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Analyzing Billions of Data Rows with Alteryx, Amazon Redshift, and Tableau


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Got lots of data? So does Amaysim, a leading Australian telecom provider, with its billions of rows of data. The organization successfully empowers its small team of data analysts with self-service data analytics platforms so they can easily access the data they need, perform advanced analytics, and visualize findings for all stakeholders. Register for this session and learn how Amaysim uses the Alteryx-Redshift-Tableau BI stack to easily and quickly:

Extract data from their data warehouse and blend and enrich it with other sources
Give data analytical context by running statistical, predictive, and deep geo-spatial analytics
Create visualizations from analytics and then update Tableau Workbooks directly from Alteryx, or publish the results in Amazon Redshift, for easy direct access for their stakeholders from Tableau

Hear from Adrian Loong, Alteryx Analytics Certified Expert (ACE), and product marketers from AWS and Alteryx on how organizations can use Alteryx, Amazon Redshift and Tableau to enable data analysts to spin up new self-service analytics instances to enable fast investigation for critical business decisions.

Published in: Technology
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Analyzing Billions of Data Rows with Alteryx, Amazon Redshift, and Tableau

  1. 1. Analyzing billions of rows with Amazon Redshift,Alteryx and Tableau May 3, 2016
  2. 2. Today’s presenters Adrian Loong National Manager, RXP Services, Analytics Consultant & Alteryx ACE Brandon Chavis Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Raman Kaler Alliance Marketing Manger, Alteryx
  3. 3. Download a FREE Trial:© 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Alteryx - the leading platform for self-service data analytics Prep, blend, and analyze all your data using a repeatable workflow Deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks Deploy and share analytics at scale
  4. 4. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Download a FREE Trial: Share The leading platform for self-service data analytics Enrich Output All Popular Formats Prep & Blend Analyze Input All Relevant Data
  5. 5. © 2016 Alteryx, Inc. | Confidential Download a FREE Trial: Emerging Market (>$1B) Fast Moving (>50% growth) Business User Focused Data Prep & Blending Tiny (<$100M) Middling Growth Niche, Open Source Data Science Operational ETL Large Market (>$5B) Slow Moving (<5% growth) IT Driven Three Data Integration Markets
  6. 6. Relational data warehouse Massively parallel; Petabyte scale Fully managed HDD and SSD Platforms $1,000/TB/Year; starts at $0.25/hour Amazon Redshift a lot faster a lot simpler a lot cheaper What is Amazon Redshift?
  7. 7. Amazon Redshift is easy to use • Provision in minutes • Monitor query performance • Point and click resize • Built in security • Automatic backups
  8. 8. Amazon Redshift architecture Leader Node Simple SQL end point Stores metadata Optimizes query plan Coordinates query execution Compute Nodes Local columnar storage Parallel/distributed execution of all queries, loads, backups, restores, resizes Start at just $0.25/hour, grow to 2 PB (compressed) DC1: SSD; scale from 160 GB to 326 TB DS2: HDD; scale from 2 TB to 2 PB Ingestion/Backup Backup Restore JDBC/ODBC 10 GigE (HPC)
  9. 9. The Amazon Redshift view of data warehousing • 10x cheaper • Easy to provision • Higher DBA productivity • 10x faster • No programming • Easily leverage BI tools, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Streaming • Analysis in-line with process flows • Pay as you go, grow as you need • Managed availability & DR Enterprise Big Data SaaS
  10. 10. The legacy view of data warehousing ... Global 2,000 companies Sell to central IT Multi-year commitment Multi-year deployments Multi-million dollar deals
  11. 11. … Leads to dark data This is a narrow view Small companies also have big data (mobile, social, gaming, adtech, IoT) Long cycles, high costs, administrative complexity all stifle innovation 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Enterprise Data Data in Warehouse
  12. 12. Please note: All data used for this presentation is sample data only. It is used to demonstrate the capability of AWS, Alteryx and Tableau, and no actual amaysim data will be shared.
  13. 13. 1 2 3 4 Introduction Business challenges Best of breed BI stack - AWS Redshift, Alteryx & Tableau Learnings
  14. 14. amaysim is an Australian mobile virtual network operator established in November 2010. About me Adrian Loong – Business Intelligencemanager • Responsible for analytics strategy and execution across Finance, Retail Sales, Marketing and HR • Expertise: • Decision support / Management consulting • Visualisation, Financial analytics, Budgeting & Forecasting • CPA . About amaysim
  15. 15. Strategy - Data driven decisions in real time 1. Knowledge is power 2. Smart management = happy customers & happy shareholders 3. Get a real competitive edge - stop looking back and start predicting the future 4. A 3 year rolling forecast in real time – generate real company wealth by being reliable
  16. 16. How Amaysim has benefited from their analytics program Workforce Productivity • We have a 3 person analytics team covering wide span of functions (Finance, Marketing – Customer retention & acquisition, Sales – Retail and Online, Data warehousing, HR) • By enabling line of business users to quickly build on a baseline of analytics, they can easily solve their own specific business problems quickly and do not have to wait on Business intelligence teams Reduced time to insight • We are able to get the data we need faster. Projects that would have taken 2-3 weeks are now down to a day Data driven decision making • Line of business users are able to get direct access to their own data in an easy visualization enabling them to able to solve problems faster. • People can look at the data, do some discovery, and then arrive at an answer
  17. 17. 1 2 3 4 Introduction Business challenges Best of breed BI stack - AWS Redshift, Alteryx & Tableau Learnings
  18. 18. amaysim has a wide variety of data sources and a lot of data being generated daily Wide variety of data sources A lot of data is generated daily Source Systems Phone call Internet data traffic SMS Over 10 billion rows of data with nearly 20 million rows added daily Databases
  19. 19. Competition is intense in the mobile sector Major carriers Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  20. 20. We only have a small team covering a wide span of functions Retail Sales Finance Customer acquisition HR Photo Source: schools-not-first-port-of-call-for-managerial-recruits/2013863.article Customer retention
  21. 21. Traditional tools are unable to keep up with speed and velocity of business demands, tools like redshift, tableau and alteryx enable analysis within hours Traditional BI : Keep calm and please wait Analysis at the speed of thought V S We need tools that empower us to analyse at the speed of thought
  22. 22. 1 2 3 4 Introduction Business challenges Best of breed BI stack - AWS Redshift, Alteryx & Tableau Learnings
  23. 23. Business intelligence stack Source Data IT ELT/ET L Data Warehouse Business ETL Visualizer & Reporting • ECC • CRM • CSC • Google Analytics • Sales POS • The list goes on… • Alteryx Desktop selected & deployed • Gives our business the agility we need • Business driven rather than IT driven • Ability to do predictive analytics • Tableau Desktop & Server selected and deployed • Self serve BI • Business dashboarding • Ability to do predictive analytics Time to load Reliability of Data Query performance Flexibility for slice/dice Visualization performance Data definitions / governance Data exploration • CDC used for real time data replication • Slower to build • More reliable • Redshift selected for reliability, processing power and scalability
  24. 24. Redshift provides the speed and robustness to store and analyze vast volumes of data. Alteryx fuels the Tableau visualisation allowing us to quickly gain insights in Tableau Source system 1 Livechat Source system 2 Zendesk Amazon Redshift Datamart External data / Marketing data Blend & enrich Visualization • Clean the data • Apply business rules • Validate business rules in teams 3 4 2 1 Comments Tableau can be used to directly visualise and analyse big data directly from Redshift 1 Alteryx can be used to blend data that isn't in the Redshift database 2 Alteryx can apply & validate more complex business rules before visualizing outputs in Tableau Continuously iterate between Alteryx and Tableau when discovering more data 4 2 3 1 3 4 4
  25. 25. Alteryx enables us to combine different data sources in a visual workflow before visualisation in Tableau Server Source systems Databases Servers Workstations
  26. 26. Tableau server Tableau dashboards Tableau is excellent for collaboration
  27. 27. 1 2 3 4 Introduction Business challenges Best of breed BI stack - AWS Redshift, Alteryx & Tableau Learnings
  28. 28. Democratize the opportunity Source: Most business leaders want to use data to make better decisions.. • You don’t have to be an IT specialist to use Alteryx • Give users access to the tools, use Alteryx & Tableau to show them how much faster you can spot a trend • 1:1 Training sessions for different stakeholders tailored to their needs
  29. 29. Make it relevant to different stakeholders Senior management • More interested in insights, dashboards and outcomes • Spend time showing them dashboards built and how opportunities to improve business performance (eg: revenue generation, expense reduction). Functional specialists & leaders • Alteryx relevant to functional leaders • Alteryx to “clean” the data before visualizing in Tableau • How can it be used to streamline processes
  30. 30. Celebrate success : Keep building and Iterating Existing tools require analysts to have “coding” experience Few disparate analysts using SQL to deliver analytical solutions Where we are now Using ‘Best’ of Breed products • Visualization : Tableau • Data blending: Alteryx • Warehousing : Redshift (WIP) Using Alteryx & Tableau to deliver : • Revenue assurance • Sim Sales • Customer disconnections & churn • Port-outs by carrier • CDR analysis Where we will be Self serve analytics for all business users • Real time P&L with Slice and dice with visualization • Assurance over logic processing (Audit, Commissions) Advanced predictive analytics • Churn propensity • Customer behavior Where we started
  31. 31. 1. Democratize theopportunity 2. Makeitrelevanttodifferent stakeholders 3. Culturalchangetakestime
  32. 32. 32 Next steps: Get the Alteryx Starter Kit: