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The Chief Data Officer Agenda: Metrics for Information and Data Management


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Welcome to The Chief Data Officer Agenda, a DATAVERSITY monthly webinar focused on the emerging priorities of the Chief Data Officer (CDO). What issues are CDOs facing now, and what should be on their Agenda. The webinar series is moderated by DATAVERSITY CEO and Founder, Tony Shaw, who will be joined each month by guest experts to discuss the requirements and demands on the burgeoning CDO role.

This month in the series:

The value proposition of enterprise information management is founded on Information being treated as an Asset. Information management professionals concur, but CxOs will say "So what?" In most organizations, they are both right! The conflict starts with one group thinking metaphorically, and the other literally. CDOs know that “Information asset” needs to be more than a metaphor…it has to be actionable. When you’re in charge of the application and value of data, how do you measure that? How do you measure progress? What types of metrics are there and which ones actually work? There is a lot more to measuring the value of information than common ROI.

This presentation will give you some starting points for real information asset management and information economics. You’ll learn some of the techniques being used successfully today, and considerations for quantifying the value and progress of information management. There is a means of reconciliation between the metaphors and reality, and this talk will outline a vision for the future, but with practical steps to help you get there.

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