14. How It WorksSelect desired demographic and launch.Target by region, gender, age, interests, user-level and more. Specify a timeperiod and launch. Location  Age  Gender  User Status  Slide | 14
  15. 15. How It Works: Mobile Application Workflow Meet the band at Tin Fish Bar v Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ultricies gravida lacinia. Mauris mi massa, sodales vitae v eleifend ut, porttitor sed quam. Ut eu quam interdum felis malesuada luctus quis quis urna. Nunc justo orci, vestibulum eu mattis at, molestie sed eratBranded Assignment Dispatched The Stringfly Mobile App Content Capture by Stringfly User Content Description and Upload Application Captures & Transmits Robust Metadata Call back Record & Transcribe Audio Content Package Received Slide | 15
  16. 16. How It Works Aggregate results. Call back Record & Watch the results aggregate in real-time. Transcribe Audio Interaction insights and user-generated content. Photos  Videos Poll Responses  Text Data  Time &Date  Voice  Location 
  17. 17. How It WorksDistribute rewards.Depending on the campaign design,rewards are distributed automaticallyby our system. Money  Points  Status  Gift Cards  Coupons Product Samples  … and More!  Slide | 17
  18. 18. Content Package: The Media Package Includes Still/Video GPS – Date/Time Weather Data Demo Data v v v v Phone Properties Text Desc. - Audio File - Transcription v v Slide | 18
  19. 19. How It Works: Additional Functionality & FeaturesAudioTagTMStringfly server(s) automatically calls back citizen reporter at time of upload andcaptures live audio account of eventAudioTagScriptionTMAudioTagTM automatically transcribed to text on NAVDEXTM server and keywordsearchableReporterConnectTMSeamlessly and instantaneously connects the organization with citizen reporter via VOIPand record the conversation as a live interview or for vetting of the contentTransINTTMInterview Transcript – ReporterConnectTM audio file transcribed to text, enabling content indexing & story research Slide | 19
  20. 20. Contact InfoVincent ButtaChief Executive OfficerVincent@engage.meSeth ElliottSVP & Chief Strategy OfficerSeth@engage.me Slide | 20