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Data Scientists: Grow and Sustain a Big Data Center of Excellence


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Game-changing analytics applications don't spring spontaneously from bare earth. You must plant the seeds through continuing investments in applied data science and, of course, in the big data analytics platforms and tools that bring it all to fruition. But you'll be tilling infertile soil if you don't invest in sustaining a data science center of excellence (CoE) within your company.

In this presentation, IBM Big Data Evangelist James Kobielus will:

- Discuss what it takes to establish a CoE that foster data-science best practices in support of big data;
- Provide depth on such key data science CoE objectives and programs as multi-disciplinary cross-training, quant/suit alignment, and business analyst skills enhancement; and
- Outline the potential use of CoEs in cross-disciplinary team building, recruitment, and proof-of-concept demonstration.

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