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Wed 1550 malafsky_geoffrey_color

  1. 1. Using object-based semantic object basedvocabulary data models for AgileBusiness Intelligence data Intelligence,governance, and systemdevelopmentAgile Converged Governance, Business Intelligence,Data DiscoveryDr. Geoffrey P Malafsky, CEO Phasic Systems IncD G ff M l f k CEO, Ph i S t I
  2. 2. Agile Governance, BI, Data Discovery DataStar DataStar™
  3. 3. NoSQL Object AutomaticSemantic Vocabulary synchronization Key-Values governance-live system data models, codes Integrates, consolidates lid t multiple sources in different formats with flexible semantic alignment ti li t
  4. 4. BI & Governance at Business Speed p60 Days to yImplementation DataStar DataStar™ Knowledge loss, complicated, expensive, lengthy, expensive lengthy poor quality
  5. 5. Predefined business information model o o odmakes it easy to capture uniform, cleardefinitions and business relationships. l ti hi
  6. 6. Clear Presentation and Rapid Team Collaboration p
  7. 7. Business Information Model Drill Down
  8. 8. Governance Rules
  9. 9. Object Data Model Semantic Vocabulary
  10. 10. Discovery• Document policy, strategy, standards, system requirements• Manage multiple products in one coordinated system (dimensional/relational data models, NoSQL object data models, semantic vocabulary, governance rules, predefined Business Information M d l XML schema, master code li t i t I f ti Model, h t d lists, interoperability bilit standards [XBRL, HL7, HRXML, NIEM..])• Use Rapid Semantic Engineering templates• S Synchronize governance / hit t h i /architecture t li d t systems to live data t• Eliminate semantic conflicts and lengthy data cube and dimensional data modeling• R d Reduce project ti li j t timelines from 12+ months to 60 days f th t 6 d• Align architecture to business issues• Exchange products with other systems with flexible import/export• Produce products conforming to major EA frameworks, and reports• Track project progress
  11. 11. Integration Model defining all sources,transforms, and semantic mappings to common object data model semantic vocabulary with auto at c consistency checks automatic co s ste cy c ec s to live data e systems. Diagrams of transform logic and ETL overview.
  12. 12. GGovernance Driven ETL
  13. 13. Semantic Integration: Scalability• Object oriented• Semantic Vocabulary• Retrieval speed p ▫ Multi-tiered indexing ▫ Byte level random access and record level semantic search
  14. 14. BI D t A l i Data Analysis
  15. 15. BI Transform
  16. 16. Unifier• Integrates, consolidates, semantically unifies disparate federated data f d t d d t sources into t t i t trustworthy A th it ti D t th Authoritative Data• Combine flat files, RDBMS, XML• Flexible semantic mapping and ETL avoids rigid limitations of standard data brokers, RDBs• Guarantees live data system –architecture synchronized• Uses object data model with extensible semantic vocabulary ▫ Never modify physical data model• Web service API• Perform transactional record unification• High-performance scalable data server tier• Produce BI analyses on unified data and original data sources• Develop reusable BI transforms with fill-in templates
  17. 17. Further InformationF th I f ti• PSI Sales ▫ ▫ 888-735-1774, ext 101 735 774,• Web site: ▫ O Overview video i id ▫ Discovery Demonstration video ▫ Unifier Demonstration video ▫ Technical papers ▫ Conference briefings