eMetrics Sydney - Using behavioural data to qualify & nurture leads


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Acquiring, nurturing and qualifying more, high quality sales leads with less effort is the key to B2B success. Will reveals how to use lead nurturing and scoring to deliver more and higher quality sales leads, how to bring together marketing with sales to collaboratively define sales-ready leads and how to nurture and recycle leads that are not sales-ready based on their online behaviour.

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  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Sales data Customer service data Support data
  • Objective: More qualified leads & more valuable customers How: Convert website traffic into leads Identify ‘sales ready’ leads Track follow up
  • Objective: Drive new revenue by nurturing raw inquiries into ‘sales ready’ leads/customers How: Nurture relationships with drip marketing campaigns Educate leads before passing them to sales Trigger communications based on behaviour
  • Objective: Improve campaign effectiveness by passing only qualified leads to sales How: Automate lead/customer qualification processes Measure interest and engagement Score using demographic data and behavioral data
  • Objective: Know exactly who is visiting your website and where they go How: Track all prospect/customer interactions online Identify which prospects/customers are visiting the site Trigger campaigns based on their behaviours
  • Objective: Don’t just email prospects, engage them in a dialogue How: Deepen relationships with triggered, multi-step campaigns Get to the inbox using the latest deliverability technology Raise open and click rates by targeting segments Track and score who opens and clicks on each email
  • Objective: Create, publish and test targeted landing pages How: Launch new landing pages in minutes Use your own branding and subdomain Maximise conversion rates through A/B testing Capture leads with smart forms that recognise known customers and prospects
  • Progressive profiling allows you to ask new questions each time a lead fills out a form Then in a follow up campaign, they are presented with a slightly different form on the right:
  • Let prospects customise nurturing communications Frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly) Format (HTML, Text) Interests (Offers, Research, Best Practice) Map content to buying stage Awareness Consideration Research Purchase
  • Objective: Extend your CRM database to meet the specific needs of the marketing department How: Automate and measure sophisticated marketing programs Automate sales tasks and track follow up Provide sales with detailed information about prospects interests and activities Measure campaign effectiveness from leads to opportunities to revenue
  • eMetrics Sydney - Using behavioural data to qualify & nurture leads

    1. 1. Welcome to eMetrics
    2. 2. Agenda
    3. 3. The Problem
    4. 4. Marketing & Sales Divide
    5. 5. Disparate Databases
    6. 6. Disparate Technology Vendors
    7. 7. The Leaky Funnel
    8. 8. The Solution
    9. 9. Centralise the data
    10. 10. How?
    11. 11. Marketing Automation Database + CRM Database Marketing Data Sales Data Marketing Automation Database
    12. 12. How does it work?
    13. 13. Loyalty! <script src=&quot;http://munchkin.marketo.net/munchkin.js <script>mktoMunchkin(&quot;714-CFZ-249&quot;);</script> &quot; type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;></script> 1 line of code Website & Landing Page How does it work?
    14. 14. Loyalty! Browser Cookies + How does it work?
    15. 15. Loyalty! Digital Behaviour = Captures & Collects
    16. 16. Positively or Negatively Scores Behaviour
    17. 17. Loyalty! Email & SMS Triggers Automate
    18. 18. Loyalty! Test Subject Lines, Copy, Creative, Call to Actions
    19. 19. Loyalty! Optimise Campaign Results
    20. 20. Loyalty! 360 View Dashboard Multi-Channel
    21. 21. What do clients use it for?
    22. 22. Customer Acquisition + Retention Convert site traffic into sales-ready leads
    23. 23. Lead/Customer Nurturing Nurture leads into customers through drip marketing
    24. 24. Automate qualification with demographic + behavioural data Lead/Customer Scoring
    25. 25. Know exactly who is visiting your site + trigger comms Web Analytics (Individual)
    26. 26. Email Marketing Deepen relationships with multi-step segmented campaigns
    27. 27. Landing Pages Maximise conversion rates with pre-population + A/B testing
    28. 28. Dynamically serve new form fields on each visitor session Progressive Web Form Profiling
    29. 29. Customer Controlled Comms Frequency + Format + Interests
    30. 30. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Map Content to Buying Stage
    31. 31. Give sales with marketing insight + closed loop ROI reporting CRM Database Integration
    32. 32. Results
    33. 33. Questions? Will Scully-Power Managing Director Datarati +61 400 828 866 [email_address] www.datarati.com.au http://willscullypower.wordpress.com www.twitter.com/willscullypower