Full TimeResidential Luxury
LANDMARK, not just a name:    Eight years ago Heartland, a small start-up company atthe time, set out to develop the best ...
Full TimeResidential Luxury   Key Largo
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Key LargoSan Antonio                      RY / 110V                    TE                T                                ...
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Every LANDMARK bedroom is a full-timers luxury retreat.Our custom pillow top mattress allows for long restfulevenings whil...
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Full TimeResidential Luxury
Choose the              optional              4-door              refrigerator              offering 12              cu.ft...
Reasons To Buy...          For a complete tour of features, benefits          and reasons to buy a Landmark               ...
YOUR LAMINATED WORLD...Strength,                           LAM                                       INATED               ...
INTERIOR                                                             HEATING                                              ...
Vinyl Graphics              Partial Body Paint                                     Tan Full Body                 Chocolate...
www.HEARTLANDRVS.com                 Heartland Recreational Vehicles    1001 All-Pro Drive • Elkhart, IN 46514 • 574-262-5...
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2012 Heartland Landmark Fifth Wheel


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2012 Heartland Landmark Fifth Wheel

  1. 1. Full TimeResidential Luxury
  2. 2. LANDMARK, not just a name: Eight years ago Heartland, a small start-up company atthe time, set out to develop the best luxury fifth wheel withthe best features at the best price. Today LANDMARK isHeartlands flagship fifth wheel and the full-timers choice forresidential luxury and value. LANDMARK has a reputationof designs that inspire, construction that endures and the bestvalue for full time RVing. Thats why our customers have madeHeartland the third largest retailing fifth wheel manufacturein the world in less then eight years. Heartland really listens to the needs of full timers likeyourself leading to our introduction of the Yeti ExtremeWeather package and the Full-Timer package. Innovationslike these are why Landmark has been featured in so manymajor RV magazines over the years like Trailer Life or RVLifestyles to name a couple and how Heartland protects yourinvestment with one of the highest resell values in its class. Hundreds of Landmark owners travel the nation yearround with the Heartland Owners club and the word aroundthe campfire is very convincing that LANDMARK is theultimate value in Full Time Residential Luxury. The next time you hear the name LANDMARK you willknow they are referring to the ultimate value in Full TimeResidential Luxury. Sincerely The Landmark Team...
  3. 3. Full TimeResidential Luxury Key Largo
  4. 4. K LIN TECH SS N LE OL WIRE 6:08 PM OGY •H • A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N Entertain family and friends in full surround sound, with our AM/FM CD/DVD MP3player featuring wireless link technology allowingcontrol from your Bluetooth enabled smart phone,the ability to stream music from your smart phoneand even place or receive calls through the system. Each luxury LANDMARK features Amish- crafted hardwood glazed pecan interiors including custom molding and real wood window trim. You’ll appreciate LANDMARK’s attention to detail, from upgraded furniture and decorative glass to pendant light fixtures and solid surface countertops. Storage abounds, from the residential style pantry and oversized pot and pan drawers to hidden storage drawers in the steps and enormous basement compartments. Rushmore
  5. 5. Key LargoSan Antonio RY / 110V TE T O BA LT •H • A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N
  6. 6. C K-IN LOS AL ETW•H • A E E RT G TA LA N D A DVA N Exclusively Engineered & Built for HEARTLAND • 3½" Memory foam Pillow top construction • 5 Year Warranty • 12” tall mattress profile • Fits standard sheet sets • No Flip Design TOP MAT W TR O PILL ESS Massive, 18 Cubic Foot, finished Under Bed Storage with gas •H • strut lifters for easy access. A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N KING BED
  7. 7. Every LANDMARK bedroom is a full-timers luxury retreat.Our custom pillow top mattress allows for long restfulevenings while enjoying your favorite programs on your 32"bedroom HD LCD TV. LANDMARKS 32" deep bedroomslides accommodate King beds and provide the most walkaround room in its class. Storage possibilities abound inLANDMARKS bedroom suites including a stackable washer/dryer closet, walk in closet, tall dresser with deep drawers andcolossal under-bed storage to hold everything a full-timer needsfor that extended vacation.Like having your own personal spa with an integrated seat,grab handle and flexible Oxygenics shower head. Our new onepiece fiberglass mini-meg shower (50% larger than the industrystandard neo-angle shower) focuses on comfort and safety. EG B I-M A N TH TH MI
  8. 8. ROUS SUR PO FA N- CERTIFIEDNO CE For FOOD Preparation C ACE OUN RF T SU •H • ER A E E RT G TA SOLID LA TOPS N D A DVA N HEN HARM •H • A E E RT G TA C O LA N D A DVA N KIT NY •H • ELANDMARK kitchens are designed with you in mind. A harmonious balance of A E RT G LA TAfood and equipment storage, preparation area equipped with name brand appliances N D A DVA Nintegrated with large solid surface countertops, deep residential stainless steel sink withflexible sprayer faucet and large usable clean-up area. This combination offers the most BALL BE ON AR SIsensible, residential kitchens available in a luxury fifth wheel. N I E N XT G SLI FULL E DES •H • A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N
  9. 9. AFTSM CR D ANSKILLE SHIP •H • A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N Exquisite interiors are the hallmark of the LANDMARK the coach’s true residential look and feel. series of flagship, luxury fifth wheels by Heartland RV, Whether you’re preparing meals or hosting guests, this and this San Antonio design is one of the best ever. You’ll LANDMARK is sure to impress with its stunning looks and love LANDMARK kitchens extraordinary storage and spacious design. The layout of this model allows for a full countertop space – featuring all hardwood cabinetry with wall pantry next to the optional 4-door refrigerator, 82 inch detailed raised panels and pencil edge solid-surface counter sofa and theater seating opposite the entertainment center tops. The appliances feature matching hardwood fronts, featuring a 42" HD LCD TV, custom built-in fireplace and while the custom hanging pendant fixtures overhead lend to home office work station in the rear living area.
  10. 10. Full TimeResidential Luxury
  11. 11. Choose the optional 4-door refrigerator offering 12 cu.ft. of food storage space.San Antonio
  12. 12. Reasons To Buy... For a complete tour of features, benefits and reasons to buy a Landmark ASONS fifth wheel ask your dealer about the SE R R VI Reasons to buy book or view it online at FOU NG www.heartlandrvs.com. •H • A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N One Touch Four Point Hydraulic Auto C ATI LEVE  Laminated Floor R-32 M TO  Heated, Enclosed & Insulated Underbelly LI Leveling System option. Spend more NG AU time relaxing and less time leveling your  Laminated SideWalls R-9 coach. The Auto Level function will level  Laminated Roof R-23 •H • A E E RT G TA your coach in less than 30 seconds! LA N D A DVA N  Radiant Technology Insulated Caps R-38  Insulated Slide Room Floor R-38  Laminated, Insulated Bath & Bedroom Deck  Pex Plumbing - Tested to -40°C / °F  Dual Pane Window Option Rear Electric Stabilizers make six TI PACK points of contact with the ground YE adding to the overall stability. •H • A E E RT G LA TA N D A DVA N R38 Radient Technology Insulation 110 Volt holding tank heating pads Insulated Main water line and Rear jacks are located directly Heavy duty Aluminum, 12V auto sensing heater line behind the axles to support the Hydraulic Jacks dont load where the load should be. rust and extend quickly 88˚ Perfect for Short-Bed, TU RNS LIKE TH EO R Extended-Cab Trucks G IN IG TH IN NO AL FRONT CAP DESIGN ACHIEVE 88˚ TURNING! The fiberglass front cap for the IN A SHORT-BED, EXTENDED CAB TRUCK CORNERING IN-TOWN or BACKING INTO CAMPSITES LANDMARK is all new with ON GOO LS DY sleek radiuses and design lines OL R EA flowing through it. The Patented 88ºLAN ARK 88º RR ADIALS DM turning radius design is perfect for BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! s T. rd .O. da S D PATENT PENDING! tan s U y S eed short-bed, extended-cab trucks! fet xc Sa or E •H • ets A E E RT G A Me LA N D A DVA NT
  13. 13. YOUR LAMINATED WORLD...Strength, LAM INATED WDurability R OR YOU LD& ComfortBEYOND •H • A ECOMPARE! E RT G LA TA N D A DVA NThe combination of these three systems bring youthe Strongest and Lightest construction availablewhile also providing unparalleled noise reduction,thermal insulation and durability. Protecting yourinvestment is important to HEARTLAND. Laminatedconstruction provides that protection in additionto offering peace of mind that you will be spendingmore time enjoying your family and travels thanworrying about repairing your RV.LAMINATED ROOF SYSTEMLAMINATED WALL SYSTEM LAMINATED FLOOR Lightweight HEARTLAND’s LAMINATED Floor System is one ALUMINUM of the STRONGEST FLOORS in the industry! Featuring sturdy 2.5” Aluminum Framing, thick Block Foam Insulation, One-Piece Seamless Decking and a Thermo-Board Luan. All Laminated for Maximum Strength and R Value - virtually Just an 1/8” thick foam eliminating floor flex! cup protects your OUR LAMINATED hand from scalding Floor Construction hot coffee... easily supported imagine what nearly over 1,800 lbs. 2” of block foam does for your Laminated of Water Jugs Double Welded, Fully Laminated in one spot - Heartland Sidewall! Sidewall Construction resulting in less than ¼” of flex!!
  14. 14. INTERIOR HEATING • Deep Double Bowl Residential Stainless Steel Sink • Pull Out Storage Drawer in Steps • Seamless One Piece In-Floor Heat Duct • Boutique Pull Out Sprayer Faucet • Three Decors to Choose From • 40,000 BTU Furnace • Solid-Surface Sink Covers • Amish-Crafted Natural All-Hardwood Cabinet Stiles, Doors and • Heated Stool Room (Most Models) • Deep Residential Size Drawers Drawers with Antique Hand Rubbed Glazed Pecan • Deluxe Ball-Bearing, Full Extension Drawer Guides • Hardwood Window Surrounds COOLING • Pots/Pans Storage Cabinet • Hidden Cabinet Hinges • Insulated In-Roof Air Conditioning System for Maximum Efficiency • Custom Crafted Dinette Table, 2 Stationary & 2 Foldable Chairs with • All Cabinet Frames are Pre-Drilled, • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner Storage in both the Table and Chairs and Screwed Together - not stapled • Pre-Wired and Framed for Second A/C in Bedroom • Large, Deep Pantry (N/A with 4 Door Refer) • Baltic Birch Drawer Construction (Real Wood) • Rain Sensor Fantastic™ Fan Thermostat in Kitchen • Fantastic Fan with Rain Sensor • Deluxe Ball-Bearing, Full Extension Drawer Guides (Moves 1,000 cu. ft. of air per minute) with Drawer Catches • Air Conditioned Stool Room (most models) BATH AREA • Custom Crafted Wardrobe- French Style Mirrored Doors • One Level Floor for the Entire Suite with Cedar Lined Built-In Storage Rack TOTAL INSULATION VALUES • 6’-4” Bath/Bed Ceiling Height • 32” Deep Bedroom Slide Rooms featuring one of the largest • Walls - R9 Insulation • BeauFlor Flooring bedrooms available (N/A on Grand Canyon) • Roof – R23 Insulation • 110V Outlets Conveniently Located • Custom Crafted Dresser with Overhead Cabinets • Floor System - R38 Insulation • Linen Cabinet Storage and Solid Surface Counter • Slide Room Floors - Radiant Technology R38 equivalent • True Solid-Surface Countertop with Pencil Edge • Washer/Dryer Prep – with Closet for a Stackable Washer/Dryer • Large Mirrored Medicine Cabinet • Numerous Hardwood Drawers and Doors SLIDE ROOM • Under mount Sink with solid surface Sink Cover provide Unmatched Storage • 6’-5” Ceiling Height in Main Slide • 6’-4” Bedroom Ceiling Height Throughout • Decorative Slide-Out Fascias COMMODE ROOM • Colossal 18 Cubic Foot Under-Bed Storage • Hydraulic Operating System w/Independent Switches • Power Roof Ventilation • Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Top King Size Bed with Pillow Package • Double Bulb/Double Squeegee Seals • Dual 12V Lights with Soft Lighting Lenses • Two Windows in Bedroom for Cross Breeze with One-Piece Weather-proof Floor Pan • Real China Commode with Foot Flush • 2 Stereo Speakers in Bedroom • Cabinets Above Sofa • Extra Wide Recessed Storage Cabinet with Door • Deluxe Headboard Design • Hydraulic Manual Override System • 110V Outlet for Bathroom Night Light • Welcome Back Light • Heat Duct and Air Conditioning Duct INTERIOR STANDARDS in the Commode Room (Most Models)EXTERIOR • Deluxe Upholstery Fabrics • High Gloss Laminated Fiberglass Sidewalls • Air Mattress Hide-a-Bed Sofa SHOWER • Double-Welded Aircraft Quality Aluminum SUPERSTRUCTURE • Deluxe Pillow & Bedspread Package • Residential One-Piece Radius Fiberglass Shower with Decorative Cage Construction Both 1.5” and 3” Tubular Design • Deluxe Decorative Border on Walls Glass Door (Floor plan Specific) • Deluxe Electric Awning • Support Struts on Overheads • Mini-Meg Shower with Residential Style Shower Door (Floor Plan • Drip Rail with Down Spouts • 4” Recessed Halogen Lighting Package specific) • Frameless, Tinted Safety Glass Windows with UV Inhibitor • Oxygenics Shower Head • Ventilation Slider Side Windows ENTERTAINMENT & CONNECTIONS • Radius Domed Skylight • Properly Placed Torque Louvered Windows. • 42” LCD TV • 12V Water Proof Shower Light • Running Lights & Exterior Lights • Home Theater Surround Sound System (2 Speakers in Bedroom) • Entrance Step Light - Under Steps • Cable/Satellite TV Hookups in Bedroom • Amber Porch Light Above Entrance Door and Exterior Storage Compartment OPTIONS • Automotive/Aerodynamic Styled Rear Cap • Pre-wired for Winegard Travler Satellite System EXTERIOR • Recessed Tail Lights • Large Computer Desk/Work Station (most models) • Moryde™ Pin Box • Engineered Molded Wind Deflection Fins • Decorative Glass Door Inserts • Generator Prep • Dent-Resistant Material • 5.5KW Onan LP Generator • Rear Ladder for Easy Roof Access LIVING ROOM • Slide Awnings • Exterior Entertainment Center Prep • Decorative Glass Inserts in Select Overhead Cabinet Doors • ABS Hitch Cover • One-Piece Seamless EPDM Rubber Roof • Upgraded Ultra Leather Recliners (2) • ½ Body Paint with Fade-Resistant UV Protected Vinyl Graphics • 12” I-Beam Frame with Rust Prohibitive Coating • Ultra Leather Hide-a-Bed Sofa with Air Mattress • Two Full Body Paint Custom Painted Exterior Graphic Options • Hydraulic Landing Gear (30X Faster than Electric) • Wrought Iron Sofa Table • 1 Touch, 4 Point Hydraulic Auto Leveling System • Out Board Landing Legs Placement • 110V Ceiling Fan with 2 Point Rear Electric Stabilizer Jacks • Spring Loaded Snap Pins • Outdoor Entertainment Center w/ 32" TV, Stereo/DVD and Speakers • Heavy Duty Electric Rear Stabilizer Jacks APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING • Heavy-Duty Load Range G 16” Goodyear Tires • 9 Cu.Ft Refrigerator with Raised Wood Fronts INTERIOR • Deluxe 16” Aluminum Rims • 3-Burner Cook Top with Under Storage Cabinet • 32” LCD Flat Screen TV for Bedroom • Recessed 16” Steel Rim Spare Tire • Matching Solid Surface Cook Top Covers • Theater Seating • E-Z Flex Rubber Dampening Suspension by Dexter • Over the Range 30” Convection Microwave Oven • Recliner and/or Sofa Option Available (ask dealer) • 7,000 lb. Dexter Axles with E-Z Lube™ Hubs • 12 Gal. Gas/Electric DSI W.H. • Four Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers • MIRRORED CLOSET AT ENTRY (Most Models) APPLIANCES • 2 x 12” Nev-R-Adjust Brakes By Dexter • Light Switches • Electric Fireplace • Monogrammed Fender Skirts • Coat Hooks • Stackable Washer/Dryer • Keyless Entry • Key Hooks • Queen Bed IPO King Bed • 2 x 40# LP Bottles • Water Heater DSI Switch • Elite 4-Door Refrigerator Option with Ice Maker • Standard Exterior Fade-Resistant UV Protected Vinyl Graphics • Full System Monitoring Panel • 9 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator w/Ice Maker • Three Burner Cook Top with Oven (ask dealer)UNDERBELLY FOR YOUR PROTECTION • Seamless Corrugated Underbelly Material • Fire Extinguisher by Entry Door HEATING & COOLING • Heated and Enclosed Underbelly • Smoke Detector • Fantastic Fan in Bedroom or Bathroom w/Rain Sensor • Heated and Insulated Holding Tanks & Gate Valves • LP Gas Detector • Dual Pane Windows with UV Protect. Tint • Dual Insulation System • CO2 Detector • 2nd A/C - 13.5M BTU Low Profile (in Bedroom) (Flexfoil R-14 and a Formaldehyde Free Blanket of R-14) • Guide Light Under Entry Step • Heat pumps Available • Exterior Security Flood Lights • Wireless Back up Camera w/ MonitorPLUMBING • Break Away Switch • Color-Coded Water Lines with Limited Warranty • Deadbolt Lock on Entrance Door Yeti Extreme Weather Package • 5.7 Shurflo Extreme™ Water Pump • 120V GFI Protected Outlets - The Ultimate for Cold Weather Survival • Quick & Easy Winterization System in U.D.C. • Fire Escape Windows - Heated Tank Pads • 12V Hitch Light - Radiant Technology Insulation in Front and Rear CapsPOWER - Heated Main Water Line- Low Volt Polymer Heating Cable • Upgraded 80 AMP/12V DC Converter KITCHEN • 50 Amp Marine Cord with Electric Power Cord Reel • True Solid Surface Countertops with Pencil Edge Full-Timer Package (Generator Prep Required) • Dual Battery Box - One 12V Battery (room for two) • Residential, All-Hardwood Cabinets with Hidden Hinges - Tire Pressure Monitoring System • Convenient Battery Shut-Off Switch • Backsplash Behind Oven - Complete Coach Surge Protector • 110V Exterior Electrical Receptacles • Rubbed Bronze Fixtures - Bike Rack Receiver Hitch • BeauFlor Resilient Flooring
  15. 15. Vinyl Graphics Partial Body Paint Tan Full Body Chocolate Full Body Standard Option Paint Option Paint OptionLength: 37 7"Dry: 12,629 KING French Roast BED 70” x 80”GVWR: 16,200Hitch: 2,295Height: 12 11½" LM GRAND CANYONLength: 39 5" KING BEDDry: 12,850 70” x 80”GVWR: 16,250Hitch: 2,700Height: 12 11½" Bistro LM RUSHMORELength: 40 11" PANTRY KINGDry: 13,488 BED 70” x 80” 84” SofaGVWR: 16,250Hitch: 2,860 W/D PREPHeight: 12 11½" Cafe Mocha LM SAN ANTONIOLength: 40 6" KING BEDDry: 12,972 70” x 80” 84” SofaGVWR: 16,250Hitch: 2,460Height: 12 11½" LM KEY LARGO FlooringLength: 39 10"Dry: 12,922 KING BED ILIE NT NON-S 70” x 80” LI ESGVWR: 16,250 84” Sofa P DURABLE, R FLO ORINGHitch: 2,520Height: 12 11½" •H • A E E RT G W/D PREP LA TA N D A DVA N LM MESA
  16. 16. www.HEARTLANDRVS.com Heartland Recreational Vehicles 1001 All-Pro Drive • Elkhart, IN 46514 • 574-262-5992 Experience: Product Walk-Through Videos Community. Convenience. Close-to-home. Side By Side Comparisons Feature Videos • Photo GalleriesWhere you purchase your recreational vehicle is ultimately your decision Virtual 360° Toursbut Heartland urges you to consider buying at your local dealer. Dealers Detailed Floor Plansare part of your community, providing jobs and contributing to your News • Testimonialslocal economy. These dealers are under obligation to provide warranty Dealer Locator • Owners Clubservice for products they sell, but are not legally required to service Customer Service • Service Locatorproducts purchased from other dealers. At some point, you may need and More at our Informative Web Siteto return to the dealer you buy from - why not stay close to home? Afterall, home is where your Heartland is! VENDOR DIRECT Call Direct, BENEFITS OF PURCHASING YOUR RV LOCALLY: 800# STOP Fast Results! CALL DIRECT FOR DIRECT RESULTS! TOLL FREE & WARRANTY PHONE NUMBERS:• You enjoy valuable relationship building with Dealer Representatives, close to In an effort to offer the best possible customer service, we are providing you with the warranty phone numbers of our most common vendor partners so 800# LABEL you may work directly with them to more quickly handle service issues. Check the brand name on the product to determine the correct vendor. your home, who will explain the features and benefits of the product. LIPPERT ................1-866-524-7821 SUBURBAN ............. 1-423-775-2131 (Frames, Axles, Jacks, Hyd. Slide-Out Systems, Trail-Air, (Seat Tech - Furniture)) (Furnaces, Water Heaters) Not toll free. SWAN ....................... 1-800-228-7926 IN EVERY HEARTLAND DEXTER AXLE ........ 1-574-295-7888 (Black Tank Flush System)• You receive a full product orientation prior to delivery, which includes hands- (Axles) Not toll free. B & B. ....................... 1-574-259-7838 DOMETIC ................. 1-800-544-4881 (Black Tank Flush System) Not toll free. (Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Awnings, Com- modes) FLAIR ....................... 1-574-534-2163 on directions for many of the coach’s systems and functions. You are also (Furniture) Not toll free. We provide a convenient sticker NORCO .................... 1-800-347-2232 (Elect. Slide-Out Systems) SEAT TECH ............. 1-866-524-7821 (Furniture) SHUR-FLOW............ 1-800-854-3218 introduced to the Dealership’s Service/Parts/Warranty personnel who are at the (Water Pumps) THETFORD .............. 1-800-543-1219 ONAN ....................... 1-800-888-6626 (Generators) in each coach listing the warranty phone numbers of our most (Commodes) DIMPLEX.................. 1-800-668-6663 ready to help you with any issues you may encounter, now and in the future. (Electric Fireplaces) KIB ........................... 1-800-250-7051 (Monitor Panels) HAIER ...................... 1-877-461-4788 TREDIT TIRE ........... 1-866-443-9907 (Nankang/Mission/Winland, Tires and Wheels) (Beverage Coolers) CAREFREE .............. 1-800-622-3230 common vendor partners so• You enjoy customer PRIORITY. Dealerships generally service their purchasing that if you choose to, you may (Awnings) A.S.A. ....................... 1-800-688-3135 (Jensen Audio & Video Products; Electronics) DEKA ....................... 1-800-439-6694 (Batteries) work directly with them to more PROGRESSIVE ....... 1-269-781-4241 customers first - others may experience long delays and miss opportunities to (Power Convertors) Not toll free. WHIRLPOOL/ CHENG..................... 1-877-294-8997 MAYTAG...1-800-545-9086 Prompt 5 quickly resolve issues or obtain (Power Convertors) (Ranges, Refrigerators) use their RV. What is it worth for you to have a dealership’s full attention and ATWOOD ................. 1-866-869-3118 NORCOLD ............... 1-800-543-1219 (Furnaces, Water Heaters) (Refrigerators) This list is provided for your benefit, so that you can quickly speak to the product manufacturer directly. If you prefer to work through Heartland’s Network of Authorized Dealers and need assistance in locating your replacement items. motivation to satisfy you when you need service – in a timely manner? nearest dealer or authorized service center, feel free to contact Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032.• Valuable TAX dollars and jobs stay in YOUR community which pays for your roads, schools, police and fire departments.DON’T UNDERESTIMATE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PERSONAL CARE!For Canadian Residents: If you purchase an RV out-of-country, there areadditional fees, taxes and inspections that must be met before bringing yourproduct home. Your local Canadian dealers are experts in these provisions. HEARTLAND Visit HEARTLAND on: IN G PERFO UF ACTURING CUSTOMER SERVICE WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! W R N P RO A M TO M AN CE GREEN TOP CE SSES Over 40 men and women located in a dedicated facility servicing our customers every day. With a dealer network •H • A E E RT G TA of over 400 locations across the U.S. and Canada, you’re LA N D A DVA N never far from an authorized Heartland dealer. Your Authorized Heartland Dealer: Product information is as accurate as possible as of the date of publication of this brochure. Due to Heartlands commitment to continuous product improvement - floorplans, materials, components, features, specifications, options, etc. are subject to change without notice or obligation to Heartland Recreational Vehicles. Product information and specifications apply to coaches beginning with serial number 242494 Tow Vehicle Caution: Owners of Heartland recreational vehicles are solely responsible for the selection and proper use of tow vehicles. All customers should consult with a motor vehicle manufacturer or their dealer concerning the purchase and use of suitable tow vehicles for Heartland products. Heartland disclaims any liability or damages suffered as a result of the selection, operation, use or misuse of a tow vehicle. Heartland’s limited warranty does not cover damage to the recreational vehicle or the tow vehicle as a result of the selection of the tow vehicle. See your nearest Heartland dealer to review a current model. 20,000 LITHO 9/11