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Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2016 Call for Speakers


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Predictive Analytics World is the leading provider of independent specialized conferences in applied predictive analytics. Users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet in Berlin in order to discover the latest findings and progress, to exchange among specialists and in person and to be inspired by the success stories.

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Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2016 Call for Speakers

  1. 1. Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2016 November 8-9, Estrel Berlin – The Pathway to the Algorithmic Business
  2. 2. Executive Summary Predictive Analytics World is the leading provider of independent specialized conferences in applied predictive analytics. Users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet in Berlin in order to discover the latest findings and progress, to exchange among specialists and in person and to be inspired by the success stories.
  3. 3. Lead Topic for 2016 The Algorithm Business - The Algorithmization of the Economy and Society Algorithms dominate stock trading, have taken over media planning and now write our financial analyses and sports reports. The intelligent automation of work and business processes using predictive and prescriptive analytics permeates all areas of life. Virtual personal assistants plan our purchases, travel and finances. Predictive algorithms enable companies to become more effective and efficient. In the future, it will be algorithms rather than simply data which will decide on the companies’ success. Predictive models will become tradable products and the foundations of a new economy: the algorithmic economy. Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2016 highlights the analytical, technical and organizational prerequisites and success factors as well as the economic and social opportunities and the risks of algorithmization through predictive analytics. The speakers are experts in the application of predictive analytics and will demonstrate the real results obtained in practical projects by leading companies. Focus will be placed on concrete professional and technical challenges and solutions thereto will be explained in detail.
  4. 4. Projects from previous years:
  5. 5. Facts & Figures Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2016:  20 Sessions and Keynotes  +150 Participants  Co-located with eMetrics & Conversion Conference:  Global events series:  Further information at:
  6. 6. Participant Satisfaction "This is the second time we have taken part in Predictive Analytics World and we were once more extremely impressed by the quality of the presentations. In addition, we managed to win a prestigious customer at Predictive Analytics World, so participation for us was doubly worthwhile." Dr. Michael Allgöwer, Head of Competence Center Data Science, b.telligent GmbH & Co. KG"
  7. 7. “Predictive Analytics World has given me an exciting and particularly inspiring picture of what data may provide in future. I have gained great insight from companies that have shown me how they work with data already. It was a fantastic and inspirational exhibition for me." Dirk Von Gehlen, Head of Social Media, Participant Satisfaction
  8. 8. "Well organized. Interesting presentations.“ "The presentations were all of good quality. In particular, the keynote speeches were well chosen and interesting and diverse topics were covered during conference.” "Lots of content-rich presentation – not sales shows for service providers and software vendors (unlike other events). Very open exchanges during the Q & A which followed the talks and no glorification of results by the speakers. Participants with a high level of technical knowledge, thus enabling fruitful discussions during the breaks. " Participant Satisfaction
  9. 9. High Proportion of Decision-Makers 4% 44% 52% Self-employed Employee Decision Maker
  10. 10. Expert Audience 4% 12% 12% 72% Other Marketing & Sales Business Analytics Data Science
  11. 11. Experienced Experts 24% 16% 16% 20% 12% 10 + years 7-10 years 4-6 years 1-3 years < 1 year
  12. 12. Day 1: Online Marketing & E-Commerce Day 1 of the conference will be dedicated to the future of data-driven online marketing and e- commerce. Predictive analytics applications enable full automation and greater personalization of advertising campaigns and online commerce. Intelligent processes make optimization decisions independently and in real time. The presentations demonstrate the successful application of predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics in online marketing and e-commerce and explain the procedures and processes employed.
  13. 13. Day 2: Industry 4.0. Business 4.0. Society 4.0? Industry 4.0 is a vision for the intelligent factory: the Smart Factory. But not only the production and logistics are intelligent, also our home, our car and our workplace will be smart. The basis for smart devices and smart apps are the Internet of Things, Big Data and – as regards intelligence - predictive analytics. The second day of the conference shows the diversity of predictive apps in different sectors and disciplines and, beyond that, discusses the benefits and limitations of predictive analytics for business, the economy and our society.
  14. 14. Classic Topics  Termination and Failure Prediction  Customer Lifetime Value  Fraud Detection  Personalisation  Referral Systems  Credit Rating & Risk Scoring  Sales & Market Forecasting  Attribution Modelling  Email & Ad-Targeting  …
  15. 15. Innovative Topics  Internet of Things & Industry 4.0  Stream Mining & Real-time Prediction  Machine ~, Ensemble ~ & Deep Learning  Process ~, Graph ~, Network ~ & Text Mining  Predictive APIs, Apps & Self-Service AI  Predictive Analytics- & Training-as-a-Service  Model Management & Model Factory  Natural Language Processing & Generation  …
  16. 16. Presentation Formats Keynote Speech: A visionary presentation on a significant topic in the field of predictive analytics. 45-50 minutes plus 10 minutes’ Q&A. Business Case Session: Presentation of a real business case in predictive analytics with detailed information on the solution and clear evidence of the economic success of the project. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes’ Q&A. Technical Deep Dive Session: Introduction to or guidance on technical or specialist fundamentals and the specialised procedures, methods and tools used in predictive analytics. Not simply a presentation, but active discussion with the participants and / or participants can work through the examples on their own computer. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes’ Q&A. Max. 20 participants.
  17. 17. Day 1: Online Marketing & e-Commerce Day 2: Industry 4.0. Business 4.0. Society 4.0? Track 1: Business Case Sessions (Beginners & Experts) Track 2: Technical Deep Dive Sessions (Experts) Track 1: Business Case Sessions (Beginners & Experts) Track 2: Technical Deep Dive Sessions (Experts) Forenoon Keynote [60 Minutes]: From Marketing Analytics to Marketing Automation – Moving from Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics Keynote [60 Minutes]: Algorithmic Economy – Opportunities and Risks for the Economy & Society Sessions [30 Minutes] on Predictive Analytics in Online Marketing: - Attribution - Real-time Bidding - Customer Segmentation - Targeting Optimization - Uplift Modelling - Response Modelling - Next-Best-Action Modelling - … Session [60 Minutes]: Stream Mining, Real-time Prediction & Complex Event Processing Sessions [30 Minutes] on Predictive Analytics in Business & Society: - Crises & Catastrophe Detection - Credit & Risk Scoring - Market & Trend Forecasts - Intelligent Assistent (e.g. Facebook „M“ or Cortana) - Natural Language Generation - Predictive Policing - … Session [60 Minutes]: Uplift Modeling Session [60 Minutes]: Deep Learning Session [60 Minutes]: Ensemble Learning Afternoon Keynote [60 Minutes]: From e-Commerce to Me-Commerce – How to Master Personalized e-Commerce Keynote [60 Minutes]: Industry 4.0 – Predictive Analytics and the Internet of Things Drive the Digital Transformation Sessions [30 Minutes] on Predictive Analytics in e-Commerce: - Customer Lifetime Value Prediction - Predictive Customer Service - Churn Prevention - Frau Detection - Recommender Systems - Revenue Prediction - Lead Scoring - Dynamic Pricing - … Session [60 Minutes]: Process ~, Graph ~ & Network Mining Sessions [30 Minutes] on Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing & Logistic: - Predictive Maintenance - Route Optimization - Anticipatory Shipping - Smart Devices & Smart Home - IoT & Big (Sensor) Data - Process Mining & Optimization - Predictive Replenishment - Anticipatory Shipping - Demand Forecasting - … Session [60 Minutes]: Natural Language Processing & Generation Session [60 Minutes]: Model Management & Model Factories (Machine Learning Automation) Session [60 Minutes]: Self-Service AI, Machine-Learning- as-a-Service, Predictive-Analytics-as- a-Service & Predictive APIs
  18. 18. June 30: Deadline for Submissions October 15: Presentation Submission November 8-9: PAW Berlin Timeline
  19. 19. Tips for a Successful Abstract  Grab the visitor’s attention – with a short and concise title.  Like a good appetizer the abstract should leave you wanting more: it should motivate the visitor to take part in your presentation.  Be concrete: Identify the problem, describe the solution and quantify the benefits.  Make a promise: tell the visitor what he can take away from your presentation for his work.  Examples from PAW15 can be found here:
  20. 20. Support PAW  We are looking for competent speakers on interesting topics. Share our Call for Sessions with your network.  We are looking for partners for marketing: where and how can we reach potential participants? Let us know your ideas.  We are looking for work placement students for the organisation and marketing. Do you know someone?
  21. 21. Spread the news! Share the buzz! Predictive Analytics World Germany:    Predictive Analytics World International:    Twitter-Hashtag: #pawcon
  22. 22. Martin Szugat Programme Director Phone +49 176 1019 0176 Email Web Contact Sandra Finlay Conference Director Phone +49 8151 5566045 Email Web