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The Big Picture of Metadata Management for Data Governance & Enterprise Architecture


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Too many pretty pictures of Enterprise Architecture (EA) diagrams have been designed from the top down perspective which unfortunately do not reflect the actual IT infrastructure. Similarly, too many Business Glossaries (BG) have been left empty or disconnected from the existing Data Modeling initiatives, and the rest of the Enterprise Architecture. Finally, too many Data Governance (DG) initiatives have been pushed by idealistic IT managers (and the vendors themselves) as brand new initiative and technology, rather that integrated with data standardization, Master Data Management (MDM), and of course Metadata Management (MM). The big picture must support both business users in their daily activities within the business applications or Business intelligences reports, and the IT engineers for the life cycle change management within their Data Modeling, Data Integration (DI/ETL), and Business Intelligence (BI) design and development tools.

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