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The Chief Data Officer's Agenda: Leading the Enterprise Data Strategy and Organization


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In this webinar we will blend two hot topics into one conversation:

Data Strategy
The Role of The Chief Data Officer

Our guest Jim Tyo is ideally placed to provide perspective in both areas, because as Chief Data Officer he heads up the Enterprise Data Office (EDO) of BB&T, where his main focus is to leverage data to drive business insights into revenue opportunities, ensure regulatory compliance and identify/manage risk. John Ladley will discuss with Jim how he manages the EDO to accomplish these objectives, and will delve into the following topics along the way:

What was the background to BB&T’s decision to appoint a Chief Data Officer, and what qualifications did Jim bring to the job?
What’s the organizational and reporting structure around the role? What authority does the CDO have to get things done?
What are the five functional tenets of CDO responsibility at BB&T?
How does the CDO provide leadership across various areas including Data Governance, Quality, Analytics and Architecture.
What style of leadership has proven most effective?
How does the CDO differ from the role of the CIO?
Have there been notable successes of the CDO and/or EDO?
Have there been any mistakes along the way…lessons learned that might be handled differently next time?
What issues are on the horizon for the next year? What’s next up for Jim as the CDO?

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