Databases, CAP, ACID, BASE, NoSQL... oh my!


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A NoSQL database is ideal for storing, querying, and managing the any-structured information and new data types of the Big Data world … but does that mean a NoSQL database is ready for the enterprise? We say yes. People assume that Relational is always ACID and NoSQL is always BASE. Is that actually true? We say no.

In this 45-min webinar, Jason Hunter, Chief Architect of MarkLogic, and his colleague, Diane Burley, Chief Content Strategist, will discuss MarkLogic, the world's only Enterprise NoSQL Database.

You will learn:
- What's different about a NoSQL database
- What makes MarkLogic an Enterprise NoSQL Database
- How you can do ad hoc queries against ad hoc structured data
- How MarkLogic handles the CAP theorem limitations
- How MarkLogic opens up new opportunities in Big Data

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