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Marketing Secrets

  1. 1. Marketing Secretsfrom theArmy StrongCampaign@DavidALee
  2. 2. The thoughts expressed in this presentation do notnecessarily reflect the views and opinions of any of myemployers, past or present.
  3. 3. BackgroundPersonal• West Point graduate with degree in Economics• MA Degrees in Business, Strategy and Military Arts & Science• Key Assignments– Battalion Commander– Strategic Planner for Chief of Staff, Army Initiatives Group– Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow• Ran the US Army Strong Campaign from April 2007 – Sept 2009• Retired US Army Field Artillery Colonel with 24 years of service
  4. 4. BackgroundProgram Challenges• The US Army was engaged in the longest war since the creation of the AllVolunteer Force.• The popularity for the war was declining and influencers were taking a moreactive role in discouraging youth from joining the military.• The annual enlisted recruiting goal for active and reserve was 106,500Soldiers during both FY08 and FY09 due to a requirement from Congress toincrease the size of the Army.• The campaign lacked integration across advertising, digital and outreachdivisions.• Although our prospects were mostly online, the digital presence was notmeeting their expectations.
  5. 5. Army vs. Marketing PlanningSame planning process different “weapons”
  6. 6. Effects Based Fire Support PlanningTask, Purpose, Method and Effects (Assessment)Targeting Boards for EventsSynchronization = Integration
  7. 7. Military Decision Making ProcessIntelligence
  8. 8. Who is our competition?
  9. 9. Do you see yourself as this person?
  10. 10. Fact or Fiction?Joining the service is done as a last option.
  11. 11. Fact or Fiction?Joining the service is done as a last option.FICTION7 in 10 American youth don’t meet the minimumeligibility requirements to join the service.
  12. 12. Fact or Fiction?Youth from low income families make up themajority of those joining the Army.
  13. 13. Fact or Fiction?FICTIONYouth from families whose income is in thebottom 20% of America only represent 10.6% ofthose in service while families with incomes inthe top 40% of American families have 49.6% oftheir children 18-24 serving in the Army.Youth from low income families make up themajority of those joining the Army.
  14. 14. Interesting FactThe number of new Soldiers who have family orfriends who are or have served was 3-5X thenational average.
  15. 15. It’s really about problem solving!
  16. 16. What is our problem?We need to meetour recruitinggoals!
  17. 17. What is our problem?We need to meetour recruitinggoals!That’s notmy problem!
  18. 18. Here is the problem we had to solve…How do we communicate theTruth in Serviceusing messaging that isAuthentic and Verifiable?
  19. 19. Values of EmploymentEconomicAttractionSignificanceDevelopmentPersonalSocial
  20. 20. The Army’s Positioning for RecruitingSoldiers Purpose: A Soldier serves in the US Army and iscommitted to protecting the US Constitution.Soldier’s Definition: A Soldier is strong (mentally, physically andemotionally), adaptive, confident and values driven.Positioning Statement: Being a Soldier strengthens you today andfor the future because the Army develops your potential throughrelevant and challenging training, shared values and personalexperience. Soldiers consistently take pride in making a differencefor themselves, their families and the Nation.
  21. 21. Don’t fight the last warBlazing new trails is about taking risk
  22. 22. Avoiding the last “marketing” war?Who do you benchmark against?
  23. 23. The OODA LoopCan Social Media allow us to get inside our competitions OODA Loop?
  24. 24. Best Social Media Case Study in the US?
  25. 25. Social Media ain’t new, but the tools are!Goals of Declaration• Get reluctant colonists on board• Explain colonists views on government to the King• List colonists grievances with the King to justify their actions• Encourage foreign nations to help
  26. 26. One more thing on Social MediaDo your employees internalizeyour message?
  27. 27. Social Media – Who are your Rock Stars?
  28. 28. Train as you fight!
  29. 29. Training = Experience
  30. 30. End Result• Reduced cost per contract• Met/exceeded objectives• Increased quality of candidates• Army Strong being used throughout the Army
  31. 31.