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Data-Ed Online: Trends in Data Modeling


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Businesses cannot compete without data. Every organization produces and consumes it. Data trends are hitting the mainstream and businesses are adopting buzzwords such as Big Data, data vault, data scientist, etc., to seek solutions for their fundamental data issues. Few realize that the importance of any solution, regardless of platform or technology, relies on the data model supporting it. Data modeling is not an optional task for an organization’s data remediation effort. Instead, it is a vital activity that supports the solution driving your business.

This webinar will address emerging trends around data model application methodology, as well as trends around the practice of data modeling itself. We will discuss abstract models and entity frameworks, as well as the general shift from data modeling being segmented to becoming more integrated with business practices.


How are anchor modeling, data vault, etc. different and when should I apply them?
Integrating data models to business models and the value this creates
Application development (Data first, code first, object first)

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