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Data-Ed Online: Unlock Business Value through Document & Content Management


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Organizations must realize what it means to utilize document and content management in support of business strategy. The volume of unstructured data is growing at an enormous pace. While we are still far away from automated content comprehension, increasingly sophisticated technologies are extending our business and data management capabilities into more critical and regulated areas. This presentation provides you with an understanding of the dimensions of these new developments, including electronic and physical document monitoring, storage systems, content analysis and archive, retrieve and purge cycling.

Learning objectives include:

What is Document & Content Management and why is it important?
Planning and Implementing Document & Content Management
Document/Record Management Lifecycle
Levels of Control
Content management building blocks
Guiding principles & best practices
Understanding foundational document & content management concepts based on the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK)
How to utilize document & content management in support of business strategy

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