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EDW Webinar: Designing Master Data Services for Application Integration


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Although in general the presumption of “MDM success” is predicted on the population of a master repository, the real challenge lies in establishing the ways that the master data asset can be integrated and used across the enterprise. For any master data environment to be a true success, once real customers have been identified you must provide an integration strategy for using MDM to meet specific application needs.

In many cases, though, even if a business area wanted to use the system, the application layer for providing access and utilization of the master data asset is poorly-defined and implemented, often requiring a design and development effort from scratch. The perceived delay in accessibility then discourages the potential consumer, who will defer using the MDM system and instead select a different alternative.

In this webinar, I will discuss how anticipating typical master data usage scenarios and understanding how to enable ways of interfacing with the master repository, you can devise and design the components of a solution architecture template to be used as the starting point for master data integration.

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