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NCET Tech Wed | Juan Lopez, Webinars for Business Growth | July 2016


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Juan V López, an entrepreneur digital marketer, motivational speaker, MBA student at the University of Nevada and abundance ambassador, explores how webinars can produce new clients, new business and new awareness. Juan shares how to qualify prospects through webinars, use webinars to build a list, profit directly from webinars, and more!

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NCET Tech Wed | Juan Lopez, Webinars for Business Growth | July 2016

  2. 2. @JuanVLopez What’s A Webinar?
  3. 3. @JuanVLopez Quick Poll: Have You Used Them? Why or Why Not?
  4. 4. @JuanVLopez Why They’re (So) Great
  5. 5. @JuanVLopez CHEAP Most softwares cost $25-$250/month
  6. 6. @JuanVLopez MULTI-USE Unlimited applications
  7. 7. @JuanVLopez EASY For you AND your clients/prospects
  8. 8. @JuanVLopez DATA ANALYSIS Gather custom data from your registrants
  9. 9. @JuanVLopez By The Numbers… • More than 60% of marketers use webinars • Average attendance rate is 30% to 40% • Tuesday & Wednesday are best days to host • 30 to 45min+ webinars are preferred • 100% of attendees who stay all the way til the end are qualified leads – ME Source: Content Marketing Institute
  10. 10. @JuanVLopez How To Use Them In YOUR Business
  11. 11. @JuanVLopez Lead Generation • Webinars are popular lead magnet • Build your email list • Indoctrinate a cold audience • Give great content to online crowd
  12. 12. @JuanVLopez Qualifying Prospects • Mistake: Believing the only way to qualify a prospect is through money • Someone giving you their TIME is almost better • People who are already on your list but haven’t moved to action
  13. 13. @JuanVLopez Indoctrinate Buyers • Post-sale educational tool • Teach people more about what they purchased • Increases client satisfaction, reduces refunds, engages buyers, builds fans
  14. 14. @JuanVLopez Educate Internal Staff • Can’t get everyone together for meeting? Host a webinar! • Easily track attendance and engagement
  15. 15. @JuanVLopez Deliverable Program • Many programs are delivered in webinar-style • Instead of fulfilling your offer yourself, pre-record it and fulfill it as a webinar • Gives attendees change to digest on demand
  16. 16. @JuanVLopez Sales! • Most popular (over)use for webinar these days are to make sales • Free registration -> Automated reminders -> Good content -> Sales pitch • Successful? Yes. Overdone. YES. • Key? Shine through with great content
  17. 17. @JuanVLopez Sales! Case Study • Worked with client to host 5-day online event delivered through webinar • Hosted 12 events in 15 months • Brought in more than 800 paid registrants ($97) • Total revenue of more than $1.5 million • Expenses: Webinar software, employee time
  18. 18. @JuanVLopez Sales! Case Study
  19. 19. @JuanVLopez Bonus: Automated Webinars • Webinar funnels very popular • Automated to re-run based on your registration time • Follow-up email campaigns are automated based on your attendance • Take long time to build out & optimize, but valuable
  20. 20. @JuanVLopez Automated Webinars – Case Study • Funnel structure: Quiz -> Webinar reg -> Upsell to small offer -> Sale on webinar • Paid $100,000 per month in Facebook ads • ROI was more than 300% for 12 months • Total revenue of more than $2.5 million • Expenses: Webinar software, employee time
  21. 21. @JuanVLopez Automated Webinars – Case Study Basic Funnel Sequence Case Study Sequence Lead Magnet Tripwire Profit Maximizer/ Upsell Core Offer Quiz Automated Webinar Membership Program CD Set Upsell Traffic: Affiliates or Ads
  22. 22. @JuanVLopez How To Market Them – Better
  23. 23. @JuanVLopez Better Marketing • Seminar, NO. Training, Program, Virtual Event YES • Get a refundable deposit – higher attendance • Pre-event homework – commitment • Auto add to registrants’ calendars • Post-webinar segmented follow up
  24. 24. @JuanVLopez Takeaways: • They’re sooooooo cheap and easy…you can’t afford NOT to use webinars in your business. • Identify: How can I use webinars in my business What makes sense for me & my clients? • Establish a game plan -> Buy a webinar software - > Integrate it into your marketing -> GO!
  25. 25. @JuanVLopez Want Extra Help? Need digital marketing expertise? Help with webinars, funnels, email marketing, landing pages, Facebook advertising, copywriting, sales page creation, lead generation, etc? $7 To = 30-Min Chat!