Geomatics News 3


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Third (of four) of the Geomatics Atlantic News for 2012. Part of

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Geomatics News 3

  1. 1. 25 Years Saint Mary’s University Halifax Geomatics Atlantic News Service Vol. 3 June 12-14, 2012 Where the news is. Where it happens.CONTENTS: The last few key things! WE HAVE SPEAKERS AND POSTERS DID WE MENTION?PARKING YOU WILL WANT TO SEE AND HEAR: We checked a few things, andFACTS AND FUN Let’s face it. You saw the program and here are some of the better realized the place to be was GA 2012. Is things to KNOW BEFORE youSOCIAL NETWORKING ON SITE Arrive! There are washroomsPROGRAM there a need to review everyone on site. Hey, some of us haveCAMPUS MAP speaking and talking? DO we have to been to places where wash- tell you how exciting it will be? Is it rooms were not in the same really critical to outline the benefits of building! I think next to parkingPARKING?? CAN I BRING MY VEHICLE? all of the events, social or otherwise? areas or? Yes, we said it again,Normally we would say “certainly!” This Well of course it is! There is no doubt parking is an issue so pleaseyear, to everyone’s surprise (including find a friend and share a ride that every year, Geomatics Atlantic or use the bus after all, wesome SMU staff helping us) the one attracts the best and brightest to speak can also be green at Geomaticslarge parking lot that would have been and present the latest developments in Atlantic. If you think about it,available is not. Construction has caused our field within the region. This year will some of the things to avoidus all an issue with cars – one we did be no different! We have attracted and check should be obviousnot expect or plan for!!. What we speakers from across the region and – no text, no talk and no phonesuggest is: (a) get to the campus early – during the sessions. However, beyond. The topics range from how the a few people will be texting asbefore 8 – and go to security in the World Bank operates and how can work they will be posting commentsbottom of the McNally building to buy a within the international financial From the event to blogs andparking pass; (b) park along the side systems, to how mobile applications twitter as a favor to the event.streets –not a good option at all were developed to recognize the 100th But those folks will be in backbecause the time limits are 1 to 2 hours anniversary of the Titanic. There will be and will be otherwise quiet.maximum; or (c ) car pool or bus. The Make certain you check out the talks on the use of LiDAR for coastal posters while you are in thelast option is probably the best for you. change from storms, policing and exhibit area, and talk to theThe bus routes 9 and 10 will take you to geomatics, and how the media and exhibitors about all your needs,Saint Mary’s. changes in the industry merge to ideas and thoughts about communicate the latest developments partnerships. Enjoy the drinks and snacks during the breaks,WWW.GEOMATICSATLANTIC.COM in the sector. We have posters covering and really kick back and have everything from education to some fun with the openingDon’t forget, if you have stories or maybe a governmental infrastructure efforts. We reception and the COGS 25picture from the last 25 years, for COGS and will hear from marine experts and those celebration. Cassie and Maggieeven for GA. Send them along or bring them with control over the most critical MacDonald are entertaining uswith you and we will let the world share the all on Wednesday evening. infrastructure from water, gas andfun! We promise to be tasteful too. How That will surely be a great timeabout we start the ball rolling? power. And that is only a taste of what to hear some traditional and is to come. AND WHAT ABOUT NET- not-so-traditional Celtic music. WORKING? As always, receptions, ice- And did we mention parking? For example: breakers and evenings on your own are Guess Who? DON’T GET LOST! See both critical and traditional. You can’t Or Where the campus map in this attend Geomatics Atlantic and not mix and When newsletter, and note in some fun and friendship. That would simply be “un-Atlantic Canadian” the time table of events! G A It’s less than a week away!! SEE YOU AT GA2012 IN HALIFAX JUNE 12-14 N S
  2. 2. 25 Years Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Geomatics Atlantic News Service Vol. 2 June 12-14, 2012 Where the news is. Where it happens. The AGM is Coming! TOP TEN REASONS TO BE AT GA: 25 years ago? Those were the days! The AGM IS Coming! (apologies to David Letterman) Meech Lake Accord signed Regan President, Brian Mulroney PM Yes, it’s that time of the year. 10: It is the best in the region; after 25 (remember? when Irish eyes are years, it is THE event! smiling?) Wall Street crash of 22%. The Annual General Meeting for the Geomatics Association 9: Everyone you know will be there. Gary Hart exists US Presidential of Nova Scotia is upon us. Those you don’t know, you will want to. Campaign due to infidelity charges Wednesday at Lunch! while Jim Bakker resigns from his TV McNally Theatre… 8: Saint Mary’s is a great venue, and to enjoy the “social life” of residence. church for the same reasons Be involved Be Heard Be there (Let’s not define “social”) Prozac hits the market. Top MusicDO YOU LIKE YOUR SMART PHONE? 7: the mix and mingle events are Artists U2, Madonna and MichaelThen keep track of everything happening fantastic; with COGS 25th! Jackson – no connection to Prozacon site during the event (and updates stocks increasing.before too!). Link to our channels on 6: Halifax is a great city (ok, we can’tTwitter and Lanyrd, also via our Linkedin say it is the best in the region because “Three men and a baby” is theor GANS home page. that would be rude, even if it is true, but we didn’t say that). number one movie. @GeoAtlantic 5: We are pretty sure that Mr. Harper Edmonton Oilers win the Cup. isn’t coming (we asked, but he couldn’t Toronto didn’t (again, and again, and) find us on a map).And with Tweets and Lanyrds, Halifax’s own Ellen Page was born.use the #geoAtlantic. 4: It’s the 25th anniversary Maria Von Trapp, Lorne Green, 3: the weather will be great! Really. Rudolf Hess, Dean Martin, Jackie honest ! (ok, you all know Atlantic Canada, but we will try) Gleeson, and Fred Astaire die.Post a note, ask a question, upload aphoto, make a comment, follow your 2: the speakers and posters and work- Average home listing in Halifaxfriends! If it is worth telling, then log on. shops are top notch! $90,000 (According to MLS)But….save it until after the speaker hasspoken. Smartphones are smart enough 1. Did we mention it is the 25th Prime Rate 9.25% - 9.5%to know how to be polite. Anniversary? CDN dollar is 75cents to USDDID WE MISS ANYONE? We know so. Canada population: 25 millionNew members, 1st time attendees, and (now 10 million more)students! If you see these people, orthere is someone who looks like they AND LASTLY!!could use a little help, then step up and We won’t forget you, so stay tuned tointroduce yourself. You never know, you email, twitter, lanyrd, web sites,may be meeting the next CEO of a etc….updates will be sent and we willgeomatics firm! be on site to help in any way. QUESTIONS? Send us a note any time!