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Big Challenges in Data Modeling: Data Modeling at High Speed


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It's May, which brings this former Hoosier thinking of racetracks and Indy cars. I'm also a runner and that means I'm always thinking about pace and timings…and feeling guilty about not training hard enough.

This got me musing about how data modelers can speed up the data modeling process -- not just during a development projects, but at all points in our work day. So let's have a discussion about.

In this month's webinar, we'll talk about:

The Need for Speed
Sprints, marathons and training
Race cars, horses, carts, and feet
Qualifiers and Races
Pace cars
Backseat drivers
Rules, tickets and enforcement
Fads, gadgets and automation
Red, yellow, green and checkered flags
How do you know when to stop racing?

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