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Why comparable entity mining should be an integral part of your keyword research

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Why comparable entity mining should be an integral part of your keyword research

  1. 1. Why comparable entity mining should be an integral part of your keyword strategy Dateme Tubotamuno // SemanticGeek SLIDESHARE.NET/DATEMETUBOTAMUNO @DatemeT
  2. 2. Who am I? COMPARABLE ENTITY MINING @datemeT #BrightonSEO ● Male ● 1.75 ● West African ● Hobbyist runner ● My family marathon record ● Male ● 1.67m ● East African ● Professional runner ● World marathon record
  3. 3. Comparative entity - Eluud Kipchoge @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  5. 5. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Google Ads Keyword Planner
  6. 6. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Competitor KW Research with Ahrefs
  7. 7. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Search Intent Analysis
  8. 8. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Nick Eubank’s Master KW Research
  9. 9. @datemeT #BrightonSEO COMPARABLE ENTITY MINING
  10. 10. @datemeT #BrightonSEO We live in a world of comparison
  11. 11. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Comparison by Alteration
  12. 12. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Comparison by Transformation
  13. 13. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Comparison by Animation
  14. 14. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Comparison by Expression
  15. 15. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Comparison by Altercation
  16. 16. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Comparison by Aberration
  19. 19. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Keywords and Entities Keywords project the substance of self (search volume)
  20. 20. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Keywords and Entities Entities reflect the essence of relationships
  21. 21. @datemeT #BrightonSEO KW: "I am searched 50 times a day"
  22. 22. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Entity:"I am better understood in relation to others"
  23. 23. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Keywords and Entities You should like Keywords but love Entities
  24. 24. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Google is invested in using entities
  25. 25. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Google's adoption of entities
  26. 26. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Entities from the eyes of comparison
  27. 27. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Inspired by comparative genomics
  28. 28. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Structural and functional comparison Structural Functional
  29. 29. @datemeT #BrightonSEO STRUCTURAL COMPARABLES
  30. 30. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Zero Shot learning attributes papers/MULA/Zhao_A_Large- Scale_Attribute_Dataset_for_Zero- Shape Colour SizeTexture
  31. 31. Structural Comparable Relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO biggerThan smallerThan tallerThan moreRedThan LongerThan moreHollowThan moreLeanThan lessSweet moreRoundThansofterThanmoreStarchy thinnerThan moreCrispThan lighterThan moreCurvedThan moreGreenThan
  32. 32. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Brown Sugar vs Regular sugar
  33. 33. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Tortilla vs Roti
  34. 34. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Sultana cookies vs Oatmeal cookies
  35. 35. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Cupcakes vs muffin
  36. 36. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Plantain vs Banana
  37. 37. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Website on comparative entities
  38. 38. @datemeT #BrightonSEO FUNCTIONAL COMPARABLES
  39. 39. Bases for Functional Relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO isA typeOf designedFor madeFor usedFor createdFor producedFor servesAs canBe
  40. 40. @datemeT #BrightonSEO typeOf Functional Relations Skiing typeOf Winter Sports Snowboarding typeOf Winter Sports
  41. 41. Explicit Functional Comparables @datemeT #BrightonSEO healthierThan moreFillingThan moreCushionThan moreNutritious moreSafeThan easierToMaster morePlayersThan moreContact fasterThanmoreRiskyThanmoreSpicyThan moreSportyThan simplerThan moreDribblingThan harderToLearn easierThan
  42. 42. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Functional Comparison SKIING SNOWBOARDING Easier to learn but harder to master Harder to learn but easier to master
  43. 43. @datemeT #BrightonSEO healthierThan Comparison
  44. 44. @datemeT #BrightonSEO lessImpactThan Comparison
  45. 45. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Tennis shoes vs sneakers
  46. 46. @datemeT #BrightonSEO moreWarmthThan Comparison
  47. 47. @datemeT #BrightonSEO moreVisitedByCelebrities Comparison
  48. 48. @datemeT #BrightonSEO lessComfortableThan
  49. 49. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Mountain bike vs Gravel bike
  50. 50. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Gravel Bikes vs Cycle Cross
  51. 51. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Snorkelling vs Scuba Diving
  52. 52. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Recipe: Vegan burger results Veggie burger results for a best vegan burger search
  53. 53. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Recipe: Vegan burger results
  54. 54. @datemeT #BrightonSEO MongoDB vs MySQL
  55. 55. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Prawns Vs Shrimp, Prawns Vs Vegetarian
  56. 56. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Basketball vs Netball
  57. 57. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Coffee Shop vs Cafe
  58. 58. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Trainers vs sneakers
  59. 59. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Multi-coloured trainers page ranks for white sneakers
  60. 60. @datemeT #BrightonSEO The actual ASOS page ranking
  61. 61. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Tea vs Coffee
  62. 62. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Vegan vs Non-vegan recipe
  63. 63. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Vegan vs Non-vegan recipe - Non-vegan related result
  64. 64. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Vegan vs Non-vegan recipe - Non vegan related search
  65. 65. @datemeT #BrightonSEO BRINGING IT HOME
  66. 66. @datemeT #BrightonSEO High Probability of Structural Comparability STRUCTURAL SIMILARITY Similarity in Sound Similarity in Flavour Similarity in Taste Similarity in Colour Similarity in Size Similarity in Shape Similarity in Texture
  67. 67. @datemeT #BrightonSEO High Probability of Functional Comparability FUNCTIONALLY SIMILAR Similarity in goal Similarity in application Similarity in purpose Similarity in effort Similarity in coordinationSimilarity in posture Similarity in skill Similarity in movement Similarity in use case Similarity in preparation
  68. 68. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Graph Representation of Currant & comparable entities
  69. 69. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Wu and Palmer similarity measure score
  70. 70. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Python, NLTK & Wu and Palmer Analysis
  71. 71. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Currant and Comparable Entities
  72. 72. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Understand the structure and function of your product Structural Functional
  73. 73. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Run some analysis on Google’s SERP
  74. 74. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Then build comparable entities during KW research
  75. 75. @datemeT #BrightonSEO

Editor's Notes

  • keywords projects the substance of self (search volume)
    entity reflects the essence of relationships (triples - Subject - verb - oject and class structure - superclass - subclass- properties)
    They both need love from marketers
  • function
  • function
  • function
  • function
  • function