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Developing and Implementing Data Policies and Standards to Manage Data as an Enterprise Asset


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Data policies and standards were an integral part of the start-up of Enterprise Data Governance at Walgreens, and continue to be an actively growing and changing foundational pillar of the program. Data policies and standards provide the program with a way to build key partnerships within Walgreens, and to engage with both business and IT on topics that are an important focus for our executive data governance committee. Polices and standards enrich our program, and have been central to usage, control, and valuation of enterprise data.

Topics to be covered include:

- How to get started
- What policies and standards to develop
- The central role of Data Classification in policy development
- Key enterprise partnerships: how to develop them, and why they are critical to success
- The roles of Business, IT, Legal, Compliance, Risk Management and Data Governance in policy work
- Engaging and training Information Owners and Custodians to support efficient, realistic policy enforcement
- How policies and standards support and integrate with other Data Governance Program efforts
- Data Policy & Standard examples

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