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Real-World Data Governance: Data Governance Expectations


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When starting a Data Governance program, significant time, effort and bandwidth is typically spent selling the concept of data governance and telling people in your organization what data governance will do for them. This may not be the best strategy to take. We should focus on making Data Governance THEIR idea not ours.

Shouldn’t the strategy be that we get the business people from our organization to tell US why data governance is necessary and what data governance will do for them? If only we could get them to tell us these things? Maybe we can.

Join Bob Seiner and DATAVERSITY for this informative Real-World Data Governance webinar that will focus on getting THEM to tell US where data governance will add value. Seiner will review techniques for acquiring this information and will share information of where this information will add specific value to your data governance program. Some of those places may surprise you.

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