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First (of four) of the Geomatics Atlantic News for 2012. Part of

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Geomatics News 1

  1. 1. 25 Years Saint Mary’s University , Halifax Geomatics Atlantic News Service Vol. 1 June 12-14, 2012 Where the news is. Where it happens.CONTENTS: GANS ONCE AGAIN PLAYS HOSTGANS PLAYS HOST TO GA 2012 Bill Jones, President of the GeomaticsFOURNIER TO KEYNOTE FOR 25TH Assoc. of NS is excited that GANS was once again hosting Geomatics AtlanticMEDIA SPONSOR AGREEMENT In an exclusive interview Jones saidTECTERRA SUPPORT FOR SMEs “we always look forward to the year GASMU PLAYS HOST TO GEOMATICS comes here – we include it in ourHAVE A STORY TO SHARE business plan for members and for hosting other groups from around theBREAKING NEWS: region.” What of 25 years of GA? “I amFOURNIER TO GIVE not sure if it was luck or design” saidKEYNOTE FOR 25th President Jones. “Either way, we areANNIVERSARY - humbled to be hosting this historicGA News has learned event for our industry in AtlanticDr. Robert Fournier is Canada.” What of the plans for thisto headline the 25th Anniversary anniversary? Jones pointed to theGeomatics Atlantic Conference in program for the event. “Besides theHalifax this June. “Bob” is Emeritus amazing speakers and workshops, weProfessor at the Dalhousie University haven’t hidden surprises, we haven’tOceanography Department. His career gone overboard.” He pointed out that,and contributions in ocean science are “we are from this region, all of us, andinternationally recognized for the we know a party can be friends gettingsignificance of their impact. Fournier is together and laughing and talkingwell known in Nova Scotia as weekly about the great times, and catching upscience contributor for CBC Radio’s on all the news.” He also said, “it willInformation Morning. For almost the be a celebration. We didn’t have tosame time as Geomatics Atlantic has break much of a sweat coming up withexisted, Bob has provided, insight, this years motto of looking back andhumour and brain twisting questions moving forward. It made sense. It wasfor early morning listeners of the most a natural. And that is what attendeespopular morning radio show in the will experience this year. In fact, itprovince. This talk is not to be missed. would be fun if people could talk to each other about where they were 25POSTER CALL EXTENDED GA2012 years ago.” With a wry smile on hisUpdate: Call for Posters Extended to May face, Jones concluded, “some of us11. Send abstracts to were not here 25 years ago, and of us may wish to turn back the clockTop Ten Reasons to Come to GA2012: #10 and get rid of some grey hairs andHalifax is awesome in June, and any day of the wrinkles. I don’t think we can do that inweek that ends with a “y” the conference program”. @GeoAtlantic Geomatics Atlantic 2012 G A N S
  2. 2. 25 Years Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Geomatics Atlantic News Service Vol. 1 June 12-14, 2012 Where the news is. Where it happens. www.geomaticsatlantic.comTECTERRA PROVIDES GA 2012 CONFERENCE SIGNS ELAINE MACEACHERN TO ADDRESSSUPPORT In an exciting turn of MEDIA DEAL WITH LEADING GA 2012 FROM ASIA:events, the GA 2012 Committee PUBLISHERS: In what can only Elaine MacEachern is currently thefound out that Tecterra was be described as exceptionally Asia Pacific Regional Manager forable to provide funding to positive piece of news, GA2012 IFC’s financial infrastructure secured organization has secured lending product and is based insupport SMEs in the geomatics Directions Magazine (DM) as the Jakarta, Indonesia. In a uniquesector with help to attend trade OFFICIAL MEDIA SPONSORS for move, GA 2012 will hear from hershows like GA 2012.This paper the 2012 event. Committee live from her base in Jakarta. Heralso learned, the agency is also experience spans areas in both theable to provide ongoing support representatives explained how public and private sectors withinfor companies to reach out to this happened. “We reached governments, consultancies,other markets through trade out to them and we both saw development agencies, andshows and trade missions. This the benefits of talking to each international funding institutionsnews came just in time as of our respective audiences including the World Bank Group,sponsors and exhibitors were about who we are and the Asian Development Bank, Inter-planning to attend and support support we provide to the American Development Bank andthe GA 2012 event. Readers are geomatics communities. DM has the Caribbean Development Bank.encouraged to visit the GA 2012 a very large readership who This is sure to be a presentationweb site or Tecterra for details : trust and rely upon their work with depth and well grounded and information sources. We experience to share. Elaine was a admire their work too and we former Registrar of both Land Titles SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY are looking forward to working (immoveable) and PersonalHOSTS GA FOR FIRST TIME: The with DM now and in the future. Property (moveable) for the25th Anniversary Geomatics As part of the GA partnership , Province of Nova Scotia, so herAtlantic Conference sees the information from the event will return (even via Skype) is still a be transmitted live to followers rerun home of sorts.. Of interest toNova Scotia section move the of DM through such media-rich many us, lovers of travel, is herevent to Halifax and the Saint platforms as Twitter and blogs. experience in countries such asMary’s campus. This was done Bhutan, Barbados, Canada, China,as a means to recognize the Ghana, India, Lao, Kenya, Mongolia,contributions of Saint Mary’s to Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Southgeomatics through the only Sudan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad Tobago,geography degree program in Uganda, and Vietnam.Nova Scotia. The campus as awhole has been supportive and STORIES TO SHARE REQUESTED: The 25th Anniversary Geomatics Atlanticwelcoming with GA 2012, and Conference is looking for a few goodworking with their conference stories about the last 25 years. All youservices has helped make the have to do is send your ideas to GAnewsplanning of the event a pleasure. via and we will beVisit our GA site for more info. sure to place them in the newsletters. COME JOIN US AS: WWW.GEOMATICSATLANTIC.COM WE’LL SEE YOU AT GA2012 IN HALIFAX JUNE 12-14