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Our Springdale 266RL-SSR travel trailer displayed here in our Palm Canyon decor, is packed with details that will make you...
Easy Living... Incredible Value
Springdale was designed with one main goal—                                         top br...

                                                                                                     Sofa Bed
Our Springdale 266RL-SSR travel trailer shown here in our Sedona Sunrise interior, truly does combine livability and towab...
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Features                                       Interior
                                               • Deluxe Entertainm...
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2010 Keystone Springdale Brochure Ohio


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2010 Keystone Springdale brochure provided by Dave Arbogast RV located in Ohio. Find the Keystone Springdale for sale in Ohio; call about our current sales and incentives at (877) 844-0475 or visit

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2010 Keystone Springdale Brochure Ohio

  1. 1. Visit us on the web Get More For Your Money
  2. 2. Our Springdale 266RL-SSR travel trailer displayed here in our Palm Canyon decor, is packed with details that will make your RV experience comfortable and convenient. This model features our new super slide room designed for greater living space. Over-sized windows provide a brighter, more open feeling while comfortable rear lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing, socializing and viewing your 26” LCD flat screen television. You will find an abundance of storage throughout the 266, including above the full sized sofa and under the super sized U-shape dinette. The entertainment center is perfectly located for viewing throughout the coach, including being able to rotate the television 180 degrees into the master bedroom. Whether you are a new or an experienced RV enthusiast, Springdale offers you the perfect combination of form and function. 2
  3. 3. Easy Living... Incredible Value Springdale was designed with one main goal— top brand-name appliances in creating our products. Incredible value for your dollar. With Springdale, you will Springdale is one of the fastest growing brands in the find that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have all the recreational vehicle industry. In fact, an independent conveniences and features that you want. rating company named Springdale as the best value With our hard-earned reputation for quality at an afford- in the U.S. in travel trailers and fifth wheels. able price, the Springdale team takes great pride in our We invite you to find out for yourself why customers work. We use only high-grade building materials and we everywhere are choosing Springdale. We appreciate feature your interest. See you in the Great Outdoors! Springdale’s 291RK-SSR travel trailer, shown here in our Cranberry Mist interior, brings you richness and style previously unheard of in an RV at this moderate price point. Notice, for example, the sculpted lounge chairs, curved dinette backs, fresh window treatments and mortise and tenon cabinetry. The spacious lounge area is completed with a panoramic view through a 40 x 72 inch picture window. Springdale’s 291 also excels when it comes to function, like interior cabinet storage and an abundance of counter top space. The efficient kitchen offers matching appliances, an extra large deep bowl sink with a high rise faucet, and upgraded linoleum flooring. When it’s value you seek, Choose Springdale. 3
  4. 4. O/H O/H Sofa Bed Sofa Bed Dinette Dinette Dinette N/S N/S Tub/ LCD TV Closet Closet Shower Carpet Carpet LCD TV Linoleum O/H O/H O/H Linoleum Queen Bed Queen Bed Tub/ Shower Bunk Beds Refer N/S Refer N/S O/H Closet O/H Closet Opt. Microwave 266RL-SSR 267BH-SSR Opt. Opt. O/H O/H Sofa Bed Sofa Bed PT Dinette Dinette Storage Ward N/S Tub/ N/S LCD TV Cabinet Closet Closet LCD TV Shower Carpet Refer Carpet O/H O/H Double Bed Double Bed Queen Bed Linoleum Queen Bed Garage Linoleum Pantry Linoleum Tub/ Shower Refer N/S N/S TV O/H Ward O/H Closet Closet Shelf 291RK-SSR PT 296BH-SSR Opt. Sofa Bed Sofa 45” Bed Dinette Double Bunks PT Dinette N/S LCD TV Night Stand Pantry Closet Carpet Closet Bunk Beds Carpet TV Shelf/ Ward Linoleum Linoleum Queen Bed Queen Bed O/H Tub/ Shower Shower Tub / Bunk Beds Refer N/S Ward. Refig. Night Stand Desk O/H Closet O/H LCD TV Closet 298BH-SSR 299BHDS-GL PT Travel Trailers 266 267 276 291 296 297 298 299 303 372 373 RL-SSR BH-SSR RB-SSR RK-SSR BH-SSR FK-SSR BH-SSR BHDS-GL BH-SSR BH-GL QB-GL Shipping Weight 6257 6197 6631 6750 6853 7244 6773 7507 7694 8301 8209 Carrying Capacity 1418 1583 2969 2820 2672 2756 2782 3483 3606 2744 2836 Hitch Weight 675 780 800 770 725 830 755 830 900 910 885 Exterior Length 28’ 11” 28’ 11” 31’ 8” 32’ 8” 33’ 32’ 11” 32’ 7” 33’ 11” 34’ 11” 38’ 6” 38’ 6” Exterior Width 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ Exterior Height 10’ 11” 10’ 11” 10’ 11” 10’ 11” 10’ 11” 11’ 3” 10’ 11” 11’ 3 11’ 3” 11’ 3” 11’ 3” Fresh Water Capacity 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 Waste Water Capacity 34 30 30 30 30 30 30 34 30 34 34 Gray Water Capacity 34 64 64 64 34 64 34 34 34 64 64 LPG Capacity 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 Tire Size 205/75R 205/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 225/75R 4 15C 15C 15D 15D 15D 15D 15D 15D 15D 15D 15D
  5. 5. Opt. Sofa Bed Dinette L NS / SC i n Carpet e Opt. Ward Queen Bed O/H O/H Linoleum 45” Dinette Sofa Bed Tub/ Outdoor & More Storage Shower Closet Queen Bed Pantry Refer Pantry Linen Pantry O/H NS / SC Garden Bunk Beds Tub Carpet 276RB-SSR Opt. Ward / Linoleum TV O/H O/H Pantry Sofa Bed Closet Opt. Washer Computer Dinette Refer Bunk Bunk Beds Ward TV / Dryer Prep Station Queen Bed Patio Door Queen Bed Tub/ Shower Pantry 372BH-GL Carpet Linoleum Opt. Ent. Ward Refer Ward O/H Ctr. 45” Sofa Bed PT 297FK-SSR Dinette Queen Bed Linen NS Garden Carpet Opt. Tub O/H O/H Sofa Queen Bed Double Bunks Bed PT Linoleum Dinette Pantry Carpet O/H Night Stand Pantry Closet Closet Opt. Washer Refer Ward TV / Dryer Prep Ward Patio Door LCD TV Linoleum Queen Bed O/H 373QB-GL PT Shower Tub / Bunk w/ Ent. Ctr. Refig. Night Stand O/H Closet 303BH-SSR PT PT = Pass Thru Storage = Storage Opt. = Optional Storage * Shipping weights do not include options or fluids. 5
  6. 6. Our Springdale 266RL-SSR travel trailer shown here in our Sedona Sunrise interior, truly does combine livability and towability. The large 40x 72 inch rear lounge picture window coupled with our SSR slideroom design provides an open, spacious feel uncommon in a travel trailer at this length. With a longer overall slide room, this SSR model is able to provide an incredible 87” U-shape dinette as well as a full size sofa. By maximizing the overall interior living space, this model is able to keep its length and weight down within the range of most half ton tow vehicles. Springdale, more for your money! Springdale’s “Do More” Dinette Table (Available on GL / SSR Models) This “Full Sized” multi-purpose dinette table offers versatility uncommon at our aggressive price point. A Mobile Free Standing Dinette Table A Bed at Your Dinette A Coffee Table in Front of Your Sofa Unlike the competition, the Springdale “Do More” Pull the locking mechanism and the table Unlike the competition,our table can be moved dinette table is not bolted down. This feature makes easily converts into a bed at your dinette. and lowered to make a coffee table in front of 6 it easy for you to get in and out of your dinette. your sofa.
  7. 7. Opt. Opt. Opt. O/H O/H O/H Sofa Bed Sofa Bed Sofa Bed Dinette Dinette Dinette LCD TV Ward. Tub / Carpet Closet Tub/ Closet LCD TV Shower LCD TV Carpet Refer Shower Carpet Linoleum O/H O/H Queen Bed O/H Linoleum Step Queen Bed O/H Linoleum Queen Bed Linoleum Pantry Tub / Refer Shower Bunk Beds Refer Ward Pantry TV O/H Ward. Closet O/H Closet O/H Shelf 242FWRL-SSR Outdoor and More Storage 280FWIK-SSR 249FWBH-SSR Opt. Opt. O/H O/H Sofa Bed Sofa Sofa Bed Dinette Dinette Dinette N/S LCD TV Carpet LCD TV Closet Closet Closet LCD TV Tub/ TV Shelf/ Tub/ Chair Ward Shower Shower Carpet Shower TV Shelf/ Carpet Ward O/H O/H Linoleum O/H O/H Queen Bed Queen Bed Queen Bed Step Linoleum Step Pantry Linoleum Chair Double Bed Refer Closet TV N/S with Bunk Refer Ward Refer Pantry TV Closet Ward. TV Closet O/H Closet O/H O/H Shelf Shelf Shelf Outdoor and More Storage Opt. 279FWRL-SSR Double Bunks 284FWBH-SSR 283FWBH-SSR Fifth Wheels 242 FW 249 FW 279FW 280 FW 283 FW 284 FW RL-SSR BH-SSR RL-SSR IK-SSR BH-SSR BH-SSR Shipping Weight 6380 6409 7320 7299 7590 8041 Carrying Capacity 1725 1696 2720 2826 2510 2114 Hitch Weight 1105 1105 1240 1185 1300 1355 Exterior Length 26’ 3” 27’ 2” 31’ 8” 31’3” 32’ 2” 32’ 5” Exterior Width 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ 8’ Exterior Height-Top of A/C 11’ 4” 11’ 4” 11’ 11” 11’ 11” 11’ 11” 11’ 11” Fresh Water Capacity 60 60 60 60 60 60 Waste Water Capacity 34 30 34 34 34 34 Gray Water Capacity 34 64 64 64 64 64 PT = Pass Thru Storage LPG Capacity 60 60 60 60 60 60 ed = Storage Opt. = Optional Storage Tire Size 205/75R15C 205/75R15C 225/75R15D 225/75R15D 225/75R15D 225/75R15D f * Shipping weights do not include options or fluids. 7
  8. 8. Features Interior • Deluxe Entertainment Center* • 26” Flat Screen LCD TV* Exterior • 8' Exterior Width • Hose Carrier Bumper with End Caps Look at These Features • Bedspread (Double and Queen) • Fiberglass Insulation Usually Found Only in • Wall Paper Border • Entry Assist Handle Much Higher Priced RVs • Swivel Rocker(s) (TT 266/291/297 FW 242/279/280) • Radius Clamp-Ring Windows Appliances/Equipment • Slide Room Overhead Cabinet • Rubber Roof • Dometic® Double Door Refrigerator • Cathedral-style Mortise-and-Tenon Jointed • E-Z Open Entry Step • Three-Burner, High Output Range Cabinet Doors w/ Antique Brass Hardware • Rain Gutters with 22" Oven • Night shade window coverings in living room • Patio Awning • 30,000 Btu Forced-Air DSI Furnace • 45”-Wide Dinette Booths • Exterior Speakers • Extra Large Overhead Cabinets • Radial Tires * This stylish sofa-sleeper features a deep channel, shell pattern, camel with Thermostat • All-Wood Drawers • Electric Front Jacks (FW) back design. Steel reinforced cushions in the seat and back ensure • In-floor rigid heat ducting • Space Maker™ 60-gal. Capacity • Porcelain Toilet with Foot Flush increased comfort and durability. The Springdale sofa sleeper provides Under-Floor Fresh Water System in a Heated • Overhead Medicine Cabinet fashion, comfort and quality uncommon in an RV at this price point. Bun Compartment (Keystone Exclusive) with Mirrored Door shaped feet complete this inviting residential look. • 6-gal.Gas/Electric DSI Water Heater • 12 volt power bath roof vent • Range Hood with 12-v. Light and • Skylight over Tub/Shower Exhaust Fan • 2"x3" Floor Joists with 5/8" Decking • Fire Extinguisher • Satellite Prep • Smoke Detector • Desk Chair (299/372) • Carbon Monoxide Detector • Bedroom TV Hook up • LP Leak Detector • Patio Door (372/373) • Water Heater Bypass • Tub Surround • 55 amp power converter * Standard Build/Mandatory • Tinted Safety Glass Windows • 30 Lbs LP Bottles w/Auto Change Over • LP Bottle Cover (TT) • Stabilizer Jacks 2 (FW) This deluxe porcelain toilet This skylight over th t b / shower area i now available on all ht the tub h is • Stabilizer Jacks 4 (TT) with a convenient foot pedal Springdale models. In addition to providing natural light in the • 13.5 Ducted A/C is another of Springdale's many high-end features which bath area, this feature increases the overall head room in the • TV Antenna w/Booster • Cable TV Hook Up add residential comfort to shower. Shown here with the optional tub surround. every room. Kitchen With Space Maker,™ storage space is • Extra large deep bowl kitchen sink with expanded by removing the freshwater tank matching high spout faucet from the interior of the unit. The Space Dollar for Dollar, the Best Value on the Market Today! • Large Overhead Cabinets Maker’s location also lowers the center of Springdale travel trailers and fifth wheels are manufactured at our facilities in Goshen, • Spice rack storage under sink gravity, improving towability. The heated Indiana, and Pendleton, Oregon. Among our product lines, Springdale has evolved to • Wall-Mounted Systems Monitor Panel compartment gives you added protection become our greatest value in towables, especially for young families, or anyone who • Do More Dinette Table (GL & SSR Models) when cold climate camping. • Gas/Electric Double Door Refer requires a lot of space at an economical price. We take pride in each model we deliver. • Residential Refer (372/373) Each Springdale is made with care and craftsmanship. Springdale has become one of • Microwave North America’s best selling lines of recreational vehicles because it offers so many features at such a good price. This quality has earned Springdale national recognition as a value leader among all products in the U.S. marketplace today. Springdale, “More for your dollar.” P Pass-through storage is easily accessible f th h t i il ibl from 2642 Hackberry Drive Goshen, Indiana 46526 Springd l utilizes crowned, residential Springdale utilizes crowned residential dale ili d id i l outside. With 48 cubic feet of available space, (574) 535-2100 style, 41/2" truss rafters, shown here with you can take all your favorite camping gear. air conditioning channels to accommodate Dealer: our ducted roof/air option. Popular Options • Outside Shower Visit Our Videos on the web • Spare Tire with Carrier Additional 372/373 Options •15,000 BTU Ducted A/C (266 and Larger) • Extra Large Refer • Hide-a-Bed Air Mattress Sofa (GL/SSR) • 10 Gal Gas/Elect DSI Water Heater • Front Diamond Plate (TT) • Washer/Dryer Prep w/50 Amp Service • Sink Cover Product information is as accurate as possible as of the date of publication of this brochure. Features, floor plans, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please also consult Keystone’s web site at for more current product information and specifications. Tow Vehicle disclaimer. CAUTION: Owners of Keystone recreational vehicles are solely responsible for the selection and proper use • Range Cover of tow vehicles. All customers should consult with a motor vehicle manufacturer or their dealer concerning the purchase and use of suitable tow vehicles for Keystone products. Keystone disclaims any liability or damages suffered as a result of the selection, operation, use or misuse of a tow vehicle. KEYSTONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER DAMAGE TO THE RECREATIONAL VEHICLE OR THE TOW VEHICLE AS A RESULT OF THE SELECTION, OPERATION, USE OR MISUSE OF THE TOW VEHICLE. June 2009.