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IT + Line of Business - Driving Faster, Deeper Insights Together


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Marketo helps customers master the science of digital marketing with the analytics it provides customers. Internally, Marketo found itself afflicted with “Excel mania” and suffering from the side effects that come with it, including slow time to insights and hours lost on mundane but critical data prep. This quickly changed when they bet their BI strategy on Alteryx, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Tableau.

Join us and hear from Tim Chandler, head of BI and data solutions, and learn how:

the stack is enabling more efficient analytics processes, as well as providing governance and scalability
IT and line of business (LOB) are effectively working together to uncover more insights, faster – saving time and resources in the process
an enterprise-class data architecture is driving business engagement and dashboard adoption across the entire company

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IT + Line of Business - Driving Faster, Deeper Insights Together

  1. 1. IT + Line of Business: Driving Deeper Insights, Faster Together MARCH 28, 2017
  2. 2. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Our Presenters 2 DAVID POTES Manager, Solutions Architecture RAMAN KALER Manger, Alliance Marketing TIM CHANDLER Principal Business Analyst TODD TALKINGTON Sr. Manager, Technology Partner
  3. 3. 3 OVERVIEW
  4. 4. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Download a FREE Trial: The Leading Platform for Self-Service Data Analytics Prep, blend, and analyze all your data using a repeatable workflow Deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks Deploy and share analytics at scale 4
  5. 5. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Share Enrich Prep & Blend Analyze Input All Relevant Data The Leading Platform for Self-Service Analytics Output All Popular Formats
  6. 6. 6 OVERVIEW
  7. 7. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Fast, simple, petabyte-scale data warehousing for less than $1,000/TB/Year Amazon Redshift
  8. 8. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Relational data warehouse Massively parallel; Petabyte scale Fully managed HDD and SSD Platforms $1,000/TB/Year; starts at $0.25/hour Amazon Redshift a lot faster a lot simpler a lot cheaper What is Amazon Redshift?
  9. 9. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential The legacy view of data warehousing ... • Global 2,000 companies • Sell to central IT • Multi-year commitment • Multi-year deployments • Multi-million dollar deals
  10. 10. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential … Leads to dark data • This is a narrow view • Small companies also have big data • (mobile, social, gaming, adtech, IoT) • Long cycles, high costs, administrative complexity all stifle innovation 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Enterprise Data Data in Warehouse
  11. 11. The Amazon Redshift view of data warehousing • 10x cheaper • Easy to provision • Higher DBA productivity • 10x faster • No programming • Easily leverage BI tools, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Streaming • Analysis in-line with process flows • Pay as you go, grow as you need • Managed availability & DR Enterprise Big Data SaaS
  12. 12. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Selected Amazon Redshift customers
  13. 13. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Amazon Redshift has a large ecosystem Data Integration Systems IntegratorsBusiness Intelligence
  14. 14. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Amazon Redshift architecture • Leader Node Simple SQL end point Stores metadata Optimizes query plan Coordinates query execution • Compute Nodes Local columnar storage Parallel/distributed execution of all queries, loads, backups, restores, resizes • Start at just $0.25/hour, grow to 2 PB (compressed) DC1: SSD; scale from 160 GB to 326TB DS2: HDD; scale from 2TB to 2 PB Ingestion/Backup Backup Restore JDBC/ODBC 10 GigE (HPC)
  15. 15. 15 OVERVIEW
  16. 16. 18 CLIENT STORY
  17. 17. About Tim • 20 years of BI/Data Experience at HP, Sun, Cisco, and small startups in SiliconValley and Asia. • Principal Data/Dashboard Architect, Marketo • Designed created and implemented Marketo’s Data Pipeline (Mavericks) and deployed TableauCompany wide. Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  18. 18. The Challenge
  19. 19. The Challenge
  20. 20. The Challenge
  21. 21. Data Warehouse Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots Intacct Marketo’s Box Sync Clarizen Coupa Workday Oanda AWS – RedshiftAWS EC2 Dashboards Alteryx/ETL Server Tableau Server Cloud Sources (RW) 128 SSL Encryption Read Only Data Path Read-Write Data Path Marketo Cloud Sources (R) “Over 80 workflows are running right now updating Marketo’s Data Pipeline (Mavericks)” Jive Mavericks – Physical Data Architecture Xactly Port Lock Down – Needto Know Access AWS – S3 Application Integration Smartsheets
  22. 22. Example: Opportunity Workflow
  23. 23. Data Challenges 1. Connect to the data  Alteryx’s DownloadTool is your ticket to RESTAPI access  Establish proven data flows  Security. Both access and storage.
  24. 24. Data Challenges 2. Understanding Business Objectives  Move the conversation from “Excel” to “Business Insight”  Define a process of engagement and set expectations  Set a clear objective of ratifying data, then creating charts
  25. 25. Data Challenges 3. Translating Business Objective to Data Models  Determine better data models based on existing dashboard challenges  Automate the blending of peoples Excel data  Provide all data usingTableau Extracts
  26. 26. Tableau Data Stewards / Publishers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 And more…Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots Data Models
  27. 27. Dashboard Challenges 1. Identify Organizational Business Owners  Data Stewards  Painful Excel efforts  Data Champions
  28. 28. Dashboard Challenges 2. Training  Make it relevant, use their data  Focus on Chart Exploration and Discovery  Avoid: Data Blending, LOD,AdvancedCharts
  29. 29. Dashboard Challenges 3. CompanyWide Ratification  CommonCalculated Fields  Common Standard Fields  The same descriptive categories.
  30. 30. Dashboard Adoption Process Business Requirements Provisioned Data Data Validated Dashboards (beta) Production Can you deliver the data fast enough and do initial dashboards before the excitement dissipates? Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  31. 31. Usage continues to grow Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots Mavericks Launched
  32. 32. Sales Operations Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  33. 33. Finance Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  34. 34. Partners Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  35. 35. Legal Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  36. 36. Feedback ...I’ve worked closely with Tim over the last few months in mapping SFDC partner data to Tableau and in developing a set of visualization dashboards for the Business Development team. Tim’s help and support were invaluable in getting us up and running. His knowledge of Tableau, Alteryx and SFDC is amazing! I’ve had limited time to focus on Tableau, so I really appreciated Tim’s responsiveness. Whenever I had a question or whenever an issue arose, he always responded within the same business day if not immediately. It was a pleasure working with Tim! Some of the immediate benefits of implementing Tableau for the BizDev team include: 1. I’m saving hours of time (25+ per month) by not having to create charts manually in Excel. 2. Tableau is much more flexible than SFDC in that I can merge various datasets which I previously had to merge in Access or Excel. This saves me lots of time and ensures better data accuracy. 3. Our visualizations have popped out interesting insights like 4. The vast majority of deals in EMEA have partners attached, dramatically different than the USA 5. Partner rankings at a glance by using packed bubble and tree map charts 6. Partner contribution to overall revenue by using area charts Tableau allows me to present data in a clearer and more digestible way than SFDC. Our team will have a better understanding of our business and will be more engaged. Tableau will be an important tool in helping us shape partner strategy... Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  37. 37. Summary: Driving faster Tableau deployments • Enablement not development • Promote self service with the business • Own infrastructure, governance & security Tim Chandler2017 Data Architecturefor BI/Analytics Pilots
  38. 38. 41 QUESTIONS?
  39. 39. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Download a FREE Trial: ThankYou 42