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Mumbrella Digital School - Driving Revenue Using Marketing Automation


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Driving Revenue Using Marketing Automation

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Mumbrella Digital School - Driving Revenue Using Marketing Automation

  1. 1. Wanted: Revenue Growth
  2. 2. What Type of Marketer are you?
  3. 3. Left vs. Right Brain Left Brain (Anti-Clockwise) Right Brain (Clockwise) uses logic uses feeling detail oriented “big picture” oriented facts rule imagination rules words and language symbols and images present and past present and future maths and science philosophy & religion can comprehend can “get it” (i.e. meaning) knowing believes acknowledges appreciates order/pattern perception spatial perception knows object name knows object function reality based fantasy based forms strategies presents possibilities practical impetuous safe risk taking
  4. 4. Problem: Disparate Data
  5. 5. Candidates & Clients in Control
  6. 6. Pain: Leaky Funnel
  7. 7. Divide: Marketing & Sales
  8. 8. Transformation Time
  9. 9. Social Marketing is the Norm Social SocialEnterprise Listening Facebook Social Social Page Campaigns EngagementManagement
  10. 10. Opp: Connect Data Sources Marketing Data Candidate/Client Data +
  11. 11. New: Revenue Cycle Marketing Awareness Marketing Interest Consideration Intent Sales Evaluation Sales Purchase Then Now
  12. 12. Leaving: Digital Fingerprints
  13. 13. Benefit: Prioritise Your Follow Up Generate 40% More Revenue
  14. 14. Example: Individual Data Sales Now Have Actionable Marketing Data
  15. 15. Example: Mobile Access Sales can take action on the road
  16. 16. ExampleProvide Sales with Access to Marketing Campaigns
  17. 17. Example Access Linkedin &
  18. 18. Example: Cookie Tag 1 Line of Javascript code in your website
  19. 19. Score: Positive & Negative Email, Search, Website, Social
  20. 20. Automate: Multi-Channel Email, Display, SMS, DM, Telemarketing
  21. 21. Reporting & Dashboards Understand What Campaigns Drive Revenue
  22. 22. 8 Key Takeaways 1. Buyers are now in control 2. Digital fingerprints are being created across email, web, search and social media 3. Marketing must align with Sales objective: Revenue! 4. Connect your Marketing Database with your Sales/CRM database for Revenue and ROI tracking 5. Set up a scoring model to track engagement levels to ensure you are following up with those most likely to transact with you 6. Set up automated campaigns that trigged on specific types of behaviour via email, web, search and social media 7. Report on campaign effectiveness by channel, by frequency, by ROI 8. Test & Optimise!
  23. 23. Questions
  24. 24. Thank You Will Scully-Power Managing Director Datarati +61 400 828 866 Twitter: @willscullypower & @datarati