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COGS Turned 25!


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Recollections by grads, staff & faculty. Presented at COGS Turned 25! event during Geomatics Atlantic 2012 ( in Halifax, June 2012. More session details at

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COGS Turned 25!

  1. COGS Turned 25 Celebration at Geomatics Atlantic 2012Notes and pictures provided by grads; want to contribute? Send note/picture(s) to
  2. Which logo did you use?
  3. Eric Wilson - 1994 S. Tech& 2011 Marine GeomaticsCOGS Friends:I attended COGS twice...once in 1992-4 in the S.Tech 2 and then in 2010-11 for Marine Geomatics. The "college" is, was and always will be a great place to grow and learn.- Eric Wilson
  4. Phil Milo:
  5. Eric Wilson - 1994 S. Tech& 2011 Marine GeomaticsWAY TO GO, COGS!PS: Im hoping my children may take an interest in Geomatics and be second generation COGers!On behalf of my classes (94 and 11) and all the friends I made in Lawrencetown:
  6. Jess Lanteigne - 2008Cartography"I am so sad to miss the 25th birthday celebration ...Say Hi! to everyone!"
  7. Hockey Team 1964:
  8. Dawn Allen - 1994Advanced GISMy was H-E-double hockey sticks at the time, but I have such fond memories now. (Maybe like having a baby - it hurt at the time, but you forget.)
  9. Dawn Allen 94 Advanced GIS
  10. Landsat 5 and the Bands
  11. Bernie Connors - 1986Land SurveyingSams Garage on Hollis Street in Halifax, after Phil Milo took Astronomy class to Dalhousie University to see their tiny planetarium. Students & home towns (l to r) are:Mark Whynot, Milton, NSWayne Waldron, Bridgewater, NSBernie Connors, Cole Harbour, NSBob ??, Bear River, NSRene Boudreau, Petit de Grat, NS
  12. Bob MaherI hope you have a good evening. I remember lots of good times!
  13. Where Are The Grads?
  14. Deb & Chris Innis - 94/95GIS & Remote Sensingwe met at cogs and we are still happily married, with two kids and two GIS jobs too!
  15. Hockey Team 1965:
  16. Jack Dangermond,Honourary Diploma 2005
  17. Steve Schaller - 1995Integrated Studies: RS/GISbest of luck at Geomatics Atlantic 2012
  18. Annual Beach Party -Year?
  19. Annual Beach Party - 2011
  20. Eric Melanson - 1984 SCP
  21. Eric & Melinda: 1984
  22. SCP: Class of 1984
  23. Roger Tomlinson VisitMay 2008
  24. Familiar package to "map"students drive home to ON
  25. Walter K. MorrisonSpecial Collection
  26. Walter K. MorrisonSpecial Collection
  27. Anna River Flood, 2008Photo: Leslie & Katy (RS)
  28. Present Faculty ...Current: MacLean, DaveCheung, Ada Milne, TrevorChurchill, Piers Norton, JimColville, Dave Ormerod, NeilDobbin, Jim Phelan, RichardDramowicz, Ela Pyke, BrianDramowicz, Konrad Raymond, DaveGreene, Troy Symons, EdHebert, Mark Verran, JimHicks, Bruce Wedlock, Dave
  29. Past Faculty (page 1 of ?)Past: Gold, ChrisAkhavi, Manou Gould, MarlinBeaton, Monica Healy, MariaBelbin, John Hore, Phil Illsley, PaulBrown, Kevin Jones, BillCastel, Pat Kaulback, JackChambers, Bill Kearns, TimDodd, Dave Kingston, DennisDonnelly, Mike Lloyd, MonicaDykstra, Jeff Maher, Bob
  30. Gary & Paul:
  31. Past Faculty (page 2 of ?)McBurney, Grant Robicheau, RonMilo, Phil Scallion-Pond, PaulaMooney, Barry Stewart, KathleenMorrison, Walter Telfer, LenMunro, Krista Trépanier, LynnePaton, Andrew Webster, TimPower, Bill Wedler, EdwardProszynski, Piotr Whitehead, KenQuinn, Paul Wightman, JohnRoberts, Simeon Woolnough, Dave
  32. SCP: Class/Faculty of 1986
  33. Technical Assistants Past T’s:Current TAs: Abbott, ArthurDickie, Peter Chambers, PearlIllsley, Paul King, FrankMacKinnon, Darren Raymond, Annie Wightman, Carrie
  34. Pauls UAV ...
  35. Pauls Sounder Project:
  36. Snow on Anna River- Paul Illsley, 5 March 2011
  37. Some Awards in 2007
  38. RS-GIS-Business: 2009
  39. Career Fair 2008
  40. Graduation 2005
  41. "In case of error ..."
  42. COGS From Paul’s UAV:Notes and pictures provided by grads; want to contribute? Send note/picture(s)